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Chapter 5395: You Recognize Him?

“Let me out, Chu Feng!” Eggy said.

Chu Feng opened his World Spirit Gate, and Eggy walked out to confront the frost woman.

“You’re able to hear my conversation with Chu Feng?” Eggy asked.

“That’s not all,” the frost woman replied.

Chu Feng and Eggy realized that the frost woman might be far more formidable than they had imagined, but again, the land they were standing upon was the Divine Inheritance Ground. It was not unthinkable for the frost woman, who was likely to be the ruler of this place, to possess exceptional means.

“Tell me what’s different about this Asura Demon Tower,” Eggy said.

“There are demonic beasts from the Asura World Spirit sealed inside the tower, but the tower has been reconstructed to prevent those demonic beasts from appearing in their true forms. Chu Feng won’t have to directly face those demonic beasts inside the tower. As long as he’s sufficiently strong, it’s possible for him to defeat those demonic beasts and claim the treasure inside,” the frost woman said.

“How can he defeat the demonic beasts then?” Eggy asked.

“Why don’t you just ask me to give the treasure straight to him?” the frost woman asked with an impatient smile.

“Chu Feng, the Asura Demon Tower is simply too dangerous. I disallow you from entering it,” Eggy said.

“But…” Chu Feng hesitated.

“Chu Feng, you have three seconds to consider. If you don’t dare to enter the tower, I’ll send you out and erase your memories regarding this place. You’ll never be able to enter this place ever again,” the frost woman said.

“My apologies, Eggy, but I can’t listen to you this time around.”

Without waiting for the frost woman’s response, Chu Feng rushed straight for the Asura Demon Tower’s eighteenth floor.

“Come back, Chu Feng!” Eggy shouted.

She wanted to chase after him, but to her shock, she was unable to move at all. Knowing that the frost woman was the culprit, she turned to the latter and demanded, “Let go of me!”

“Let go of you? Why should I? To think that you have been in the world of cultivation for so long. How is it that you still don’t understand that this world operates by the principle of survival of the fittest?” the frost woman sneered.

“You shouldn’t forget your place just because Chu Feng treats you well. A world spirit should unconditionally obey her master’s orders. Who do you think you are to interfere in his decisions? What if Chu Feng misses an important fortuitous encounter inside the tower because of you? Are you able to take responsibility for it?” the frost woman berated.

Eggy was taken aback. It was with Chu Feng’s interest at heart that she tried to stop him from entering the Asura Demon Tower, but she neglected the fact that he had gone through a lot in order to earn the qualification to enter the Asura Demon Tower.

The secret of the Divine Inheritance Ground could be contained inside the Asura Demon Tower, making this a rare opportunity for Chu Feng. She had no right to stand in his way. The two of them had always believed in braving danger to seek new opportunities, and it was with such a philosophy in mind that they had managed to come this far.

“It’s good that you’re worried about Chu Feng, but you should have confidence in him too. You should stand alongside him if he wishes to fight. That is what you should do as a world spirit,” the frost woman said.

“I understand, elder. Can you release my restraints? I wish to fight alongside Chu Feng,” Eggy said with a pleading voice.

“It’s too late. The two of you should have challenged the Asura Demon Tower together, but I’m taking away your qualification for what you have done earlier. There are some things in life that you won’t get a second chance for. This battle is of utmost importance to Chu Feng, and you should have accompanied him instead of stopping him. As a punishment for your folly, you can only helplessly wait out here for him.

“La.s.s, if you really care for Chu Feng, you should carefully think about what you ought to do from this day onward,” the frost woman said before vanis.h.i.+ng into thin air.

Eggy gritted her teeth in frustration. She could only stare at the eighteenth floor of the Asura Demon Tower with worry in her eyes and pray that Chu Feng could return safely.

Elsewhere in the Divine Inheritance Ground, there was a spatial realm constructed out of a formation that was isolated from the real world. It was impossible to see the phenomenon induced by Chu Feng here even though it had covered the entire sky in the real world.

An old woman resided in a wooden hut inside the spatial realm. She was seated cross-legged inside the wooden hut, a sign that she was about to cultivate, but somehow, she was unable to put her mind to it. Her eyes kept drifting toward the portrait of a young man on the wall.

This portrait was the culprit behind her disturbed state of mind. Whenever she looked at the portrait, her usually composed face would betray hints of agitation.

“Lord Nianqing,” a woman’s voice sounded.

It turned out that the old woman was none other than Lord Nianqing, Chu Feng’s grandmother.

“Come in,” Lord Nianqing said.

With a wave of her sleeves, the door to the wooden hut opened. A middle-aged woman with white hair was standing out. She was none other than Shuang Yu’s older sister, Shuang Xue.

The two of them had been together with Lord Nianqing from a young age; in fact, Lord Nianqing was the one who had given them their names.

“Lord Nianqing, we have prepared the items you have asked for.” Shuang Xue was holding onto an exquisite box with some energy stored within it.

“Place it over there,” Lord Nianqing instructed without sparing a glance at Shuang Xue. Her eyes remained fixated on the portrait on the wall.

Shuang Xue obediently placed the box down. Out of curiosity, she looked toward Lord Nianqing’s line of sight, and what she saw startled her.

She knew who the person in the portrait was.

She had refrained from telling Lord Nianqing about Chu Feng because she knew what Lord Nianqing was facing, and Lord Nianqing had never stepped out of this spatial realm either. She couldn’t understand how Lord Nianqing could have obtained Chu Feng’s portrait.

“Shuang Xue, what’s with your expression?” Lord Nianqing asked. Her keen senses alerted her to Shuang Xue’s abnormal reaction. “It can’t be that you recognize him?”

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