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Chapter 489: Night Attack! (5)

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Zhao Yu lost in thought and he felt a cold hand was placed on his waist.

Zhao Yu looked down and saw it was Huo Li Juan causing mischief again.

“Zhao Yu, what are we going to do?!”

“Stop messing around! I am tired.”

Having touched Huo Li Juan before, Zhao Yu’s att.i.tude towards her wasn’t that bad anymore.

Although this woman was haughty before, she’s now quite humble, and he had more or less forgiven her.

Seeing his lack of interest in her, Huo Li Juan hesitated before biting her lip and said, “Do you want to touch my chest?!”

Zhao Yu was stunned for a moment, turned his head to look at her, and whispered, “You’re letting me to touch you again?!”

Huo Li Juan felt Zhao Yu was quite rude, yet she just nodded gently as permission.

“Forget it, maybe tomorrow, I’m too tired today!”

Zhao Yu had been fighting all day yesterday, and after barely sleeping, they were attacked by a bunch of monsters, leading to another battle, completely exhausting him.

Huo Li Juan felt disappointed, but there was nothing she could do. She just tried to get as close to Zhao Yu as possible and lay down beside him.

Unnoticed by them, a pair of eyes was watching them from a distance.


Tears streaked down Qu Xiao Xiao’s face.

She couldn’t understand why Zhao Yu would get along with Huo Li Juan.

He was supposed to be her childhood sweetheart!

Back in the cla.s.sroom, when they were attacked by second Ape Claw Beast, she thought she was going to die after the first victim beside her, but Zhao Yu saved her at the last moment.

She felt a warmth in her heart, believing Zhao Yu still cared for her.

But to her surprise, it seemed as if Zhao Yu was intentionally provoking her, severely injuring the last ape claw beast in front of everyone, and then giving it to Huo Li Juan.

Making Huo Li Juan a fighter before her!

Qu Xiao Xiao didn’t understand, was the harm she had done to Zhao Yu in the past really that great?

Was it worth for treating her this way as revenge now?!

She was just a bit temperamental, but if he really loved her, why couldn’t he tolerate that?!

We are childhood sweethearts…

Qu Xiao Xiao felt annoyed, thinking Zhao Yu was just trying to upset her.

He definitely cared about her, he just wanted her to take the initiative to apologize to him.

But she couldn’t swallow her pride!

It was always Zhao Yu who appeased her in the past; there was never a time when she took the initiative to seek him out.

She didn’t want to break this precedent because once broken, their relations.h.i.+p dynamic would change, possibly reversing their roles.

Qu Xiao Xiao preferred to be the more proactive, or rather, the dominant one in the relations.h.i.+p.

But seeing Huo Li Juan lying beside Zhao Yu made her hesitate.

She feared that if she didn’t approach Zhao Yu now, it wouldn’t be long before Huo Li Juan would take advantage of the situation and win him over.

By then, perhaps even her status as a childhood sweetheart wouldn’t be of much use.

What should I do?

Qu Xiao Xiao was in a real dilemma!

Caught in this whirlwind of chaotic thoughts, she gradually fell asleep.

That night, Liu Si Yu, like her, was lost in her own thoughts too.

She had noticed the situation between Zhao Yu and Huo Li Juan.

Cursing Huo Li Juan in her heart, she felt that this woman was shameless, having disrespect Zhao Yu earlier and then throwing herself at him now.

Originally, Liu Si Yu’s plan was to gradually win over Zhao Yu, but Huo Li Juan, the troublemaker made it impossible for her to execute her plan.

Huo Li Juan was like a catfish stirring up the peaceful pond, causing everyone to become unwittingly entangled.

Now, with Huo Li Juan laying right next to Zhao Yu, she couldn’t approach him.

After much thought, Liu Si Yu concluded that her only chance would be during the relocation tomorrow.

She could at least converse with Zhao Yu. She believed that with her beauty as the cla.s.s flower of Cla.s.s 13, she would surely succeed.

Zhao Yu…

Liu Shu Hui was also having trouble sleeping.

She had only recently started paying attention to Zhao Yu, since the time Zhao Yu accidentally b.u.mped into her while squeezing past her. That incident made her notice him.

Initially, she thought him very rude and ungentlemanly, for not only b.u.mping into a girl but also failing to apologize afterward.

She took several opportunities to confront him.

During the first time Zhao Yu left for the expedition, she felt anxious and scared, fearing he might not return.

She was thinking that maybe she just wanted to see him apologize in person.

But later, she realized she might have developed feelings for Zhao Yu, which explained her concern for him.

Love at first sight often happens just like that – simple and abrupt.

In just one day, Zhao Yu went from being an inconspicuous n.o.body to the most sought-after star in the whole building.

It felt to her like watching a fantasy novel unfold.

She witnessed his rise, but he seemed to have forgotten her existence.

After realizing her love for Zhao Yu, Liu Shu Hui never confronted him again. But how could she get close to him if she didn’t confront him?

Throughout the day, Liu Shu Hui wanted to chat with Zhao Yu several times, but never found the right opportunity.

Mainly because she didn’t know what to talk about with him, her understanding of Zhao Yu was very limited.

Although Zhao Yu had sat behind her for a while, their interactions were extremely few and they were practically strangers.


Falling for someone she shouldn’t have, but why should she be the one to back off?

If it were someone else, she might have given up, but the person currently sitting beside Zhao Yu was Huo Li Juan!

That arrogant woman who always talked about being a cla.s.s-eight citizen, proud as a hen!

Liu Shu Hui couldn’t stand the thought of such a woman being close to Zhao Yu.

She felt Huo Li Juan wasn’t suitable for him!

Zhao Yu should find someone better!

Even if it wasn’t her, Liu Shu Hui, it should be someone else!

Like Liu Si Yu, or Qu Xiao Xiao?!

The most beautiful girl in the cla.s.s or his childhood sweetheart – either would be better than Huo Li Juan!

She learned more about Zhao Yu than ever before.

Zhao Yu’s past, piece by piece, was unearthed by cla.s.smates, and she learned that he and Qu Xiao Xiao were childhood sweethearts and he had once confessed to her.

Unfortunately, at that time, Qu Xiao Xiao rejected him due to Huo Li Juan’s instigation.

Liu Shu Hui thought, she should talk with Qu Xiao Xiao or Liu Si Yu to see if they could form a united front to pull Huo Li Juan away from Zhao Yu!

That’s the plan!

She breathed a sigh of relief and stopped looking at the dark shadow in the last row’s corner.

Her consciousness began to blur.

In her dream, she wore a wedding dress, and Zhao Yu stood upright, smiling radiantly at her, saying, “Liu Shu Hui, will you marry me?”

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