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Chapter 5732: Reaching the Pulse Ignition Village

“That accursed Long Lin! I swear I’ll dig out his heart to take a look if I get a chance to see if his heart is that of a dragon or a dog! How can he be so despicable?” Long Chengyu bellowed.

“No wonder I can’t exert the prowess of this martial skill,” Chu Feng remarked.

“Of course! No one will be able to pull it off.” All of a sudden, Long Chengyu narrowed his eyes and asked, “Wait a moment. You grasped the skill? Aren’t you at rank three Half-G.o.d level?”

Instead of answering the question, Chu Feng channeled the G.o.d Taboo Dragon Breath, turned around, and released a burst of golden light. Even though the golden light looked devastating, its prowess was not on par with even rank nine Exalted Taboo Martial Skills.

“Heavens! You really mastered it? You’re a monster indeed. You should have no trouble grasping another rank one G.o.d Taboo Martial Skills then. It’s a pity that I don’t have any G.o.d Taboo Martial Skills with me,” Long Chengyu regretfully replied.

The G.o.d Taboo Dragon Breath was weak due to a fundamental deficit in the martial skill; it had nothing to do with Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng, you should come with us to our clan’s sanctuary after the Nine Heavens’ Zenith. I’ll get my father to impart a couple of G.o.d Taboo Martial Skills to you,” Long Chengyu said.

“All right.”

Chu Feng accepted the offer, since he was in need of G.o.d Taboo Martial Skills. He was also lacking a G.o.d Armament as well.

Soon, the three of them stepped out of the teleportation formation and made their way toward a mountain range.

In the Nine Heavens Secret Domain, Chu Feng could access teleportation formations that led to other galaxies except for the Immemorial Domain of G.o.ds.

Conversely, there were also many formations throughout the world of cultivation that led into the Nine Heavens Secret Domain, such as the one in the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect. Chu Feng could sense those teleportation formations after leaving his name on the Conqueror’s Stele.

There was a teleportation formation from this realm that led straight to the Nine Heavens Secret Domain, which was why he was confident they could make it in time. They would have been late if they made their way to the Bloodline Galaxy through a normal ancient teleportation formation.

Chu Feng led Long Chengyu and Long Muxi to the foot of a mountain.

He knocked on various parts of the mountain cliff, as if looking for something. Long Chengyu and Long Muxi were perplexed, but they didn’t say a word.

Once he had confirmed the location, he placed one hand on the cliff while forming hand seals with the other. There was a flash of light, and a spirit formation gate appeared on the cliff face.

Long Muxi and Long Chengyu glanced at each other upon seeing that. They could tell from the spirit formation gate that this place wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Their shock only deepened when they entered the spirit formation gate and encountered a peculiar gate.

“My gosh, this is a treasure!” Long Chengyu exclaimed.

Chu Feng formed a hand seal, and the gate activated. The three of them were immediately dragged inside, where they found themselves traveling through a teleportation pa.s.sageway.

“Is that a teleportation formation? Are we moving through a teleportation pa.s.sageway?” Long Chengyu’s lower jaws fell slackened.

Even Long Muxi’s eyes were widened in shock, as she surveyed with bulging eyes.

Neither of them could believe how fast this teleportation pa.s.sageway was. At this rate, they might really be able to make it in time.

“Brother Chu Feng, how many more secrets are you concealing from us?” Long Chengyu asked.

“You’ll be surprised,” Chu Feng replied jokingly.

“To be honest, Brother Chu Feng, when we first met, while I earnestly wanted to befriend you because of how well we got along, I did think that you were a countryside b.u.mpkin because you were from the Ancestral Martial Galaxy. Now, I’m starting to think that I’m the countryside b.u.mpkin instead.”

The main formation powering all of the Nine Heavens Secret Domain’s teleportation formations was located in the Nine Heavens Secret Domain, so all teleportation formations had to go through it even though there were Constellation Gates all over the world.

It was fortunate that the teleportation pa.s.sageway was extremely fast, such that it only took them two hours to enter the Nine Heavens Secret Domain, where the Conqueror’s Stele was located.

“What’s this place?” Long Chengyu looked around with eyes widened with curiosity.

Long Muxi could hardly conceal her shock either.

Despite being a young master and a young miss descending from a galaxy overlord’s lineage, they were awed like countryside b.u.mpkins entering a city for the first time. Their eyes were filled with curiosity.

They were particularly intrigued by the three Conqueror’s Steles. They realized that the names inscribed on them were anything but ordinary, which was why they were astonished when they saw that only Chu Feng’s name was on the third Conqueror’s Stele.

Just then, Chu Feng formed a hand seal, and the entire world shook. Eight Constellation Gates rose from the ground. Long Chengyu and Long Muxi were taken aback. They sensed that the eight Constellation Gates corresponded to the eight galaxies.

“Brother Chu Feng, y-y-you…” Long Chengyu was shocked beyond words.

“We’ll talk along the way,” Chu Feng said as he brought Long Chengyu and Long Muxi into the Constellation Gate leading to the Bloodline Galaxy.

As soon as they were gone, the woman with divine eyes and the girl transformed from a brush appeared.

“Why did Chu Feng bring outsiders in here? Does he not intend to guard the Nine Heavens Secret Domain’s secret?” the girl spoke with a reproachful tone as she pouted in dissatisfaction.

“That’s his freedom,” the woman with divine eyes replied.

In contrast, her voice wasn’t reproachful at all.

Along the way, Chu Feng told Long Chengyu and Long Muxi about the affairs surrounding the Nine Heavens Secret Domain. Both of them had heard about the Nine Heavens Secret Domain, but they didn’t know that it was a teleportation formation.

“You’re incredible, Brother Chu Feng. I don’t even know how I should compliment you. You actually cracked the countless-year-old secret behind the Nine Heavens Secret Domain! And you’re the only one in our era who has done so, right? This is amazing! It’s like G.o.d’s Era is prepared just for you,” Long Chengyu looked at Chu Feng with admiration.

“It was just luck, but please keep this matter a secret,” Chu Feng said.

“I won’t tell anyone else,” Long Muxi promised.

“Brother Chu Feng, it’s out of trust for us that you told us this secret. I won’t tell anyone about it even if it costs my life, and that includes my father,” Long Chengyu promised.

Chu Feng trusted the two of them, or else he wouldn’t have brought them with him.

“Let’s use one of the concealment treasures you’re carrying,” Chu Feng said.

While there was no one from the Totem Dragon Clan protecting them, Long Chengyu and Long Muxi received a couple of treasures to conceal themselves in times of danger.

“Do we use it now?” Long Chengyu asked.

There was a time limit to the concealment treasures their father gave him, so he didn’t want to waste them. He was thinking of using one only after they were out of the teleportation formation. The place they were going to was bound to have many powerful cultivators. Given their current positions, it wouldn’t be a good idea for them to show themselves in public.

Thus, it was of utmost importance for them to conceal themselves.

“We should be arriving now,” Chu Feng replied.

Based on his previous experience, he knew that it would only take two hours for them to arrive at their destination from the Nine Heavens Secret Domain.

“So fast!”

Long Chengyu was stunned to hear that, but he took out a talisman inscribed with the Totem Dragon Clan’s insignia and activated it. The talisman immediately concealed not just him but Chu Feng and Long Muxi as well.

This talisman was extremely potent, working even better than Chu Feng’s own concealment means.

Shortly after the three of them concealed themselves, they arrived at the other end of the teleportation pa.s.sageway.

They were still a distance away from the Pulse Ignition Village, but the area was filled with people. The Pulse Ignition Village rarely had any guests, but it was now crowded due to the Nine Heavens’ Zenith. Flying wars.h.i.+ps, floating palaces, and cultivators filled the sky.

The most eye-catching thing was the formation floating right above the Pulse Ignition Village. Without a doubt, the formation was related to the Ignition Pulse Village. The formation was a ranking board containing ten names.

1、Huangfu Shengyu

2、Huangfu Jiangyao

3、Huangfu Shangyang

4、Huangfu Shangwu

5、Huangfu Fanni

6、Xianhai Shaoyu

7、Ling Xiao

8、Yuwen Yanri

9、Jie Baobao

10、Qin Shu

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