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Chapter 5243: I’m Here to Slaughter You

“What are you acting so smug for?” Tang Xiu bellowed.

Crimson light enveloped his saber. With a swing of his saber, he released the crimson light, which morphed into countless crimson scythes along its trajectory toward Chu Feng.

This was a rank seven Exalted Taboo Martial Skill!

In response, Chu Feng activated the rank seven Exalted Taboo Storm Dragon Footwork. Red lights shone from his feet, and a thunderous rumble echoed with each step he took. With this powerful movement skill, he was able to dodge all of the crimson scythes.

“Trying to dodge? Do you think you can do that?” Tang Xiu sneered.

He stood leisurely on the spot and watched Chu Feng as if he was a mere spectator. He didn’t have to do anything at all when those crimson scythes were automatically chasing after Chu Feng on their own accord.

Even if Chu Feng dodged the crimson scythes, they would simply change their trajectories and continue charging at him. Slowly, he began to slow his composure.

“That’s the rank seven Exalted Taboo that Tang Xiu’s teacher obtained from an ancient remnant—Life Reaping Crimson Scythes!”

“What a formidable martial skill. Most people would have already succ.u.mbed to it by now.”

“No matter how formidable that man is, he doesn’t stand a chance against that martial skill.”

“Of course. You’d be naive to think that the Life Reaping Crimson Scythes only chase its target. Those scythes actually contain a formation inside them that affects its target’s mental state, slowly lowering his fighting prowess over the course of the battle.”

“Eyyy, that man got careless. He should have crushed the scythes with one decisive blow instead of dragging things out.”

The crowd discussed amongst themselves.

While Life Reaping Crimson Scythe wasn’t Tang Xiu’s strongest martial skill, it was the one he often used to defeat his opponent.

Chu Feng grew increasingly panicked. While the crimson scythes hadn’t hurt him yet, he found himself slowly being cornered. He was so focused on dodging those crimson scythes that he didn’t notice Tang Xiu slowly getting closer to him.

Tang Xiu gripped his saber tighter than ever as his eyes narrowed in viciousness, but he didn’t make a move. He was biding his time till Chu Feng got into his killing range.

Eventually, it came to a point in time where the two of them were extremely close to each other.

Without any hesitation, Tang Xiu raised his saber to cut Chu Feng down, only for the latter to abruptly turn toward him and open his mouth.


The roar of a dragon blasted out of Chu Feng’s mouth, unleas.h.i.+ng a visible sonic boom on Tang Xiu. It was impossible for Tang Xiu to dodge. The attack had come so abruptly, and the two of them were simply too close to each other.

Struck by the sonic boom, he was sent hurtling across the air.

By the time Tang Xiu finally crashed on the ground, his flesh was torn and his body was covered in blood. He had lost his ability to fight. Even the crimson scythes he had previously unleashed dissipated as well.

Despite Chu Feng looking incomparably panicked earlier, the redness and fl.u.s.ter on his face were nowhere to be seen anymore. The crowd pondered about what had just happened, and it finally dawned on them that it was all an act from Chu Feng!

All this while, Chu Feng was waiting for an opportunity to unleash his attack and take TangXiu down! His plan succeeded, and he managed to defeat Tang Xiu within an extremely short period of time.

“You’re still alive?”

Chu Feng looked at Tang Xiu in surprise. He was certain that his earlier attack should have been enough to end Tang Xiu’s life.

“Ah, you don’t just have a life preservation medicine but a protective formation too.”

Chu Feng noticed a faint s.h.i.+mmer of light on Tang Xiu’s body. He could tell that it was a protective formation, though it didn’t seem to be from Tang Xiu’s master considering how it wasn’t exceptionally powerful. He could easily shatter the protective formation if he wanted to.

“Please spare him, young master!” a woman’s voice suddenly cried out.

It was coming from Tang Xiu.

The s.h.i.+mmering light around Tang Xiu’s body quickly manifested into the silhouette of a middle-aged woman. She was likely the one who had constructed the protective formation.

“Young master, I don’t know what kind of grudge you have with our Xiu’er, but I beg you to spare his life!” the middle-aged woman cried.

“Are you Tang Xiu’s mother?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, I am,” the middle-aged woman replied with a tinge of nervousness and subservience.

“Were you the one who constructed this protective formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes,” the middle-aged woman replied.

She was so anxious for Tang Xiu that tears began trickling from her eyes.

“I don’t have a grudge with your son either, but he tried to kill me on someone else’s behalf today. Do you think that he would have spared my life if I had lost to him?” Chu Feng asked.

The middle-aged woman realized that her son was at fault here. Her knees immediately fell to the ground, and she pleaded, “Young master, I beg you to spare our Xiu’er! As long as you let him off, I’ll do my best to compensate you for this offense. I won’t utter a single word of grievance even if you order me to slave off for you!”

The anxiety displayed by Tang Xiu’s mother didn’t seem to be feigned.

Chu Feng was not the type of person to spare others just because they were begging for mercy. Anyone could easily show repentance once their lives were in danger. If they had truly known what they were doing was wrong, they should have stopped before things got to that point.

Yet, Chu Feng found himself incapable of ignoring the pleas from Tang Xiu’s mother. He could feel the deep worry she had for her son. As someone who had never experienced maternal love in his life, he couldn’t help but envy Tang Xiu a little.

“Tang Xiu, I’ll spare your life in view of your mother. Know that I won’t hesitate to kill you if you dare to trouble me once more.”

With a swipe of his hand, Chu Feng took Tang Xiu’s Cosmos Sack and his top-quality Exalted Armament saber.

“I’ll take this as compensation,” he said.


Despite having his possessions taken away, Tang Xiu clasped his fist and thanked Chu Feng.

“Don’t thank me. Thank your mother instead,” Chu Feng said.

Without saying a word, Tang Xiu rose to his feet and walked away.

The onlookers found the situation unbelievable. They didn’t think that Chu Feng would actually spare Tang Xiu.

“That fellow might look vicious, but he has a soft and sentimental side to him too. Not bad,” Shengguang Daokui said admiringly.

In truth, Chu Feng also had his own considerations for sparing Tang Xiu.

There was no doubt that he had only spared Tang Xiu out of consideration for the latter’s mother, but it was also because he was confident that Tang Xiu himself would never be able to pose a threat to him.

Of course, Tang Xiu’s master might exact vengeance on Chu Feng for humiliating Tang Xiu. That would have made Chu Feng’s act of sparing Tang Xiu appear foolish, but Chu Feng wasn’t bothered by that.

In his view, a truly powerful cultivator should be in control of their own life. They should be able to freely decide what they wanted to do, whether it was to show kindness to others or to unleash horrors upon the world. They shouldn’t be a slave to their circ.u.mstances.

What was the point of becoming strong if one couldn’t even follow one’s heart?

Of course, Chu Feng wasn’t strong enough to let his heart dictate his decisions in all matters, but at the very least, he had the power to determine Tang Xiu’s life and death… and he chose to spare Tang Xiu.

There weren’t many people in the world who shared Chu Feng’s mentality, which was why the crowd failed to understand his decision.

Chu Feng turned the spirit beasts into spirit power and began absorbing the spirit power once again. Through the spirit power, he could grasp the powerful secret formations left behind by the founder of the Situ World Spiritist Clan and augment his own spirit power.

There was no way he would let this fortuitous encounter slip past his fingers.

It took some time, but Chu Feng finally fully absorbed all of the spirit power and revealed a satisfied smile. Once he was done with that, he turned his attention toward the juniors of the Situ World Spiritist Clan.

“Please spare our lives, young master!”

The more cowardly juniors began begging for mercy. They knew that they would surely die here if they didn’t beg for mercy.

“I gave you a chance. I warned you not to enter this place, but you refused to listen. You didn’t think that I was a threat. It’s too late to start begging for mercy now,” Chu Feng replied.

“Young hero, please spare their lives!”

Situ Tingye’s voice sounded from the formation around the mountain valley.

“It’s only a small grudge between us, so there’s no need to go to such an extent. Why don’t we do this? The spirit power and secret formations you have received from the spirit beasts will be a gift from our Situ World Spiritist Clan, so you can be certain that we won’t come after you for that. On top of that, I’ll also prepare a huge gift for you. It’d be our honor to befriend someone as talented as you,” Situ Tingye said.

He was doing everything he could in order to ensure the survival of their juniors.

Black gaseous flames rose from Chu Feng’s eyes upon hearing those words, and he released a terrifying killing intent.

“You want to be friends? You think too highly of yourselves!”

Chu Feng swung the Immemorial Hero’s Sword, unleas.h.i.+ng barrages of sword qi in all directions. All of the juniors from the Situ World Spiritist Clan collapsed to the ground.

The world fell silent.

All it took was the blink of an eye for all of the talented juniors of the Situ World Spiritist Clan to fall dead. There was absolutely no hesitation on Chu Feng’s part.

What the Situ World Spiritist Clan lost here wasn’t just their juniors but their future too.

“Y-y-you beast!” Situ Tingye screamed with incomparable fury.

“We have already promised not to pursue this matter. Why are you so vicious as to destroy our Situ World Spiritist Clan’s future?” Situ Hongbo roared.

Despite the rage in their voices, there was powerlessness mixed in as well. They couldn’t comprehend why Chu Feng would go this far.

However, Chu Feng’s killing intent wasn’t quelled in the least despite having killed all of the Situ World Spiritist Clan’s talented juniors.

“Does it hurt you just because some of your juniors died? You should have considered how the Golden Dragon Flame Sect felt when you ma.s.sacred them back then! Vicious? Your Situ World Spiritist Clan is in no position to say those words to others!” Chu Feng sneered.

The crowd widened their eyes in shock.

Being from the True Dragon Starfield themselves, how could they be oblivious to the tragedy that had happened to the Golden Dragon Flame Sect back then?

“You’re from the Golden Dragon Flame Sect?”

Situ Tingye stared at Chu Feng with horror in his eyes.

“I am Song Luoyi’s grandson, and I’m here to ma.s.sacre your Situ World Spiritist Clan,” Chu Feng said.


No one had expected the amazing prodigy who slaughtered the juniors of the Situ World Spiritist Clan would actually have such a background!

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