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Chapter 456: Bad Intentions (1)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lian Xuejin’s voice carried a hint of apology. She had always prioritized the human race, and the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit was of great importance. If it were her, she would not hesitate to sacrifice her life for it. However, Shen Ping was different. Apart from being a human, he was also her personal disciple. Moreover, over the years, the two of them had communicated almost every day. Especially when Shen Ping entered the Heaven Ascension Hall, she had been giving advice from the side. Therefore, apart from their master-disciple relations.h.i.+p, there was an unimaginable level of trust between the two of them.

Therefore, deep in her heart, Lian Xuejin did not want Shen Ping to be in danger. After conveying the words of the higher-ups of the human race that day, she could not help but worry. This worry became stronger and stronger as time pa.s.sed. It even made her mental state a little unstable, let alone enter a cultivation state. This had never happened before.

“Master, you don’t have to blame yourself. Even if you didn’t tell me, I would have done it. Besides, I’m fine now!” Shen Ping smiled and changed the topic. “How should I hand the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit to the immortal Dao seniors of the human race?”

He did not intend to take the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit for himself. On one hand, this thing was useless to him at the moment. Even if he left it for his wife and concubines, it would not be of much use. This was because the underground palace was too dangerous. Before he had the strength to protect his wife and concubines, he would not let them take the risk.

Therefore, handing it to the immortal Dao seniors of the human race was the best choice.

Lian Xuejin quickly replied, “If you leave the underground palace and find a remote area, you can infuse your magic power into the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit and let it emit a special aura. This aura can immediately be sensed by our race’s immortal Dao senior. At that time, that senior can use a huge method to move the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit away.”

Shen Ping nodded. He immediately followed his master’s instructions. He first left the underground palace, then activated his strange beast talent and teleported quickly out of Sword Seal City. He arrived at a remote col and spread the news through the dazzling crystal.

He received a response from his master. He activated the power of the strange beast in his dantian and poured it into the golden fruit.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Immediately, waves of strange aura spread out. Almost instantly, a rift vortex appeared in the s.p.a.ce beside Shen Ping. Before he could react, the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit flew into the vortex.

The Venerable Sovereigns of the Devil Clan, the Spirit Clan, the Demon Clan, and the other powerful races also sensed it. However, they were still a step too slow. They could only watch helplessly as the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit arrived at the core territory of the human race through a special spatial pa.s.sageway.

Not long after, Lian Xuejin’s voice sounded through the resplendent crystal again. “Disciple, our Immortal Dao senior has already received the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit. You’ve contributed greatly to the human race in this matter. The Immortal Dao senior said that he will reward you after guiding you to the prosperous land of the immortal Dao.”

Shen Ping’s eyebrows twitched. “What reward?”

Lian Xuejin smiled and said, “What reward do you want?”

“Hehe, I don’t want much. Just give me a few immortal treasures similar to the human race’s supreme treasure.”

“Don’t joke around. I’m not sure about the exact reward, but it’s definitely not low. Alright, cultivate in peace first. Now that our human race has obtained the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit, the attention of the various races will decrease greatly. Of course, you can’t be careless.

“That Immortal Dao senior said that the methods that can hide the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit are very important to the other races. They might increase the search for you, but the attention of the higher-ups of the various races will be diverted.”

Shen Ping nodded seriously and said, “Master, I understand.”

No matter what, it was a good thing that the higher-ups of the various races paid less attention to him. After all, if he really provoked those top Immortal Dao experts in the end, it would be useless no matter how many strange beast talents he had.

Shen Ping saw Fairy Luo Xia three days later in the private room on the second floor of the True Treasure Pavilion in Sword Seal City, who looked like she was in her twenties. Her skin was fair and translucent. Her aura was even rounder than last time. She sat on the chair and gave people a natural sense of beauty.

“Congratulations, Senior Yue. You’re one step closer to immortality.” He smiled and took a sip of spiritual tea.

The corners of Fairy Luo Xia’s lips twitched. “It’s just that my divine sense has become stronger and my magic power has become thicker. This is all thanks to Pavilion Master Shen’s spiritual treasure.”

She noticed Shen Ping’s gaze that seemed to pierce through her body. Her legs could not help but straighten, and the curve of her b.u.t.t that was highlighted by her dress became even tighter.

“During this period of time, the disciples of my Luo Xia Peak have been carrying out missions in the True Treasure Pavilion’s caravan one after another. They’ve gotten along well with each other. The trade routes of more than ten gathering places around Sword Seal City have basically been opened. At the same time, they’ve also established five sub pavilions. However, there are still too few cultivators under Pavilion Master Shen.”

Fairy Luo Xia pondered for a moment and said, “Sword Seal City is not Gray Stone City. If you want to preside over the branch pavilion, you have to at least have a late-stage Divine Transformation cultivation. Although my Luo Xia Peak has some, you should know that on the surface, it’s impossible for my Luo Xia Peak to join the True Treasure Pavilion.”

Of course, Shen Ping knew this, but he did not have a good solution now. After all, it was not easy to recruit late-stage Divine Transformation cultivators. Although the True Treasure Pavilion had a lot of resources, all the late-stage Divine Transformation cultivators were cunning. Before obtaining benefits, they would not easily reveal their att.i.tude.

However, he did not care too much. After all, the main purpose of establis.h.i.+ng and expanding the True Treasure Pavilion was to gather information so that he could deal with unexpected situations.

“There’s no hurry. The True Treasure Pavilion can slowly develop. What’s important is the trade route in the Penglai Immortal City. When Senior Yue breaks through to the Body Integration Realm, I’ll leave this to you..”

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