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Chapter 584: True Beast Spirit (1)


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Shen Ping first transmitted his thoughts to the Dharma treasures.

Rows of shelves flashed past in front of him. In the end, all kinds of Dharma treasures appeared, mainly immortal artifacts. There were everything from low-grade to supreme-grade. Moreover, there were many special immortal artifacts. The price of each immortal artifact was very low. If he used his clan’s contribution points to exchange for them, 10 contribution points could be exchanged for several supreme-grade immortal artifacts.

Then, there were medicinal pills, talismans, and so on. They were basically like magic treasures. There was a dazzling array of items of various levels, and the contribution points required were very low.

However, immortal techniques, divine powers, secret techniques, and so on were more expensive.

This still made him realize how precious the contributions of his race were. Apart from that, there were some precious and rare natural treasures. He even saw treasures that could allow an Immortal King to advance and break through. It had to be known that an Immortal King was a powerful Immortal Dao expert second only to an Immortal Venerable. If one wanted to break through at this level, many treasures were useless.

Shen Ping did not know what treasure to exchange for. He had immortal artifacts, and he did not lack medicinal pills. High-grade divine powers, secret techniques, immortal arts, and so on were useless. Even if he exchanged them for his wife and Dao companions, they did not have the strength to use them.

He thought for a moment. He first exited the Immortal Jade s.p.a.ce and then read the ancient book that recorded natural oddities. There was not much content in it. It only recorded more than twenty natural oddities, such as the Coldflame Mixed Crystal, the Soul Devouring Immortal Vine, the Nine Nether Lotus, and so on.

Most of these natural oddities were born in the Realm Sea and had all kinds of special effects. However, every one of them was very rare and powerful. For example, the Soul Devouring Immortal Vine could attach the soul of the sea of consciousness to the Immortal Vine. As long as the Immortal Vine did not wither, it would be immortal. However, the side effects were also very great.

He carefully scanned every natural oddity. On the third page, he finally saw the introduction to the World Pearl.

[World Pearl: A special treasure born and nurtured in the Realm Sea. It contains Chaos Qi and can transform into all things and live creatures. If one can open a world, they can use the power of the world to increase their combat strength. It’s a rare powerful treasure.]

His eyes lit up. Chaos Qi was also known as the Myriad Source Energy. It had the power of creation and could be transformed into various items. Of course, the higher the level of the item transformed, the greater the consumption. He did not expect such Qi to exist in the World Pearl. “If I want to establish a world, I need to absorb energy.”

There was only one sentence in the content. As for what level of energy it was, there was no detailed record. Shen Ping was not in a hurry to try. Instead, he continued to read the remaining natural oddities. After reading them, he entered the World Pearl and took out more than a hundred immortal spirit stones. With a thought, the immortal spirit stones shattered and a large amount of pure immortal energy surged into the bare island.

However, the island did not change at all. He continued to invest in it. It was not until he used more than a thousand immortal spirit stones that the island expanded a little. If not for his powerful divine sense, he would not have noticed it.

This made Shen Ping speechless. More than a thousand immortal spirit stones had only expanded so little. If he opened up a world, how many immortal spirit stones would it cost? Moreover, he did not sense the Chaos Qi. No matter how his thoughts circulated, nothing appeared in his palm. “It seems that with my current cultivation, I should not be able to truly refine the World Pearl.”

After understanding this, Shen Ping couldn’t help but shake his head. He no longer focused on the World Pearl and retracted his divine sense. He looked at the immortal jade in his hand. There were indeed many good things in the clan’s treasure vault, but he didn’t have any special needs at the current stage. He could only exchange for them in the future.

He returned to the City Lord Manor. He first went to the Strange Beast Gate and comprehended it in the Realm Sea Palace. Then, he consumed the beast blood’s essence again.

Boom. After consuming it for the third time, the tearing sensation in his sea of consciousness became even more intense, especially the beast roars coming from the depths of his bloodline. It was as if he had personally come to an ancient battlefield and faced a mysterious and powerful beast in the world. Although he was mentally prepared, he almost couldn’t survive this time.

Under the effect of the Taiyi Void Immortal Talisman, it only took him half a year to digest and absorb the essence of the beast blood for the third time. He opened the virtual interface.

[Beast Spirit Concept: Beast Form (Full), Beast Skin (Full), Beast Bone (Full), Beast Blood (10%)]

Shen Ping could not help but sigh at the powerful effect of the beast blood’s essence. This was the level of beast blood. Even the strongest prodigies would have to spend a thousand years to improve under ten thousand times the acceleration of time. He estimated that the comprehension he had obtained with s.e.x would take at least a thousand years to increase from 80% of the beast bones to the current beast blood.

This was even with the Taiyi Void Immortal Talisman. And now, just three beast blood’s essences had allowed him to reach such a level.

“It’s a pity that the more beast blood’s essence I use, the higher the requirements for my spiritual sea. Otherwise, if I could consume it continuously, I would definitely be able to quickly comprehend the level of scale armor!”

He shook his head. He took out the items sent by the higher-ups of the Immortal Dao that could increase his spirit and soul and began to consume them. These items were not too precious to the higher-ups, but to a Mahayana Realm cultivator like him, their value was very high. Even a Tenth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal could not obtain them.

In the blink of an eye, twenty years had pa.s.sed. Including the Taiyi Void Immortal Talisman, it had already taken him 200 years.

In the past 200 years, his divine sense and soul had already increased to the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence. Although it could still increase further, it would harm his body. So Shen Ping could only stop.

“A divine sense at the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence realm.. Let’s see how many I can last!”

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