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Chapter 5427: Teaching Li Ta’er a Lesson

Bai Yunqing proceeded to use the method he had comprehended to enter the copper palace. He was teleported into a corridor, and Chu Feng and the others were nowhere in sight. He knew that a trial awaited him if he advanced ahead.

On the other hand, Chu Feng was able to clearly see Bai Yunqing’s movements. He wasn’t transported into the corridor but a special s.p.a.ce inside the copper palace. Due to the different nature of his entry, he was granted the privilege of choosing the trial he wanted to undertake.

There were nineteen corridors in the copper palace, which represented nineteen different trials. These individual entrances led to the same endpoint, but the final reward would differ based on the trials one chose to face.

Chu Feng was able to see all nineteen corridors, their respective difficulties, as well as which ones Bai Yunqing and the others were going to face. ???e???noѵℯƖ. c?m

Ling Hang was facing the easiest trial, whereas Bai Yunqing had entered the corridor with the second highest difficulty. None of them could choose which corridor they could enter, including Ling Hang.

Only Chu Feng, who still had the copper key in hand, was ent.i.tled to the privilege of choice.

Chu Feng decided to go with the most difficult corridor, knowing that it had the greatest reward, but that was coincidentally the same corridor Li Ta’er was allocated to. As much as he didn’t want to travel together with her, he didn’t want to let this opportunity slip past his fingers. Thus, he tightly grasped the copper key in his hand and chose his destination.

As expected, he was brought to the corridor Li Ta’er was in.

“Why are you here?” Li Ta’er looked at Chu Feng with displeasure.

Chu Feng ignored her and advanced ahead.

“I’m talking to you! Are you a mute?”

Li Ta’er chased after Chu Feng and even tried to grab his collar, but Chu Feng suddenly halted his footsteps and turned around. His cold gaze caused her outstretched hand to freeze in place. Just his cold eyes were more than enough to induce panic within Li Ta’er.

“You better watch your att.i.tude now that your father isn’t here to protect you. I won’t pamper you,” Chu Feng said before advancing ahead.

Li Ta’er felt conflicted. She was intimidated by Chu Feng’s gaze, but she was unwilling to let things rest like that. Never had she suffered such grievance before.

“Watch my att.i.tude? I’d like to see what you’ll do if I don’t watch my att.i.tude,” Li Ta’er sneered.

“You can choose not to listen, but there will be consequences,” Chu Feng replied.

“Woah! Does such arrogance run through your family’s bloodline? That explains why your grandmother got killed. She must have acted bigger than what she was worth. Good riddance!” Li Ta’er said.

A cold blast of air suddenly shot through the corridor as a hand rushed at Li Ta’er’s neck. A force pushed her back until her head crashed into a wall, leaving her feeling dizzy for a moment.

Chu Feng had grabbed her neck and pushed her against the wall.

Li Ta’er couldn’t believe what had happened. She thought that Chu Feng was just putting on a bluff, but he actually dared to make a move on her. However, the first emotion she felt wasn’t fear but rage.

“Chu Feng, how dare you harm me? You’re dead meat! My father will never let you off! I’ll rip you into shreds!”

Those words didn’t intimidate Chu Feng in the least. If anything, his eyes glowered with murderous intent.

“Do you really think I dare not kill you?” Chu Feng spat.

“Try touching… Uwa!”

Li Ta’er suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her abdomen. Blood lurched up her body and gushed out from her mouth.

Chu Feng had punched her stomach.

However, this was just the start. A second punch ensued, followed by a third punch. All in all, Chu Feng punched Li Ta’er five times in the stomach.

When he finally released his grip on her neck, she collapsed to the ground, and her body automatically curled into a ball. The sheer pain she was experiencing left her unable to speak.

“Continue running your mouth. I’ll show you what I’m capable of,” Chu Feng sneered without the slightest pity in his eyes. He grabbed Li Ta’er by her hair and pulled her up once again.

“D-don’t hit me. I was wrong. I won’t do it again!” Li Ta’er cried.

Chu Feng wasn’t surprised by her change in att.i.tude at all. He had seen plenty of people who acted smug before those weaker than them, only to cower before the strong. He thought that people like that deserved to be punished.

“You won’t do it again?” Chu Feng smashed his fist into Li Ta’er’s stomach once more, this time more forceful than before.

“Chu Feng, she’ll die at this rate. Don’t you think it’s a waste to kill her like that?” Eggy asked.

“I don’t plan on killing her,” Chu Feng replied.

“You don’t? You do know that she’ll exact vengeance on you, right?” Eggy was startled.

“I’m not afraid of taking responsibility. I’m just worried that Bai Yunqing will be put in a difficult position,” Chu Feng replied.

“You shouldn’t have made a move on Li Ta’er if you’re worried about Bai Yunqing’s stance. There’s already no turning back now,” Eggy said.

“Don’t worry. I have my means,” Chu Feng replied as he continued punching Li Ta’er.

A while later, when Chu Feng finally stopped his aggression, Li Ta’er feebly slid down onto the floor. Weak groans could be heard from her, and her body was trembling nonstop. Chu Feng squatted down and grabbed Li Ta’er up by her face, forcing her to face him.

“Look closely. I am the one who beat you up today,” Chu Feng said.

“P-please let me go! I won’t tell my father about this!” Li Ta’er didn’t dare to face Chu Feng at all.

“Look at me!” Chu Feng roared.

The violence he had exerted on Li Ta’er had clearly traumatized her. Despite her reluctance to face him, she still forced herself to look at him. Her eyes swam nervously as tears threatened to spill. She was already on the verge of a mental breakdown.

“Remember how you feel right now. I am not someone you can mess with. Make sure you take a more polite att.i.tude with my brother in the future. Otherwise, what you’ll lose next time is your life,” Chu Feng said.

He formed a formation and pressed it against Li Ta’er’s head, and the latter pa.s.sed out. He then proceeded to construct a recovery formation to treat her injuries.

“Ohhh, I get it now! You’re interfering with her memories to make her think that what happened earlier was an illusion.” Eggy widened her eyes in realization.

“That’s right. This woman might have a foul mouth, but she doesn’t deserve to die. I just can’t stand how she keeps bullying Bai Yunqing. Hopefully, she will rein in after this incident,” Chu Feng said.

Knowing that it would take a while before Li Ta’er regained consciousness, Chu Feng left her there and advanced by himself.

He faced a couple of world spiritist trials along the way, which didn’t pose much trouble to him even though he had chosen the most difficult corridor. When he finally cleared the final trial, he was transported into a hall that felt weirdly like an illusion formation. A mist lingered inside the hall, and most of the objects here felt incorporeal.

The ground was transparent, and it revealed another hall beneath the one Chu Feng was in. The two halls looked identical, but the one beneath wasn’t filled with a mist, and the objects inside it were solid too.

This was a cultivation ground containing energy that nurtured one’s spirit power.

Chu Feng’s copper key began to tremble once more, telling him that he could choose to remain in this current hall or enter the one beneath.

“I have a choice?” Chu Feng murmured with a chuckle.

“Choose what?” Eggy asked.

Chu Feng told Eggy about what he had felt.

“Which one are you planning on choosing?” Eggy asked.

“The cultivation ground below is much more straightforward, but I don’t think that it’ll be of much help to me. I’ll still benefit if I could come here regularly, but I doubt that will be the case. On the other hand, the hall we are in looks abnormal, but it contains a cultivation method. I’ll benefit greatly if I could grasp this cultivation method,” Chu Feng replied as he began scanning his surroundings in search of the cultivation method.

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