Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again Chapter 670: The Sour That Can't Be Relieved Even by Eating Sweet Lychees

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Chapter 670: The Sour That Can’t Be Relieved Even by Eating Sweet Lychees


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Looking out of the window, one could see the scenery of the river surface. The rivers within the Imperial Capital were not exceptionally wide, but the prosperity of the Capital was evident from this vantage point.

The royal family seemed to monopolize all the beautiful views!

Liu s.h.i.+mei sat not far from the ice, and Shu Yutong curiously asked, “Master, why not sit by the ice? Wouldn’t it be cooler there?”

Liu s.h.i.+mei smiled and advised, “It’s hot, and the ice will melt soon. The moisture is heavy, and sitting close to it for a long time is not good for the body. Let’s stay a bit further away; it won’t be so hot.”

“Oh,” nodded Shu Yutong.

Before long, the sound of wooden stairs echoed, the unique rhythm of the silly dog, announcing his arrival before he appeared, “Wife, we have lychees!”

Turning to look, Mo’er saw Huangfu Lingyao carrying a basket of lychees up the wooden stairs, placing it on the table with a radiant smile.

He boasted, “Wife, we haven’t had lychees this year! Last time I heard that tribute lychees had arrived, but I was lying down with an injury, so I couldn’t grab any. Now that we have them, you should taste how good they are!”

Saying this, he peeled one and brought it to Liu s.h.i.+mei’s lips.

She could only eat it and asked, “Don’t tell me you…?”

Glancing at the large basket, she swallowed hard and asked with difficulty,

“Did you bring all the lychees up?”

In the southern part of Great Shu, there was a type of lychee, but in this era, unlike modern times with specialized ma.s.s cultivation by fruit farmers, lychee production wasn’t high. Those brought to the Imperial Capital were grown on the royal farm, so naturally, there wouldn’t be too many.

In early July, as the lychee season was drawing to a close, it seemed this might be the last batch of fruits!

“Yeah! I went to the little kitchen, took a look around, and wanted to find something delicious for Wife. But when I saw the lychees, I didn’t bother with anything else. I brought them all for Wife,” declared Huangfu Lingyao.

Huangfu Lingyao didn’t think he had done anything wrong. He briskly grabbed a bunch and tossed it to Mo’er, saying, “Here, Muer, you peel these for Little Water Bucket. I’ll take care of Wife!”

His hands were quick as he peeled one and offered it to Liu s.h.i.+mei with a smile. “Wife, you go ahead and eat. If you can’t finish them, I’ll send some down for them later!”

The onlookers,”…”

King Dun Yu, are you some kind of bandit?

Sending down leftovers only after you can’t finish them, asking for trouble?

Lian Qiao was a bit worried. “Eldest young Miss, if the Crown Prince comes later, this…”

Liu s.h.i.+mei casually replied, “Don’t worry, the Crown Prince won’t mind.”

In her understanding, Huangfu He was not someone who nitpicked over trivial matters; it was just a basket of lychees.

If he quibbled over such a small thing, could he really become the Emperor in the future?

She a.n.a.lyzed it very sensibly, but it didn’t sound pleasant to Huangfu Lingyao’s ears.

The smile on his face faded, and he said in a low voice, “Oh, is that so? Wife, you’ve known the Crown Prince for many years, and you understand him so well?”

The pungent smell of vinegar filled the room, making it sour even with the sweet lychees!

Others were used to it and didn’t find it strange.

Liu s.h.i.+mei was taken aback and looked at her silly puppy, saying with a headache, “Lingyao, are you overly suspicious? Understanding between people doesn’t necessarily require some specific abilities. Know yourself, know your enemy, a hundred battles, a hundred victories!”

“You make a reasonable point.” Even though he said that on the surface, Huangfu Lingyao still felt upset.

As he felt upset, the lychee in his hand suffered, deformed by his grip, and juice splattered everywhere!

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Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again Chapter 670: The Sour That Can't Be Relieved Even by Eating Sweet Lychees summary

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