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Chapter 480: Wen Gui and Wu Qiang

Translator: End less Fantasy Translation Editor: End less Fantasy Translation

As attendants to Liu Quan, Wen Gui and Wu Qiang were given names that symbolized their respective strengths – Wen Gui represented knowledge and cultural refinement, while Wu Qiang embodied martial prowess. They were close aides to Liu Quan, always aware of any developments around him.

Wen Gui was of a similar age as Liu Quan, while Wu Qiang was significantly older. Wen Gui primarily a.s.sisted Liu Quan within the residence, while Wu Qiang accompanied him outside.

“Wen Gui was sent to guard the tomb, but as for Wu Qiang…” Liu s.h.i.+mei revealed the gap in the case file and continued, “Wu Qiang’s whereabouts are completely unknown!”

Huangfu Lingyao listened silently, extracting crucial information from their conversation.

Liang Yi, sharp-minded as ever, a.n.a.lyzed, “Wu Qiang is skilled in martial arts. If we entertain the idea of a conspiracy, a.s.suming the worst, that Cousin Xingyun? was a victim, Wu Qiang must have noticed something. Furthermore, where was he when the horse went berserk?”

“According to the case file, Wu Qiang stated that someone delivered a letter to him. Upon receiving it, he informed Elder Brother and temporarily left,” Liu s.h.i.+mei furrowed her brows, asking, “Following this conspiracy theory, could Wu Qiang be an accomplice?”

Liang Yi’s handsome face wrinkled in thought, “Honestly, I didn’t interact much with Cousin, so I don’t know his acquaintances well. But I’ve heard Eldest Brother mention Wu Qiang before. We were looking for a female bodyguard for you some time ago. Eldest Brother said we needed someone of Wu Qiang’s caliber. That implies he is no weakling!”

“Considering this, after Brother’s death, if he was sent away, he probably survived. It’s just…” Liu s.h.i.+mei sighed, “We don’t know if he’s a good person or a bad one.”

Liang Yi frowned for a moment before suggesting, “What if… I ask Eldest Brother?”

They suffered when they were young, ignorant of many things, or even if they knew, they couldn’t fully comprehend!

“Let’s not do it now, let’s process this on our own for the time being,” Liu s.h.i.+mei rejected Liang Yi’s proposal, saying, “Whether it’s about Mother or Brother, for Grandfather and the others, it’s a deep wound in their hearts. We should avoid bringing it up unless absolutely necessary, to spare them pain.” She sighed, “Besides, this is just my speculation. What if it turns out to be an accident? Wouldn’t we unnecessarily upset Grandfather and the others?” “You’re right!” Liang Yi slammed the table, saying, “Let’s investigate ourselves, siblings! If we find out that Cousin Xingyun was murdered, then we’ll tell Grandfather and the others. We’ll hunt down those scoundrels together and avenge Cousin Xingyun!”

Liu s.h.i.+mei agreed with him, “Yes, let’s do it this way!”

After settling the matter, Liu s.h.i.+mei handed over the information about those servants to Liang Yi. She then took Huangfu Lingyao and went to the Fusheng Pavilion.

After arriving at the Fusheng Pavilion, Liu s.h.i.+mei made some preparations before going in for consultations.

“Wife, are you going to treat those women again?” Huangfu Lingyao was somewhat rea.s.sured, yet still concerned.

He didn’t worry about her interacting with men when she treated female patients, but being the only man around so many women made him uncomfortable.

Liu s.h.i.+mei nodded, saying, “How about you stay back? The lady I’m seeing today isn’t someone we’re familiar with. I’m afraid she won’t allow me to bring you into the courtyard. You stay at the Fusheng Pavilion. I’ll come back to you after I’m done, alright?”

She used a coaxing tone, as if she were talking to a child.

Normally, her silly puppy would refuse, but today he was unusually obedient. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

He said he would wait, but after Liu s.h.i.+mei left, he casually wandered around the Fusheng Pavilion and then left through the back door.

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