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Chapter 480: Powerful Talent Effect (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations | Editor: Henyee Translations

However, when Shen Ping looked at the Heaven Ascension Hall again, he revealed a shocked expression. In the depths of the Heaven Ascension Hall, there were b.a.l.l.s of fog. One could vaguely see a green medicinal garden revealed by the fog. “Strange Beast Gate, underground palace, Heavenly Palace… What kind of place is this?”

The fog was like a barrier. No matter how he activated his talent, he could not see it clearly. A moment pa.s.sed, the bones and blood in his body began to feel hot. He hurriedly retracted his talent. He sat cross-legged on the ground and recovered.

However, his thoughts became more and more chaotic.

Originally, he thought that the Strange Beast Gate should be a strange place born naturally in the world. However, from the Heaven Ascension Hall, the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit, and this Misty Herb Garden, its background was probably not simple.

Shen Ping even felt that this was a mystic realm. However, if it was a mystic realm, what kind of living beings had opened this mystic realm? It had to be known that even high-level immortal cultivators valued it greatly.

When his body recovered, he suppressed his distracting thoughts. He activated the Enhancement again. Under the enhancement, he activated the Teleportation. His skin quickly turned dark green, and a cuticle that looked like the scales of a strange beast vaguely appeared on the surface.

With a casual thought, he directly appeared at the end of the metal room in the Heaven Ascension Hall.

Obviously, the distance and spatial level of this teleportation had increased. He looked at the s.p.a.ce in the Misty Herb Garden. He wanted to teleport over, but just as he thought this, his body seemed to be bounced back by an invisible barrier.

Shen Ping was not disappointed. Teleportation itself was a very powerful talent. Even under enhancement, this talent was only equivalent to a second metamorphosis. It was already not bad to be able to increase such a distance and s.p.a.ce at once.

With a thought, he left the Strange Beast Gate. He walked out of the quiet room. He strolled along the corridor of the City Lord Manor. The changes brought about by the enhancement of the strange beast talent this time were indeed very satisfactory to Shen Ping, especially the enhancement talent. It could be said that his overall strength had increased greatly. The Pupil of Sea Beast did not seem to have changed much. Although he could not tell anything about the red pattern domain for the time being, his intuition told him that it was definitely extraordinary.

“The strange beast is indeed the most mysterious and powerful lifeform in the world. The talent it gives birth to is really powerful. I’ve only obtained three talents, but it has such an effect. If I gather all the strange beast talents in one body, that would be…”

He could not help but fantasize. However, he quickly shook his head. So far, he had only encountered four women with the top ten special physiques. From this, it could be seen that such physiques were rare. It was probably even harder to gather all of them than to become an immortal.

Yu Qingling, the Holy Maiden, and Yin Ting. Their natural talents were not low to begin with, and they would be able to distinguish themselves sooner or later. The chances of discovering a special physique were relatively high, but if it wasn’t for a coincidence back then, it would be extremely difficult to discover a female cultivator like Qiu Ying.

“I’m too greedy. Other cultivators can dominate the cultivation world if they have any of these three talents, yet I’m still not satisfied with three!”

He stopped at the fork in the corridor. Shen Ping was about to turn to the pavilion by the lake when he saw Fairy Luo Xia walking towards him.

In his vision, Fairy Luo Xia’s pink brocade wrapped around her chest as if it was nothing. Her trembling curves kept rising and falling with the rhythm of her footsteps. In the curves, surging and pure magic power naturally circulated along her meridians and gathered in her dantian to nourish her body and Niwan Palace.

All the energy circulation was almost obvious. Even when Fairy Luo Xia stood in front of him, he was still staring blankly.

“Pavilion Master Shen, what are you looking at so intently?” Fairy Luo Xia rolled her eyes angrily. After cultivating for more than ten thousand years, she had never seen a man like Shen Ping. Generally speaking, the higher one’s cultivation level was, the less they would care about the appearance of men and women. Although there were also people who were immersed in the Great Dao of Yin and Yang and even used it as the foundation to achieve the Dao, they would not be so obsessed.

He already had many wife and concubines, but he still cared so much about the appearance.

“Ahem… Fellow Daoist Yue’s attire today is especially fresh. That’s why I couldn’t help but take a few more glances.” Shen Ping came back to his senses and hurriedly explained. Then, he immediately changed the topic. “I wonder why Fellow Daoist Yue came personally?”

As he spoke, there were slight ripples in his heart. Wherever his gaze landed, he was actually able to clearly see the detailed circulation of a cultivator’s magic power. It had to be known that this circulation was the foundation of cultivators. It was not easy for others to know. Even during s.e.x between Dao companions, they rarely allowed the other party to clearly see through it.

It was obvious that this was the side effect of the Pupil of Sea Beast.

Before the transformation, when the blood of the strange beast in his body churned, the outline of their body could be seen through their clothes. Now, he could see through everything without his blood boiling.

This ability really shocked him. If a cultivator who was good at magical techniques had this ability, it would be a redoubled power. When fighting, by looking at the energy circulation in the other party’s body, they would be able to accurately know the traces of the magical technique. Not only could they imitate it, but they could also deal with it in advance.

Unfortunately, Shen Ping had a shortcoming in this aspect. However, with this ability, he could at least take the initiative in battle in the future. Of course, it had another use. That was to make it easier to see the mud marks and distinguish the color of the gra.s.s.

Fairy Luo Xia curled her lips and reminded, “Pavilion Master Shen has a beautiful wife and concubines. Can you handle it usually? If you provoke others, your cultivation will inevitably be delayed.”

When Shen Ping heard that, he immediately said seriously, “Fellow Daoist Yue, don’t worry. My physique is quite strong. Even if there are a few more beauties, it won’t delay my cultivation.”

“Oh? How strong?” Fairy Luo Xia was interested.

“Impenetrable.” Shen Ping replied seriously.

Fairy Luo Xia was stunned for a moment and asked curiously, “What is impenetrable?”

Shen Ping took a few steps forward and whispered into her ear. As she listened to the explanation, Fairy Luo Xia’s cheeks were instantly dyed red. She bit her lips and said, “Pavilion Master Shen is really impressive!”

Shen Ping smiled. “Cultivation is boring and lonely. If you don’t find joy in hards.h.i.+p, you will inevitably be affected by your mental state. I just know how to relieve the pressure.”

Fairy Luo Xia was completely convinced.

“Fellow Daoist Yue, let’s talk about business first.” Shen Ping reminded her.

Only then did Fairy Luo Xia remember her purpose for coming. After her expression recovered, she said solemnly, “I received news that the Flame Clan of Sword Seal City is preparing to attack our True Treasure Pavilion’s caravan.” Shen Ping was not in a hurry to respond. Instead, he came to the pavilion by the lake with Fairy Luo Xia. He poured two cups of spiritual tea and took a sip. Then, he asked, “The grudge between the Flame Clan and the human race is not big. There has never been much hatred in Sword Seal City. Even if they attack, it should be the Devil Clan and the Spirit Clan.”

“It’s said that the Flame Clan has a conflict with the Devil Clan and wants to make a move to prove that the Devil Clan is timid.” Fairy Luo Xia added, “It’s most likely a battle of emotions. Most Body Integration cultivators won’t do this, but when it comes to the reputation of their race, they often have no choice.

“Of course, the deeper meaning behind it is still a probe. In the past few years, our True Treasure Pavilion has already made some achievements in establis.h.i.+ng intelligence. We’ve found out that the various races have sent Mahayana Realm cultivators from the Penglai Immortal City to hold down the fort. The human sects and factions in several cultivation cities around Sword Seal City have been suppressed very badly. In the past few months, Void Refinement Realm cultivators have been escaping from those cities one after another. Seeing that this sign is getting more and more serious, the Devil Clan, Spirit Clan, and other races clearly can’t sit still.”

Shen Ping nodded. That’s more like it. Although reputation was sometimes very important to the higher-ups, they would not rashly make a decision even if they had to do something. “Do you know which trade route the Flame Clan is preparing to attack?”

Currently, the True Treasure Pavilion has already established nine trade routes around Sword Seal City. They led to three cultivation cities of the same standard as Sword Seal City, four gathering places, and two large markets.

Fairy Luo Xia shook her head.

Shen Ping did not have much hope. It was already unexpected that he could find out this information. “Since the Flame Clan is preparing to probe, we might as well strike first and gain the upper hand!”

Fairy Luo Xia was shocked.. “Pavilion Master Shen plans to make a move first?’

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