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After he had thoroughly examined the Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe was more delighted than before. Similar to the G.o.d-killing Spear, the Magical Tao Mirror was also a Growth-type Spiritual Treasure. The difference was that the growing condition of the Magical Tao Mirror was so perverse that Minghe could not bear it. Now, the only thing Minghe could do was be very cautious in his actions.

With the perverse Magical Tao Mirror, he could spend some time to tease out his laws of martial arts. Since becoming the Rakshasa, he felt that his cultivation skills and laws of martial arts were deficient. Now, with the help of the Magical Tao Mirror, he would make up for all his deficiencies. Otherwise, he could not succeed in achieving the Great Way with unsteady cultivation.

In the Chaos, people did not count the years. Thus, it could be an instant or thousands of years. Minghe sat cross-legged in the Chaos, with a Cloud of Blessings above him. The swaying Three Flowers was very striking, like a beacon in the endless darkness. In the Three Flowers, his Three Separations practiced respectively. Minghe was like a bottomless black hole. The endless Air of Chaos sucked in by him was like a vortex in the Chaos.

After some time, the vortex formed by the Air of Chaos suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding Chaos restored its calm. As the Cloud of Blessings above him withdrew, Minghe slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were quite clear, but with an abstruseness, which was more profound than an endless starry sky. Once people had a glance at them, they would probably be hooked.

By counting on his fingers, he suddenly realized that he had only spent less than a hundred years in Closed Door Meditation, but he had benefited a lot. He truly felt the magnificence of the Magical Tao Mirror, and he also antic.i.p.ated its new advancement. Although the Origin of Chaos was rare, it still did exist. Thus, he would spend millions of years, at worst. After all, the time had been meaningless to him.

During the Closed Door Meditation, he first arranged his cultivation laws of the human body. Previously, he tempered his body with the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings. At present, he used the same laws. The difference was that the two Powers of Divine Law played their own parts respectively, while now they united as one to jointly create the Immortal Demon Body.

Undoubtedly, Minghe's Real Body of the Rakshasa could be called the Immortal Demon Body. Previously, when he had pulled through the Divine Punishment, the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings integrated with each other under the threat of the Air of Destruction, so Minghe possessed the immortal property. With the immortal human body, Minghe would not perish. In other words, Minghe's body was flawless. Even if his heart or head was pierced, they could recover instantly.

At present, he practiced both the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings. Neither law was the most effective one among the 3,000 Divine Laws. The Law of Blood was aimed at the Origin of the human body, and the Law of Spiritual Beings was designed to explore the abstruseness of souls. However, they were not in conflict with, but supplemented, each other. As they advanced together, Minghe's Immortal Demon Body also became stronger and stronger.

Minghe reckoned that his body had not reached perfection and that there was plenty of room for improvement. The Immortal Demon Body was amazing, but it was not invincible. Even if the True Body of the Rakshasa was extremely powerful, the Immortal Demon Body could be destroyed once the restraint method or supreme power method was discovered. Thus, Minghe's body had to keep advancing if he wanted to become stronger.

The Indestructible Demon Body was his next goal. Although it had only been deduced by Minghe, it was very feasible. An immortal body could not be indestructible, but an indestructible body could be immortal. However, the Indestructible Demon Body was a trivial matter. It could be actualized by reaching the Fate Golden Immortal of the Origin Realm, which was at the level of the Way of Heaven, instead of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin Realm.

Anyway, he did have a direction. He was not an impatient person. On the way of cultivation, people had to move ahead steadily and surely. If they were anxious for quick success, it would be hard for them to get rid of the psychological barrier. For example, the Sages of Untainted Land looked powerful and glorious, but they actually had made little progress, while Minghe's cultivation had improved steadily. Now, the Sages could overcome the shortage in their foundations only by spending a lot of time. To some extent, it was putting the cart before the horse.

Additionally, Selfcentric Separation Musen had successfully promoted to the Middle Stage of the Origin, which also improved Minghe's strength. The Martial Arts of the Origin was extremely powerful. With Musen's Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts and "Wu" character, his combat force was top-notch in the Middle Stage of the Origin. Maybe he could challenge those in the Late Stage of the Origin.

As for Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist, he did not gain much. His original body was a 24th-grade Red Lotus of Fire, the Highest-grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. The only way to go further was to transform into the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. At present, Minghe had not found the initial approach from the Primordial Supreme Treasure to the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Thus, Red Lotus Taoist only could perceive the Principle of Karma and the Law of Killing.

When Minghe, the Good Separation, and the Selfcentric Separation were perceiving through meditation and practice, Heaven and Earth Taoist focused on improving his World of Heaven and Earth. Although he had enhanced from the World of Heaven and Earth to the medium dichiliocosm, there were still many imperfect places because his growth was too fast. While the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was refining the Air of Chaos to supplement the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the World of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth Taoist also improved the World of Heaven and Earth.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was different from Minghe and the other two separations. Although he also perceived the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of s.p.a.ce, the two laws were both based on the World of Heaven and Earth. Even if he intended to perceive the two laws, once the two laws were beyond the limits of the World of Heaven and Earth, the Divine Law of the World of Heaven and Earth would be definite, considering that the World of Heaven and Earth was him. Meanwhile, it would leave some hidden troubles for the advancement of the world in the future, though Heaven and Earth Taoist's combat force could temporarily be improved a lot.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was unwilling to see the results. Despite that, it was alright. The advancement of the world instantly improved his understanding of the two laws, but his understanding was not obtained by himself. Therefore, he also needed to tease out the two laws. Only by thoroughly mastering them could he display 100% of the combat force.

Besides the Three Separations, Minghe brought his Blood G.o.d Doppelgangers, Clones of Blood G.o.d, and Asura tribesmen to the Chaos this time, but not all of them. He did bring all the 49 Blood G.o.d Doppelgangers, but only 48,000 Clones of Blood G.o.d and 1,000,000 Asura tribesmen.

On the journey to the Chaos, Minghe not only wanted to look for the secrets in the Chaos, but also in those worlds being born in the Chaos. He would not let the World of Heaven and Earth evolve slowly. Despite the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth being there, the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the World of Heaven and Earth would not decrease and the world would constantly improve, however, it would take a long time to develop.

Minghe only had one way. Just as he had done last time, he asked Heaven and Earth Taoist to swallow the other worlds to speed up the development of the World of Heaven and Earth. In that case, people would be plunged into misery and suffering. However, Minghe did not care because he was a Rakshasa and destruction was his nature. Moreover, when the world was destroyed, what Heaven and Earth Taoist devoured into the World of Heaven and Earth was not only the Way of Heaven of the world and the Origin of the world, but also the creatures of the world.

Each world had its own laws, like the previously devoured Treasures World and Beasts World. The Law of Weapons prevailed in Treasures World, while the Law of Beast prevailed in Beasts World. As the old saying goes, "all rivers run into the sea". By that a.n.a.logy, the Great Way could be achieved by using various laws. Thus, if an individual wanted to actualize the Great Way, he should make the two worlds to be self-serving, their laws take root in the World of Heaven and Earth, and constantly enrich its laws regarding practicing.

However, the Chaos was so large that Minghe did not believe that there was only small chiliocosm, such as Treasures World and Beasts World. In his opinion, there had to be a medium dichiliocosm or even a great trichiliocosm. Now, the World of Heaven and Earth had become a medium dichiliocosm. It was not terribly helpful for the development of the World of Heaven and Earth to swallow a small chiliocosm. Therefore, Minghe mainly targeted a medium dichiliocosm or a great trichiliocosm.

As compared to a small chiliocosm, a medium dichiliocosm and a great trichiliocosm had a superior Way of Heaven and masters. Moreover, each world had countless creatures, so he also needed some people to help him to suppress them. As was known, a nonent.i.ty was small enough, but a group of nonent.i.ties could not be underestimated. Similarly, the Human Tribe in Untainted World could not be ignored. If they had the same faith, the Way of Heaven would probably be incomparable with them.

In the Chaos, the Air of Chaos was endless. With the help of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, the air could be limitlessly transformed into primordial Spiritual Air to supply to the Creatures, Blood G.o.d Doppelgangers, Clones of the Blood G.o.d, and Asura tribesmen in the World of Heaven and Earth for practicing. In Untainted Land, there were no such conditions. In the future, when they returned to Untainted Land, even if Minghe did not make his move, they were also able to form a deterrent force in Untainted Land.

Certainly, this was another story. Actually, Minghe was not interested in dominating Untainted Land. He was fully capable of doing so after the G.o.d Deification Ceremony. The Way of Heaven in Untainted Land was powerful, but it was not invincible. It was not difficult for the Blood Sea to defeat the Human Tribe. Although it had great power, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe was fostered by his Selfcentric Separation. As Blood G.o.d Doppelgangers and Clones of the Blood G.o.d appeared, no tribe in Untainted Land could resist them.

Compared to the past, Minghe had a totally different vision now. If he had such an ability when he was a baby, he would probably have done so already. But now it was impossible. In that case, Minghe could obtain most of the Luck of Untainted Land, but he could not bear the loss. It would cost him a lot to deal with the Way of Heaven.

Minghe was not interested in killing 1,000 enemies and losing 800 people on his own side. Instead, he had an interest in chasing after the ancient secret Rakshasa and seeking the supreme Great Way. Though Untainted Land was great and the Way of Heaven was strong, Minghe still believed that he could completely ignore them, just like he ignored all the Sages.

He started off after completing his practice. Right then, a loud voice came from a nearby place in the Chaos. "Minghe, you really are leisurely and carefree!" Following the sound, Minghe looked over and saw an acquaintance. Despite feeling a little surprised, Minghe thought his presence was reasonable. Right now, in Untainted Land, only that man could come to the Chaos with him.

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