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Chapter 921: Then, I Must Go To The Heavenly Note Sect Even More


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Around the middle of March, Jiang Hao sat in his courtyard and enjoyed the gentle breeze.

He didn’t go to the Lawless Tower deliberately to make Man Gu angry.

The longer the wait, the more unsettled the opponent would become. After that, it’ll be easier to deal with him.

It didn’t take him long to come back from the West. Guan Zhongfei seemed to have prepared everything long ago.

He had been waiting for someone to retrieve the items from him.

Of course, he didn’t show himself when Guan Zhongfei took the item.

Guan Zhongfei still didn’t know who had actually taken the things.

Jiang Hao didn’t care about that. He just left word that he took them.

Guan Zhongfei would figure out the rest on his own.

Upon returning, he sent the item to the Lawless Tower and requested Senior Sister Yinsha to hand it to the captive.

If he was correct in his guess, Man Gu would be furious. He would want to meet Jiang Hao.

There was no need to worry. He only had to wait.

Jiang Hao looked at the peach tree. It could undergo another incarnation this year.

He didn’t know how much it would cost in the future.

It had undergone incarnations many times, but there hadn’t been much change.

When it underwent incarnation for the last time, it would undoubtedly become extraordinary.

It would become a divine tree. It had its disadvantages. It wouldn’t mature every year, for one.

“Master, I have found a person for you,” said the spirit beast.

It had been sleeping less lately and was busy with some matters every day.

During the day, Senior Sister Miao would take the spirit beast and Xiao Li with her somewhere.

They were not simple individuals, and together, they were even more formidable.

Hardly anyone could oppose them.

They had been everywhere in the sect, especially the spirit beast. No formation could trap it, and no one could sense its approach.

“Don’t you have work to do?” Jiang Hao asked.

“My friends on the road know that I will be a formidable demon in the future. No trouble comes looking for me,” said the spirit beast.

Jiang Hao glanced at the spirit beast without speaking.

As for the person it had found, he had no intention of knowing who they were.

He also had no intention of letting the spirit beast do anything else. It would only add to the trouble.

“Do you want to take a look, Master? If you’re satisfied, I can help you propose marriage,” said the spirit beast.

Jiang Hao chuckled.

The spirit beast was getting annoying. Perhaps he could release it in the wild.

But the spirit beast was indeed getting bigger and bigger. It might reach the Primordial Spirit Realm soon.

“Master, she is in the Law Enforcement Hall. When will you go there?” asked the spirit beast.

Jiang Hao got up and headed to the Spirit Herb Garden.

He needed to take care of it.

The more he took care of it, the stronger he would become. Otherwise, advancement would take very long.

He didn’t want to wait too long.

When he arrived, he saw Miao Tinglian. She looked excited.

“Junior Brother Jiang, this time we finally found a suitable person for you.”

He wanted to go and find Mu Qi.

He also needed to check on the herbs. Along with that, he also needed to make people think that he followed the Blood Wish Path.

He went to visit Bai Ye.

There had been no new changes.

He also visited a few people from the Blood Wish Path. Their progress was how it was before, but they were beginning to stand out.

The future depended on those who could truly reach the top.

In the Hidden Cloud Prefecture, Bi Zhu felt tired. Old Man Corpse Sea was very hard to find.

That person intentionally avoided her.

“That person is an old monster. Even though his strength is clearly not as good as mine, he can still avoid me like this!”

Bi Zhu, with Qiao Yi, looked around and felt that there were formations in many places.

Someone was deliberately making her lose her way.

Although they were not dangerous, she always felt that she was deviating from the original direction.

If it weren’t for Senior Dan Yuan’s help, she wouldn’t be so tired.

But Dan Yuan’s people would take a long time to arrive, so she wasn’t in a hurry.

After breaking through the formations several times, she finally found the weakest point.

It could be a trap.

It might be there to lure her in, but she wasn’t afraid.

At that time, black mist rose from the surroundings, and countless spirit stones evaporated into the earth.

The mountains seemed to be distorted.

Bi Zhu walked on.

On top of the mountain, she saw an old man.

“Amazing! You, little girl, are indeed powerful,” said Old Man Corpse Sea in admiration. “Little girl, how many years have you been practicing cultivation?”

“I started cultivating at the age of six, and I’ve been practicing for twelve years. Now, I’m eighteen years old,” said Bi Zhu seriously.

Recently, her luck had been excellent, but she knew it was temporary.

“Hahaha…” Old Man Corpse Sea laughed. “You’ve been looking for me for so long, and you’re not afraid at all.”

“I’m not here to oppose you, Senior. I’m just here to deliver a message,” Bi Zhu said seriously.

“What message? Who sends the message?” Old Man Corpse Sea seemed interested.

“I don’t know who the person is, but he knows that you are going to the Heavenly Note Sect. He asked me to remind you not to go there for now,” Bi Zhu said.

“Why?” Old Man Corpse Sea asked.

“That place is… not normal, and there are some frightening things happening there. It’s better not to cause trouble,” Bi Zhu said.

“Such as?” Old Man Corpse Sea showed no fear.

“For example, the things you saw in the West… Do you remember what was in the sky?”

“Are those two pearls in the Heavenly Note Sect?” Old Man Corpse Sea was surprised.

“It’s uncertain, but it’s said that the person who possesses these things is in the South. What if he’s near the Heavenly Note Sect?”

Some things couldn’t be explained clearly.

It would only cause endless trouble.

“Do you know who it is?”

“I don’t know.”

Old Man Corpse Sea suddenly laughed. “The pearls are sealed. Is there anyone daring enough to break the seal? If I go to the Heavenly Note Sect, will he break the seal just to welcome me? Kid, are you underestimating those objects, or are you overestimating me?”

Bi Zhu felt helpless. “The Heavenly Note Sect is really not normal. If you insist on going, there’s nothing I can do. But I hope you keep a low profile. Otherwise, you might suffer.”

The Heavenly Note Sect was indeed strange.

Old Man Corpse Sea might think it was a third-rate sect, and if he went there arrogantly, things could get messy.

“It seems that the place is indeed special. Since that’s the case, I’m even more interested in going there.” Old Man Corpse Sea looked very interested. “I have never visited the South before. But now that I’m here, I must visit that place. I want to see what makes that place so special.”

Bi Zhu could only shrug. What else could she say?

She could only wish him luck.

After that, she retreated.

The other party was not her opponent, and summoning reinforcements was too late.

So, she left quietly with Qiao Yi.

“Auntie Qiao, let’s go to the Heavenly Note Sect.”

She needed to reach there faster than Old Man Corpse Sea.

If he started fighting, it would be troublesome for her.

“Princess, don’t you dislike that place?” Qiao Yi asked.

Bi Zhu smiled bitterly. It was something she couldn’t escape.

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