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Chapter 5510: Even Paltry Demons Dare to Come Here

Chu Feng was in the middle of a gigantic cavern filled with closed red doors. Each of these doors was floating above a pool of pungent, black, bubbling fluids. The pool had some kind of energy that hindered one’s vision, preventing him from seeing what was inside.

With so many doors and pools around, they were bound to be in different sizes too. The further the doors and pools were from Chu Feng, the larger they were. ?????????ѵ??. ?o?

The one closest to Chu Feng was only a meter tall, such that he had to lower his head to enter, whereas the furthest one away was more than ten thousand meters tall. Similarly, the pool it floated over was no longer a pool but a lake.

Other than the doors and pools, a hundred armored sculptures were standing by the two sides of the cavern, each of them boasting a height of over a thousand meters tall. They stood in a neat formation with swords in their hands.

In the deepest region of the cavern, there was a sculpture that looked different from the others. It was many times larger than the other sculptures, and it wasn’t wearing armor either. Its facial features were indistinct, but it was still possible to tell that it was ugly.

Bones were littered around the cavern as well. These were all human bones, and they had been stripped of their origin energies.

“These are from the Ancient Era.” Chu Feng picked up one of the bones and examined it.

“The Ancient Era? This place has been around since the Ancient Era?” Eggy asked.

“That’s very likely to be the case.”

Chu Feng continued examining the cavern. While it was extremely faint, he could still find remnants of the Ancient Era’s aura lingering in the area. This showed that this place had been around for many years now.

It was rumored that the Immemorial Star Sea was a trial ground in the Immemorial Era, so it was perplexing to find something from the Ancient Era here.


The terrifying sculpture in the deepest region of the cavern slowly opened its mouth and spoke with a stiff and hoa.r.s.e voice, “First enter the pool, then the door. Those who are qualified may enter. Those who are unqualified are to leave.”

It was a set of instructions, but Chu Feng would have known what to do even if not for it. It was obvious that anyone who wanted to enter the door would have to first enter its corresponding pool. The pool was a trial in itself, and only upon clearing it would the door open.

Long Chengyu and the others were nowhere to be seen, but their auras lingered in the vicinity. The crowd had chosen to enter different doors.

This room was probably a transition point, whereas whatever lay behind the door was the true destination. This meant that choosing the right door was of utmost importance here. Usually, the larger door should carry greater benefit, and that was probably why Long Chengyu, Long Muxi, Feng Jiuyue, Feng Tiansheng, the rank five Half-G.o.d level Blood-eyed Qilin Clansman, and Qi Weidao had chosen a bigger door.

It was worth noting that none of them had entered the biggest door, which likely meant that none of them had been able to clear the trial for the largest door.

With such information in mind, Chu Feng thought that he should test the waters first. Thus, he headed toward the door where Long Chengyu and the others had entered.


As soon as Chu Feng stepped into the pool, his face darkened. With a splash of water, he immediately escaped from the pool. It had only been a brief instant, but it had already left him gasping for air from fright.

“What’s wrong, Chu Feng?” Eggy asked worriedly.

“I sensed a lethal threat inside the pool,” Chu Feng replied.

“Is it that dangerous? Chu Feng, should we just… forget it?” Eggy asked.

“Let me try a smaller pool. Don’t worry, I’ll escape right away if things get too dangerous.” Chu Feng was someone who took calculated risks. He knew how to distinguish between dangers that could be braved through and those that would outright kill him.

He moved to a smaller pool and tried to enter it, but just like before, he felt a lethal threat as soon as he placed his foot in. It scared him into quickly withdrawing his foot.

He tried the same for the other pools too. The intensity of the lethal threat did reduce, but it was still far too dangerous for him to challenge.

“Chu Feng, this place is clearly rejecting you. It’s unlikely that you’d be able to help them even if you enter the gate,” Eggy said. She didn’t want Chu Feng to take this risk.

“Let me try the easiest gate.”

Chu Feng still didn’t want to give up yet, but he knew better than to foolishly throw his life away. Thus, he headed to the smallest pool to give it a try. If this one didn’t work too, he would have no choice but to seek an alternative solution.

Standing before the pool, he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

He had always gone for the hardest trial whenever faced with a set of choices, but he had no choice but to take on the easiest one this time. He had no other choice given the situation, but he still thought that it was a rather interesting experience.

His talents had been superior to his peers ever since he absorbed the divine lightning. It was with such a foundation that he could rise from a Lower Realm to come this far, even becoming a rising star of the new generation.

Yet, his talents proved to be useless here because he was a human and not a monstrous beast. For the first time in a long while, he was put in the same situation as those who were untalented.

So, what could he do in a place that rendered him talentless?

Naturally, it was to slowly build on his foundation and progress step by step. This change of perspective gave him a different outlook on the path of cultivation. He did sense a threat when he entered the pool, but it was within the scope of what he could tolerate.

He finally bucked up his courage to enter the pool. The pool was extremely shallow, reaching only up to his knees.


The water inside the pool suddenly raged as eight beings resembling little imps dove out from within. They were less than half a meter tall, but they wielded sticks that were over two meters long.

It was hard to imagine how they concealed themselves in such shallow water, but they rose from the pool and began smacking Chu Feng with their sticks.

“How dare a paltry demon like you come here?!”

“How dare a paltry demon like you come here?!”


Peals of laughter could be heard from the other pools. Some were piercing, some were deep, and some were resounding. There was even one from the largest pool that shook the entire cavern.

Beings were residing in the pools, and the bigger the pool, the stronger the beings.

That explained why Chu Feng sensed a lethal threat when he tried entering the larger pools earlier. The echoing laughter gave the impression that the sculptures standing by the sides of the cavern were mocking him.

Chu Feng usually wouldn’t be affected by other people’s mocking, but somehow he felt particularly annoyed by the laughter of those beings. He tried to kick the imps away, but his feet pa.s.sed right through them. He also tried grabbing their sticks, but he was unable to touch them either.

The imps were able to faze him, but he couldn’t touch them at all. Any attempts to do so would result in him pa.s.sing through their bodies.

Chu Feng tried exerting his spirit power and martial power, but it was futile.

Nothing worked on the imps at all.

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