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Chapter 456: Meeting the Shu Family Again

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Concubine Xue was also among them. The old madam had wanted her life after what she had done back then. It seemed that she was still alive and well.

Shu Yu continued to walk forward. The innermost cell was for the young lady of the Shu family. All the unmarried daughters of the First and Second household, including her, were huddled together silently, without any energy at all.

Shu Yu thought of how these people had targeted her back at the Shu family. She smiled and stopped.

The jailer untied the rope on her hand, then opened the lock of the innermost cell and pulled out the chain.

The sound finally alerted the people in the cell.

Everyone looked up and saw a person being pushed in. At first, they didn’t recognize her. Shu Yu lowered her head, and her hair covered most of her face. Moreover, it was dark here.

Until the warden pushed the man in, locked the door, and left.

Only then did they look at her more carefully. Shu Yu also raised her head at this moment, and they immediately looked at her in surprise.

“It’s you? As expected, you didn’t die.” The eldest daughter of the Shu family pointed at her, her face full of anger.

The young lady’s cry also alerted the people in the cells next door. The old madam and the others in the cells next door all turned their heads to look at her.

The people in the same cell looked at her with complicated, cold, surprised, or disgusted gazes.

The eldest daughter of the Shu family’s second branch was the fourth child, younger than Shu Yu by a month. She had always followed behind the eldest daughter and followed her lead.

Because they were of similar age, Shu Yu also had a good appearance. This Fourth Young Lady bullied her the most.

Now that she saw Shu Yu, especially after suffering here for more than a month, Shu Yu was only a little dirty but very energetic. This feeling of imbalance rose again.

Miss Four immediately rushed over. “Shu Yu, you b * tch, you still dare to appear here.”

Shu Yu secretly rolled her eyes. She said it as if she wanted to appear here.

The Fourth Miss bared her fangs and brandished her claws at her. Her sharp black nails were about to reach her face when Shu Yu pushed her out. Then, she slammed the cell door in a panic and shouted, “Someone, someone, help!”

She was afraid that the Second Prince and Third Prince’s men were secretly watching, so she still looked panicked and afraid.

The Fourth Young Lady was pushed to the ground. Shu Yu did not use much strength. It was just that the other party was too weak. The food in the prison was very unpalatable. Sometimes, the food sent was even rancid.

It was really difficult for the Shu family’s young lady to swallow. Although she slowly got used to it, her body was indeed not as good as before.

When the Fourth Young Lady fell to the ground, she was still a little stunned. Then, she became even more furious.

However, before she could make a fuss again, the prison guard who heard the commotion ran over and banged on the cell door. “What are you arguing about? What are you arguing about? If you quarrel again, I’ll drag you all out and beat you up, lest you become too energetic.”

Shu Yu immediately shrank into a corner and pointed at the Shu family. “Big Brother Jailer, can you change my cell? I’m not family with them. They want to kill me when they see me. They almost scratched my face just now.”

“No, just this room.” The prison guard snorted coldly and then looked at the Shu family members. He pointed the short whip in his hand at them. “What are you doing? You’re still causing trouble for me at this juncture, right?”

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