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Chapter 458: Prison Rice

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As night fell, the cell fell silent again.

One by one, the Shu family members slowly fell asleep.

Only then did Shu Yu raise her head again and look at the Shu family through her arm. Then, she realized that the young lady of the Shu family in this cell had already been divided into two factions.

The Shu family’s Di daughters had always looked down on Shu daughters. The eldest daughter of the First household was the Di daughter, the fourth daughter of the Second household, and the seventh daughter was the Di daughter.

These people all squeezed together with the eldest girl.

As for the daughter of a concubine…

Shu Yu looked at the Second Young Lady who was leading the group. The Second Young Lady had been following behind the Eldest Young Lady cautiously, probably because the Shu Family had suffered this time, everyone in the Shu Family knew that the daughter that Eldest Master Shu doted on the most was her, a concubine’s daughter.

The Second Young Lady was no longer as secretive as before and quickly revealed her schemes. She didn’t want to be targeted by the Eldest Young Lady and the others while she was in exile. The current Shu family’s Di daughter and Madam Shu were all extremely resentful of her.

Therefore, the Second Young Lady quickly formed a group and pulled the Shu family’s Shu daughters, the Fifth Young Lady and the Sixth Young Lady, to her side.

Now, both sides were close to each other, and neither side paid attention to the other.

But now, it seemed that the person they wanted to target together had become her.

Shu Yu pursed her lips and closed her eyes to sleep.

She had always been vigilant. When dawn was about to break the next day, her ears suddenly moved and she heard footsteps.

She raised his head and saw the eleven-year-old Seventh Miss approaching her.

Seeing that she had woken up, the Seventh Miss was frightened. She glared at her fiercely and then walked away.

Shu Yu’s sharp eyes saw that before she left, she threw a c.o.c.kroach at her feet.

Shu Yu silently moved her foot over and stepped on it without moving.

The Seventh Young Lady’s eyes widened. She snorted coldly and returned to her elder sister’s side.

Shu Yu said in a low voice, “Actually when I was in the Shu family, I was often locked up in a small black room by Aunt Xue. I’ve caught rats and snakes, let alone c.o.c.kroaches. I’m not afraid.”

However, this Seventh Miss who used to be very delicate at home made her look at her in a new light. She dared to catch c.o.c.kroaches with her bare hands.

It seemed like he had not spent a month in this cell for nothing.

Hearing her say this, Seventh Miss became even angrier.

However, she did not dare to get into a conflict with her here. She could only glare at Shu Yu fiercely again and turn around to return to her sister’s side.

Shu Yu closed her eyes and continued to rest.

She only turned around when she heard footsteps.

The person who delivered the food had come over. From afar, she could smell a smell. However, it was not a fragrance or a rancid smell. It was a very complicated smell.

The jailer who delivered the food carried a bucket filled with a hodgepodge that looked like swill, especially soup.

When the jailer placed it on the ground, a portion of the soup spilled out with a bang.

“Time to eat, time to eat. Don’t dawdle.”

The food was served from the outermost cell. The servants of the Shu family got up one after another and went to the cell door.

The jailer gave each of them a bowl, then stirred it with a big spoon and scooped it into their bowls.

A spoonful was a bowl. It was just right.

Then, they went to the second cell, where they were given a bowl each.

Compared to the servants in the outermost cell, the master of the Shu family was more disgusted and did not eat actively.

However, no matter how much they disliked it, they couldn’t eat it. When they were exiled, they still needed physical strength.

After the two cells were filled with food, the bucket was emptied.

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