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Chapter 638: Everything Else Has to Come After My Wife

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Xin really wanted to say:: Then why do you still want to join in the fun? Wouldn’t it be fine if you just stayed away?

By now, their relations.h.i.+p had developed quite well, and there was really no need to meddle in other people’s affairs anymore!

But Huangfu Lingyao had his reasons. “Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will not be defeated in a hundred battles. If we know where the Crown Princess came from, we can antic.i.p.ate the direction of the future court situation. How can I just stand idly by?”

Didn’t the court situation affect him?

No, it had a significant impact!

It was true that he didn’t have real power, but if he hadn’t endured all these years, constantly keeping an eye on the direction of the court situation, he would have been dead a long time ago!


The truth about what happened back then hadn’t been uncovered yet. He hadn’t been able to seek revenge for his mother and his maternal family. How could he just let it go like this?

Li Xin remained silent for a moment before asking, “So, Your Highness, who do you think the Crown Princess will end up with?”

“The Liu family,” Huangfu Lingyao said, almost certain in his tone.

Li Xin continued, “Indeed. Although it’s the Crown Prince’s choice of a bride, in reality, it’s the Empress who selects the daughter-in-law. Since they made a mistake by choosing Eldest Young Miss Liu the first time, why not go for Second Young Miss Liu?”

In the end, this Crown Princess was just a tool. The Empress had long decided on the Liu family!

“Have you made any progress in keeping an eye on the Miao family?” Huangfu Lingyao asked again. “Is there any movement from the master behind the Zheng Medicine Hall?”

Li Xin replied, “Not yet. Perhaps there haven’t been any major developments recently, so they’ve been peaceful. If they don’t act, we won’t be able to detect any issues!”

Huangfu Lingyao didn’t ask any further.

He was anxious to know about this matter, but he understood he couldn’t rush it.

Li Xin voiced his doubts: “But My Lord, what do you think about the possibility of the Miao family being connected to Zheng Medical Hall or Du Gong?”

Huangfu Lingyao replied gloomily, “Hard to say. On the surface, there seems to be no connection, but there might be something going on behind the scenes. However, it’s also possible that there’s no connection at all! Currently, it’s confirmed that the Miao family has close ties with the Western Wei Kingdom, but whether Du Gong is affiliated with the Western Wei people is still uncertain.”

He was just speculating based on the fact that those people had the physique of Western Wei nationals!

Li Xin remained silent.

After a while, they were almost at the mansion, and Huangfu Lingyao added, “No matter what storms come our way, just make sure to protect my wife. Everything else should come after her!”

“Yes,” Li Xin answered without hesitation.

After all, his master was currently consumed by thoughts of Liu s.h.i.+mei.

He even suspected that if his master had to choose between Liu s.h.i.+mei and seeking vengeance, Huangfu Lingyao might not hesitate to choose Liu s.h.i.+mei!

There was no way around it—people deeply in love were devoid of reason!

Their intelligence was thrown out the window!

They got off the carriage and entered the mansion. Eunuch Li respectfully stood at the main entrance to welcome them. There was a new gatekeeper, a clever lad named Fuqi.

Fuqi was also very attentive, saying, “Master, you’ve returned!”

Huangfu Lingyao’s gaze moved between them, his face wearing a smile as he said, “Ah, Steward, you’ve found a good gatekeeper this time!”

Eunuch Li bowed, saying, “Fuqi is indeed cheerful-looking and articulate. If Princess Consort is satisfied next time she comes, we’ll keep him. If not, we can always replace him.”

Huangfu Lingyao reached out and patted Fuqi’s face, saying, “You have so much flesh on your face, have you been eating a lot?”

In reality, he thought, ‘I can’t be bothered with all of you; just save them for my wife! When she’s unhappy, she can bring one out to torment, how entertaining!’


Eunuch Li,”…”

Meanwhile, Liu s.h.i.+mei returned to the Leihua Courtyard and unexpectedly found someone waiting for her!

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