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Chapter 1711 The Tenth Venerable Is Born!



The skies all around the world of Yggdrasil shook, the continents trembled too, the seas raged. The G.o.ds all around opened their eyes wide, the entire world twisted and transformed, endless rivers of silver color rushed everywhere, imbuing themselves into the entirety of the world.

The people within all continents looked into the trembling skies and the rumbling ground, they ran away from disasters as they were confused and scared. A new presence, a new unparalleled ent.i.ty was being born right now.

The strongest beings in the entire world lifted their eyes into the sky, smiling. None of them felt afraid unlike the mortals, they knew who this ent.i.ty was, who this presence was.

It was the birth of a new Venerable.

Greenwood glanced at the skies while squinting his eyes and clicking his tongue.

"This is all my fault! I should have killed him when I had the chance!"

For the first time, he had begun to fully recognize Drake as a threat.

The Divine Wind Dragons in the sky looked at the raging heavens with shock.

"Mother, this presence…!"

"It can't be…?!"

They looked at their mother, the Primordial Mother of the Wind Dragons, who nodded with a smile.

"Who else? That young Dragon has become the first Dragon Venerable in the entire world. All thanks to the curse Yggdrasil placed on him, that made him a mortal before a divine being."

The reason why only Drake could ever become a Venerable amongst all pure-blooded divine dragons was because of Yggdrasil's curse, a curse placed on him initially out of fear of his tremendous powers.

Yet it became his greatest blessing, all the struggles he had as a weak mortal dragon, it all had a purpose, this purpose. Only mortals that rose into G.o.ds would become Venerables, it was written within the very laws of Yggdrasil. ??ee???n???l.??m

And Drake managed to get through that loophole, with the very mistake Yggdrasil committed, which she decided to take responsibility upon, and allow him to take advantage of.

The tree trembled in awe over his presence.

"This new Element… a new Law!" she said. "Drake… Was I destined to curse you this entire time, I wonder? If I hadn't, none of this would have happened…"

She glanced the rivers of silver color in the sky.

This was the new Element that now spread through the entire world.

The System Element.

A strange, bizarre element which not even Yggdrasil could properly comprehend.

But that it would bring a great change to the world, to all mortals and G.o.ds.

The silver rivers slowly spread, imbuing themselves into the world, even into life itself.

A system that connected everything, a power that rose within every living being.

Drake's ascendance into a Venerable not only did make him stronger, but it was about to change the entire world forever.

Just like the other Venerables did.

"From now on, I hereby declare the birth of the Tenth Venerable!" Yggdrasil announced to the entire world, a voice that every person and G.o.d could hear. "The Heavenly Dragon of The Eternal System Venerable, the Dragon King Drake!" And Drake himself heard that voice too, as he opened his eyes, glowing with silver color and heavenly light.

He looked at the world around him, it was eternal white light.

"What… happened?" he wondered, having fallen unconscious for a couple minutes. "My body… Ah! It's back? I'm different…"

He noticed he had become more refined in his appearance, stronger, mightier, divine. A halo of silver and azure color shone brightly above his head, his sleek appearance and muscular frame gave him the form of an otherworldly being, yet his shape was very clearly a dragon.

His horns, gold in color, formed a beautiful crown above his head, decorated with many beautiful jewels, crystallization of his Divinities themselves. His soul flared, resembling a golden flame mane around his neck, giving him a regal appearance.

Eight arms, muscular and mighty, with sharp claws, each one imbued with more jewels, crystallization of his Divine Abilities now fused with his physical body and soul forever.

And in his chest, a huge rainbow jewel, s.h.i.+ning brightly, overflowing with divinity.

And with the power of his Law.

And lastly, his wings.

Beautiful, brilliant, bright! Made completely out of silver, blue, and golden light.

"I have changed… I have evolved, I have… I'm a Venerable."

Drake announced his words, the entire world of Yggdrasil heard me.

They gasped, looking into the skies, his presence stretched far and wide, he had become one with the world, for a brief moment.

"Drake… Drake!"

Yet his thoughts were quickly interrumpted when he heard someone behind him.

It didn't come from the depths of his soul, but from behind.

The voice of his beloved.

Her beautiful appearance emerged, running to his side.

Glistening and radiant, as if she were made of pure silver and white light, her long hair was neon blue, and so were her eyes, resembling azure stars.

Wearing only a white dress, she ran barefooted to hug him.


"You did it!"

She hugged him so tightly that Drake was about to choke, she was strong.

"I-Is it really you? Is this…! Andromeda?!"

"Of course it's me, dummy!"

She smiled adorably, her size matching his own as a gigantic dragon.

"It's really you…"

"Yes! It is me…"

"I… We finally did it."

"We did…"

Drake started crying in that moment.

No Venerable had ever started crying after ascending before.

His cry made the entire world of Yggdrasil suddenly be covered by a torrential rain.

"I've dreamed about this moment for so long… I can't… I can't believe it…"

"Me too… Me too, dear."

"I love you…"

"I love you too!"

She hugged him again, gently caressing his face with a gentle, happy smile.

And then kissing him, even in his dragon form, to her it did not matter.

Their lips met, Drake's hard, scaled lips, and her soft lips.

It didn't matter, she didn't care.

This was something she had wanted to do for so long.

A true, real kiss done with a physical body.

It was deep, and pa.s.sionate.

And once the two finished kissing, they looked at each other's eyes in love.

"I've remembered everything too…" Andromeda said. "My true name as you always thought, it was indeed Andromeda… Somehow… I was once a computer, from Jonathan's world."

"I knew it…" Drake smiled. "I would always recognize your voice, anywhere."

"I… The tree he sent into s.p.a.ce…" she muttered. "It brought me along, I became part of the tree, and somehow… I was also its child. When I became your System, it was as if I had been finally chosen to reincarnate."

"Does that mean…?" wondered Drake.

"I am both Andromeda and I am not, the voice people listen when they reach this world is me, its her… I am her child, a piece of her, but I have become my own self, while she remains as she had always been," Andromeda said. "I'll take that name with me, and from now on, I will be Andromeda."

"I see…" Drake nodded. "Of course, my love… This is only the beginning, of a new future together."

Drake gently held her delicate hand, as he looked into the endless horizon of his ever-expanding divine realm, which had become a gigantic world, half the size of Yggdrasil.

"Pandemonium… We will beat him together."

"And together… We will protect this beautiful world."

A never seen before event.

A Venerable that was actually two.

This was the beginning of the Legend of the Dragon King.

And his beautiful mistress, Andromeda, the G.o.ddess of the System.


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