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Chapter 4878: Warped Truth

As the name suggested, the Holy Valley was located in a valley. It was just that this valley was so huge that it had its own mountains and oceans, forming a world of its own.

At the very heart of this valley was a towering tree with a height reaching 38,000 meters.

However, it wouldn’t be really accurate to say that it was a tree. It did have a tree trunk, but on its canopy were not leaves but humongous lotus flowers.

There were 88 lotus flowers in total, and every single one of them had blossomed. These blossomed flowers spanned a diameter of several thousand meters, emanating a strong floral scent and a white glow.

This was the first time such a scene had occurred, so it swiftly drew the attention of many from the Holy Valley.

A crowd had already gathered around the humongous tree, but even so, many more silhouettes were still continuing to rush over.

“Could this be the legendary full bloom?”

“Lord Baimei, Lord Buyu. Is the Saint Lotus Tree really in full bloom?”

The crowd from the Holy Valley was amazed by the sight of the Saint Lotus Tree. Quite a few of them turned to Shengguang Baimei and Shengguang Buyu to enquire the details.

Most of them already had guesses in mind, but due to Shengguang Baimei and Shengguang Buyu’s high standing, their words held greater weight.

“Your eyes aren’t lying to you. If this isn’t a full bloom, what could be considered a full bloom?” Shengguang Buyu replied with a smile.

As for Shengguang Baimei, he stared hard at the Saint Lotus Tree. In contrast to the excitement of the crowd, there was a mixture of delight and lament on his face.

However, no one was in the mood to pay any heed to Shengguang Baimei at the moment. Their attention was fully captured by the fully bloomed Saint Lotus Tree.

This was a legendary sight that could very well change history in the making!

“Young miss Menglai, young miss Xintian, young master Chuyao, and young master Haoxuan sure are incredible!”

“I told you! Given their talent, especially that of young miss Menglai, how could they possibly fail to make the Saint Lotus Tree bloom?”

“Hahaha, it turns out that we have been underestimating them thus far. They actually made the Saint Lotus Tree go into full bloom!”

Delighted exclamations and compliments could be heard everywhere. The eyes of the crowd drifted toward the four figures seated beneath the Saint Lotus Tree.

Two of them were men and the other two were women. The men had a sharp and imposing look whereas the women were as beautiful as fairies. Just by their appearances, they looked like they might have walked out from the heavenly realm.

Both their dispositions and airs were top-notch.

“Don’t you find it weird? The Saint Lotus Tree has already gone into full bloom, but the barrier still hasn’t dissipated yet.”

While everyone was celebrating this momentous event, Shengguang Buyu’s voice suddenly rained down like a pail of cold water, dampening everyone’s spirits. They were immediately snapped out of their reverie.

“Indeed, why is the barrier still there?”

“The barrier would usually dissipate as soon as the Saint Lotus Tree blooms. It’s weird how the barrier is still intact here.”

The crowd discussed amongst themselves.

“Lord Baimei, you need to quickly make your decision,” Shengguang Buyu turned to Shengguang Baimei and said.

Shengguang Baimei’s complexion turned awful. His rare show of hesitation showed just how difficult of a decision he was making here.

“Wake Chu Feng up as soon as possible. I’ll spare him if he can make the barrier disappear and aid young miss Menglai in her cultivation. Otherwise… I’ll take his life!” Shengguang Baimei said through clenched jaws.

“I’ve taken a look at young friend Chu Feng’s injuries. He should wake up soon, but it’ll still take some time. If we wish to hasten the process, we’ll have to borrow Lord Baimei’s Heavenly Court Saint Fruit,” Shengguang Buy remarked.

“What did you say? You should be more aware than anyone else just how valuable the Heavenly Court Saint Fruit is!” Shengguang Baimei spoke with a deep frown.

“There should be quite a few Heavenly Court Saint Fruit in the Heavenly Court Saint Palace. As long as we can access the Heavenly Court Saint Palace, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to obtain them in the future.

“Besides, no matter how valuable it is, it’s still no more than a recovery medicine. We’ll have to use it eventually anyway. Don’t you think that it’s a worthy deal to trade a single Heavenly Court Saint Fruit for a cultivation opportunity for young miss Xintian and the others?”

There was a beaming smile on Shengguang Buyu’s face as he said those words, as if he already had Shengguang Baimei in his grasp.

Needless to say, Shengguang Baimei was able to see through Shengguang Buyu’s thoughts, but what the latter said made perfect sense too. This cultivation opportunity was definitely worth a single heavenly Court Saint Fruit. This made him feel incredibly conflicted and frustrated.

“Shengguang Buyu, mark my words. If Chu Feng fails to accomplish his mission, I’ll take his life. No one will be able to stop me!” Shengguang Baimei spat.

However, he still took out a wooden box from his dantian and pa.s.sed it to Shengguang Buyu. He chose to compromise.

Even the wooden box was an incredible treasure in itself. Opening it, there was a white fruit roughly around the size of an egg sitting in it. It gave off an aroma that smelled even more pleasant than the Saint Lotus Tree’s floral scent.

What was interesting was that there were signs of life coming from the fruit, making it seem as if it was alive. However, it was just the manifestation of its spirituality.

“Thank you, Lord Baimei.”

Shengguang Buyu first bowed deeply to Shengguang Baimei before taking his leave. With the Heavenly Court Saint Fruit in hand, he flitted over to Chu Feng’s room.

Chu Feng was still in a groggy state, stuck in a world of pain.

He was unable to move or open his eyes. All he could feel was a searing pain blazing through his body, torching his soul and bloodline. It was no different from torture.

It was only till a surge of white light entered his world that the shackles on his body slowly began to loosen. The pain alleviated, and he began to regain consciousness.


Chu Feng immediately sat upward.

He had finally awakened.

He swept a glance around him and immediately understood what was going on. He had been captured by the Holy Valley.

“Chu Feng, you’re awake. How do you feel?”

Chu Feng could hear an anxious voice sounding in his ears the moment he awakened. It was from Yu Sha.

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng replied.

“Why would this happen? There wasn’t any issue when you practiced it in the cultivation formation previously, so why would your body be so feeble now?” Yu Sha asked.

“The cultivation formation was sustaining me back then. It’s quite powerful, you know? After all, it’s something that Shengguang Xuanye has been preparing for over a thousand years,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

Despite rea.s.suring Yu Sha, he knew that he wasn’t in a good position at the moment.

He had known that the backlash of the Second Slash would far surpa.s.s that of the First Slash. It was thanks to the cultivation formation he had s.n.a.t.c.hed over from the Holy Light Clan that he was able to quickly regenerate after his training, though he still suffered the pain from the backlash.

For that reason, he knew that he would be put in a perilous position should he attempt to execute the Second Slash outside the cultivation formation. Nevertheless, he still underestimated it.

He felt like he had just knocked on death’s door. It was a powerful medicinal energy that pulled him back into this world.

“Lord Buyu, what’s wrong with that fellow? Why is he sitting in a daze? Will he really be able to do it in his current state?”

While Chu Feng was chatting with Yu Sha, the other members of the Holy Valley standing around the bed began questioning Shengguang Buyu.

“Young friend Chu Feng, how do you feel?” Shengguang Buyu stepped forward and asked.

“If I’m not mistaken, you have saved me so as to acquire the means I used to defeat Shengguang Xuanye, right?” Chu Feng asked.

He knew that he had been saved by the Holy Valley, but he wasn’t thankful to them in the least. As soon as he said those words, awkward looks appeared on the faces of the crowd. It was embarra.s.sing when Chu Feng laid out the truth to them in their faces.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you sure are a sharp one. Since that’s the case, I won’t bother beating around the bush. You can choose to withhold your means from us, but there’s one thing you have to do right now. As long as you accomplish it beautifully, you’ll be allowed to leave the Holy Valley safely. Otherwise, I fear that no one will be able to save you.”

Shengguang Buyu got straight to the point and informed Chu Feng of the situation surrounding the Saint Lotus Tree. It was just that he warped some of the truth.

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