Martial God Asura summary:

Martial G.o.d Asura is an online novel published on Novel Online Full. The story is a mixture of ten different genres such as action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and martial arts among others. There are many interesting events in this book, and it can be suitable for readers of different tastes, thanks to this useful genre combination. Martial G.o.d Asura is a popular novel considering some counterparts. It has received thousands of mostly positive votes, comments, and reviews. That’s why the rating is also very high if not completely excellent. This story is suitable for readers who prefer long novels because it contains over 3400 chapters. That means you have a lot of content to read, and the new updates are about to come as well. So the readers have an opportunity to read this book in the long time frame.

Chu Feng is the main character in this story, and he belongs to the Chu Family. They are located in the Azure Province, which is a part of the Continent of Nine Provinces. Chu was, however, adopted as a little kid, and that’s why he was not really accepted as a full-fledged member of the family. This opens a s.p.a.ce for other family members to hara.s.s and a.s.sault him regularly. Only several members treat him decently, while others do not do that. He is, for example, kindly treated by his adoptive brother named Chu Guyu and his adoptive cousin Chu Yue.

Chu Feng started studying in the Azure Dragon School at age 10. And that’s the moment when many of his adventures begin. He starts to travel in different parts of the world, meet different cultures, and discover various secrets.

However, this path is not going to be easy for him. It just seems like a great opportunity at the start, however, many problems are about to arise so he will face different problems and dangers. Some of these might even lead to his own personal tragedy as well as to endless struggling and fighting.

On the other hand, Chu is a strong man, and that’s obvious from the start. You just have to look at him and his body figure explains everything. He is almost two meters tall and has a long black hair. He is often equipped with sword and other pieces of armor His enemies do not have an easy task when they try to compete against him, so the readers have an opportunity to enjoy an exciting adventure while reading this Martial G.o.d Asura.

Also, Chu has an opportunity to advance in ranks during his traveling and fighting. He already achieved a serious success, so there is no reason to stop now. And this is an ongoing story with new updates ready to come soon.

The entire book should be available to members of The Light Novel, so you should go there if you want to read the story. Of course, you will need to access your account in order to get the content. If you do not have one, you can easily register on the website just by writing a a few basic personal details about yourself. The members.h.i.+p is free, and that’s a real opportunity for many people.

Martial God Asura Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 5872: Debt Mar-27-24
Chapter 5724: Now Dec-02-23
Chapter 5137: News Jun-09-22
Chapter 5001: Cage Feb-03-22
Chapter 5000 Jan-31-22
Chapter 4999 Jan-29-22
Chapter 4998 Jan-29-22
Chapter 4997 Jan-29-22
Chapter 4996 Jan-29-22
Chapter 4995 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4994 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4993 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4992 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4991 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4990 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4989 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4988 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4987 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4986 Jan-26-22
Chapter 4951: Say Dec-17-21
Chapter 4868: Ploy Sep-12-21
Chapter 4845: Pity Aug-21-21
Chapter 4554: Bias Dec-12-20