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Chapter 4900: Not Embarra.s.sing

Sensing Shengguang Haoxuan’s confusion, the elders who were treating him quietly warned him not to run his mouth anymore. The Holy Valley couldn’t afford to offend Chu Feng anymore.

“Nonsense! You’re all spouting nonsense! What does that Chu Feng count as? Why can’t our Holy Valley offend him? What the h.e.l.l do you mean by this? Are you saying that I’ve suffered a beating for nothing?”

Shengguang Haoxuan roared furiously upon hearing the elders’ words.

He had no idea what was going on, but just the words ‘the Holy Valley cannot afford to offend Chu Feng’ was enough to drive him into a frenzy. He had already been tortured to such a state, but the Holy Valley wasn’t going to avenge him? This was unacceptable!

“Shengguang Baimei, weren’t you the one who told me to kill Chu Feng? What do you mean by this? Why are you berating me instead of killing Chu Feng? What do you mean by this?!”

Out of sheer rage, Shengguang Haoxuan even went to the extent of questioning Shengguang Baimei publicly. It was one thing if he was only venting his emotions, but berating Shengguang Baimei in front of so many people was certainly not something a junior like him could do.

So, the elders treating Shengguang Haoxuan quickly sealed off his voice and carried him away.

Shengguang Baimei heard those words loud and clear, but he didn’t lose his temper. Instead, he looked at Shengguang Haoxuan with a hint of remorse.

He knew that Shengguang Haoxuan wouldn’t have landed in his current state if not for the order he issued. He had indeed wronged Shengguang Haoxuan here.

“How pitiful. His current state is one thing, but it looks like he has suffered a mental trauma too.”

Shengguang Qianyu eyed Shengguang Haoxuan as he spoke, but there was not a hint of pity in his eyes. In fact, there was a scathing edge to his tone.

He wasn’t too fond of Shengguang Haoxuan despite the two of them being members of the Holy Valley.

However, his eyes swiftly moved on from Shengguang Haoxuan onto Shengguang Xintian.

Shengguang Xintian was currently making her way over, though to be more exact, she was walking toward Shengguang Baimei.

“Little sister Xintian, what happened to Shengguang Haoxuan? Was it really Chu Feng’s doing? Is he really that vicious of a person?” Shengguang Qianyu asked.

“It’s Chu Feng’s doing, but Shengguang Haoxuan was asking for it,” Shengguang Xintian replied.

“Asking for it? Hoh, what an interesting choice of words.”

Seeing that Shengguang Xintian didn’t have a morsel of pity for Shengguang Haoxuan either, Shengguang Qianyu laughed even more scornfully.

By this point, Shengguang Xintian had already walked up to Shengguang Baimei, and she asked without any reservations, “Grandfather, were you really the one who ordered Shengguang Haoxuan to kill Chu Feng?”

“I was foolish,” Shengguang Baimei replied.

His face carried a mixture of conflict, awkwardness, fear, and remorse. Even though they had already resolved the matter, his heart wouldn’t stop thumping from nervousness.

It was his arrogance that nearly brought harm to the Holy Valley.

“What happened? Why would you order for Chu Feng’s death? And why would you suddenly retract your order and even…?”

Shengguang Xintian was initially angry at her grandfather for ordering for Chu Feng’s death, but her anger quelled when she saw how her grandfather kowtowed to Chu Feng and even slapped himself. That was not something the grandfather she knew would do.

One could even say that the prestige her grandfather had built up over his lifetime had just collapsed into shambles.

Right now, she only felt bad for her grandfather.

“Chu Feng challenged the Holy Light Clan’s authority. The Holy Light Clan might have declined over the years, but we still share the same ancestors, after all. It’s only right for our Holy Valley to stand up for them.

“Lord Baimei wanted to uphold the Holy Light Clan’s honor, so he wanted to kill Chu Feng. However, he later realized that Chu Feng was a rare talent, so he thought that it would be a huge waste to kill a prodigy of that caliber,” Shengguang Buyu explained.

“I don’t think things are as simple as that,” another voice echoed.

Shengguang Menglai walked over as well.

“There’s indeed more to it. Chu Feng also has his own backing too,” Shengguang Buyu added.

The crowd immediately understood why someone as esteemed as Shengguang Baimei would cast aside his dignity and kneel down to beg Chu Feng for mercy. The story did make perfect sense too.

It would have been weird if someone as talented as Chu Feng didn’t have anyone backing him.

“It’s only after we entered the Holy Lotus Tree that you noticed that someone is backing Chu Feng?” Shengguang Menglai asked.

She sharply realized that such a situation wouldn’t have happened if Shengguang Baimei and the others knew that Chu Feng had a strong backing right from the start.

“Yes, that’s right,” Shengguang Buyu answered frankly.

He began informing Shengguang Menglai about how they had noticed that a powerful expert had infiltrated the Holy Valley from their defensive formation.

“So, we still don’t know who are the ones backing Chu Feng?” Shengguang Menglai asked.

“Cough cough. Miss Menglai, we shouldn’t talk about this matter anymore. That person might not have appeared yet, but he’s likely to be in the vicinity. If he’s determined to keep his ident.i.ty hidden, he wouldn’t like us to gossip too much about him. We have already offended them greatly, so let’s not push their boundaries any further,” Shengguang Buyu sent a voice transmission to Shengguang Menglai.

Shengguang Menglai also knew how grave this matter was, so she decided to stop probing into it. Nevertheless, she couldn’t stop herself from scanning the surroundings, hoping to find the whereabouts of that mysterious expert.

It was just that there was no way she could find a person whom even Shengguang Baimei and Shengguang s.h.i.+shen couldn’t find.

“I met Chu Feng a while ago. I was aware that a formidable expert is backing him, but I didn’t think that he would possess such great talent. The speed of his growth is frightening,” Shengguang Qianyu walked up to Shengguang Menglai and remarked.

“Even the top prodigies of our Holy Valley isn’t a match for him. On top of that, I heard that his cultivation was sealed right before he entered the Holy Lotus Tree? Were you still unable to deal with him even with his sealed cultivation?” Shengguang Qianyu asked.

Everyone could hear the teasing edge in his voice.

“The layout of the cultivation realm inside the Holy Lotus Tree changes greatly when it’s in full bloom. We were caught off guard. Chu Feng was able to decipher the secrets of the cultivation realm ahead of us and grasp control of the energy harnessed in the Holy Lotus Tree. It was using that energy that he freed himself from the seal on his cultivation,” Shengguang Menglai explained.

“That sounds really exciting. Ahh, what a pity that I wasn’t able to watch it in person. Menglai, you should know now that it’s a huge world we live in, right?” Shengguang Qianyu teased.

“I got careless. I underestimated his means. If I had gone all out right from the start, I wouldn’t have ended up being defeated by him,” Shengguang Menglai replied indignantly.

She felt that she had only lost to Chu Feng out of carelessness. Had it not been for that, the juniors of the Holy Valley wouldn’t have been forced to walk out of the Holy Lotus Tree in such a humiliating manner.

Even though there was no outsider present here, she still thought it was incredibly embarra.s.sing.

“Miss Menglai, you shouldn’t blame yourself for that. It’s not embarra.s.sing for you to lose to Chu Feng,” an aged voice sounded.

Daoist Niantian began walking over.

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