Martial God Asura Chapter 5840: Zi Ling Joins the Battle

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Chapter 5840: Zi Ling Joins the Battle

Chapter 5840: Zi Ling Joins the Battle

The formation forbade people from entering and leaving the Ancestral Martial Galaxy, so they had no way to verify whether the news concerning the Nine Heavens’ Zenith and Chu Feng was real.

“The news about Chu Feng is real,” the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster said.

“d.a.m.n. That’s amazing! My brother has brought glory to our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect!” Duan Liufeng waved his arms in delight.

Seeing that, Shengguang Baimei quickly interjected, “Hey, that’s not right! Chu Feng has made our Holy Light Galaxy proud. More than a disciple from your Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, he’s a member of our Holy Light Galaxy!”

“Of course, of course,” Duan Liufeng corrected himself.

Chu Feng’s accomplishment brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

“Ey, if only young friend Chu Feng is here. No one would be able to breach our formation core,” Shengguang Buyu said with a sigh.

“Chu Feng is currently pursued by the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. He isn’t in a better position than us. Besides, we are the rulers of the Holy Light Galaxy. How can we entrust the important duty of protecting the Holy Light Galaxy to a junior?” the Holy Master berated.

“Heed my orders, Holy Light Clansmen. Even at the cost of our lives, we have to ensure that our enemies don’t breach the protective formation!”

“Yes, Holy Master!” all of the experts of the Holy Light Clan simultaneously answered.


Gathered in the realm targeted by the black light pillar were the most powerful juniors of the Ancestral Martial Sect, such as the Holy Light Clan’s Shengguang Jin’an, Shengguang Nian, Shengguang Xintian, Shengguang Menglai, Shengguang Haoxuan...

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Xia Yan, Li Muzhi, Zhao s.h.i.+, Song Xi, Tu Yuanyuan...

Known prodigies of the other starfields were also gathered here, such as Chu Lingxi, Xia Yun’er, Song Yunfei, Li Yue’er, Li Anzhi, Wuma Shengjie, Gong Mingyue, Gong Qing, Kong Tianhui, Kong Ci, Long Ning, Xian Yun, Tantai Xing’er...

All of these juniors were scattered across the formation cores, joining their powers to channel the protective formation. Their strength was limited, but the formation was extremely powerful, containing gemstones and immortal that were treasures from the Immemorial Era.

This was the foundation of the formidable protective formation protecting the entire Ancestral Martial Galaxy.

However, all of the juniors gathered here looked exhausted and worried. They could see a black light pillar heading in their direction, attempting to breach the formation protecting the realm they were in.

The formation showed signs of cracking, and they knew that they would be goners if it really shattered.


A deafening explosion echoed. The formation protecting this realm shattered.

The terrifying black light pillar descended from the sky and landed a far distance away from them.

“What do we do?”

All of the juniors panicked. They turned to Shengguang Jin’an, Chu Lingxi, and the others for directions.

“Calm down. There’s still a second layer of protective formation around us. They won’t be able to breach it. We just have to focus on channeling the formation,” Shengguang Jin’an said.

The juniors did as they were told, but they were still unnerved.

Even Shengguang Jin’an himself was unsure whether the formation could stop their enemies.


Just then, a spirit formation gate appeared, and Zi Ling walked out from within.

“Zi Ling, what brings you here?”

Xia Yan and the other disciples from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect were worried, as they knew that Zi Ling had forcefully come out of her closed-door training and was severely injured.

“Don’t move. Stay here and channel the formation,” Zi Ling said.

“Don’t go, Zi Ling. There’s still a protective formation here. We’ll be safe here,” Xia Yan advised.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Make sure not to step out of the protective formation,” Zi Ling reminded them before making her way toward the black light pillar.

The juniors from the six Ancient Era’s clans emerged from the black light pillar and landed on the ground. All of them were fazed by the impact to some extent.

The stronger ones felt weak and nauseated, whereas the weaker ones fainted on the spot. Some even bled from their seven apertures and died. The worst cases were the ones who were reduced to puddles of blood.

Only a tenth of the juniors who landed on this realm retained their consciousness.

“Puppeteer Exalted lied to us! The medicine doesn’t work at all. The teleportation energy is too violent! Most of our brothers have already died from his formation before they can even make a move. He’s just taking advantage of us!”

The juniors were infuriated. The mountain like Stone Hammer Monstrous Clansmen even roared deafeningly, causing their surroundings to shake.

While those who had died were the weaker ones, they were still their brethren.

“Stop the ruckus. The Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s protective formation proves that they have invaluable treasures. Casualties are inevitable in war. What we should be doing now is not crying over the deceased but figuring out how to breach their protective formation, find their secret realm, and obtain the treasures. Only then would our deceased brethren not have died in vain,” Zhao Gongyi said.

“He’s right. We need to focus on breaching the formation here.”

Many juniors agreed with Zhao Gongyi’s words.

However, the prodigies from the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan mumbled, “Let’s hope Puppeteer Exalted isn’t lying about there being only juniors here.”

“Brothers from the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan, you must be lagging behind in intel. This place is the Ancestral Martial Galaxy, the weakest galaxy in the present world of cultivation. There are no more than a handful of Martial Exalted level cultivators, and there isn’t a single Half-G.o.d level cultivator here. Given our cultivation, it makes no difference whether our enemy is a junior or an elder. No one can pose a threat to us,” Zhao Gongyi said.

“If they are truly that weak, wouldn’t their juniors be even weaker? Are there really such weak people in the present world of cultivation?” The juniors expressed their doubt.

A woman dressed in a beautiful dress closed her eyes and sniffed. “The natural energies here are indeed spa.r.s.e. It’s normal for their cultivation to be limited.”

She was one of the top prodigies from the Blood Phoenix Royal Clan.

“Is your news credible?” one of the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clansmen expressed his doubt.

“Stay here if you’re afraid. Our Seven Realms Immortal Pavilion will lead the charge,” a junior spoke up before Zhao Gongyi could say a word.

He immediately charged forth with a few other juniors.

However, a surge of martial power suddenly gushed at them, and all of them exploded into bits.

Zhao Gongyi hurriedly constructed a protective formation to block the shockwaves of the attack.

The woman from the Blood Phoenix Royal Clan flicked her wrist and took out a whip. It was a G.o.d Armament! She flicked the whip into the distance.


The whip struck empty s.p.a.ce, but a surge of martial power stopped her attack. A person appeared out of nowhere. It was Zi Ling.

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