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Chapter 5828: Two Takes the Stage

Chapter 5828: Two Takes the Stage

Chu Feng opened the door. An elder dragging a pallet was already standing outside.

“Come in.” Chu Feng gestured for the other party to enter.

He had been speaking with an altered voice ever since he arrived at the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild, so he wasn’t worried others would figure out his ident.i.ty from his voice.

The elder entered the room and closed the door before taking off the cloth cloaking the pallet. Beneath the cloth were three fingernail-sized beads. These beads were rough and resembled pebbles, but they were exquisite, small-scaled formations.

These formation beads gave off the same aura as the Junior Blessing Formation.

Other elders were delivering similar formation beads to the other compartments too, thus giving the other guests a chance to come into contact with it.

Little Fishy raised her hand, and one of the formation beads flew into her grasp.

“Elder, what do we do with these formation beads?” Little Fishy asked.

“Milord, you just have to infuse your psyche into it,” the elder replied.

Little Fishy immediately tried it. As her psyche flowed into the formation bead, it quickly turned transparent and emanated a faint glow.

“Congratulations, milord. You are fated with the Junior Blessing Formation. You are ent.i.tled to the starting bid of 10,000 sycees,” the elder clasped his fist and congratulated Little Fishy.

His excitement was palpable in his tone. It was perplexing how delighted he was even though they would be selling a valuable treasure at a discounted rate.


Xianhai Shaoyu’s formation bead soon emanated a similar glow.

“...” The elder was startled before hurriedly bowing once more. “Congratulations, milord. I can’t believe you are fated with the Junior Blessing Formation too. Our Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild is truly honored by your arrival!”

The elder was both surprised and excited. It was evident from his reaction that he hadn’t expected them to induce a reaction from the formation beads.


Just then, a brilliant light shone from the Junior Blessing Formation. The female elder on the auction stand was overjoyed to see that.

“It’s a resonance! Unbelievable! Someone is resonating with the Junior Blessing Formation. This is something to be celebrated! It looks like an incredible person has come to our Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild. Since that’s the case, we’ll be directly giving away the Junior Blessing Formation to that person!” the female elder exclaimed.

“My brother, you never fail to kick up a fuss each time you make a move,” Xianhai Shaoyu told Chu Feng.

He knew that Chu Feng was the one who induced the resonance, as the phenomenon happened as soon as the latter came into contact with the formation bead.

The elder looked at Chu Feng’s formation bead and saw that it was glowing brightly.

“Milords, pardon my nosiness, but who are you?” the elder exclaimed.

It was rare for anyone to be fated with the Junior Blessing Formation. All of the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild’s elders had given it a try, but none of them could make the formation bead light up.

Their managing elder had once told them that anyone who could make the formation bead light up was bound to be a formidable individual. He would either be a powerhouse or one of the strongest prodigies in the world of cultivation.

Yet, the three people in this compartment made the formation bead light up. This meant that they were all formidable individuals.

“Elder, it’s not convenient for us to reveal our ident.i.ties,” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“I understand.” The elder profusely nodded. He turned to Chu Feng and said, “Milord, please follow me onto the stage.”

“I’ll be troubling you.”

Chu Feng followed the elder onto the auction stand, only to see another elder leading another individual onto the auction stand too.

“What’s going on?” The other individual noticed Chu Feng and voiced his doubt.

Chu Feng recognized the other party’s voice—it was the young world spiritist they had met at the entrance, the one who swore to destroy the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild.

“Milord, this...”

The two elders were stumped. Both individuals were holding onto a brilliantly glowing formation bead, which meant that both of them could have been resonating with the Junior Blessing Formation.

The beautiful elder on the auction stand alternated her gaze between the two of them in bewilderment. She hadn’t expected such a situation either. “The two of you are simultaneously resonating with the Junior Blessing Formation?”

“Simultaneously?” the young man wearing a world spiritist cloak sneered. He walked up to the beautiful elder and asked, “This elder over here, you mentioned that a fated person is ent.i.tled to a discounted bidding price. Afterward, when this formation began to glow, you exclaimed that someone was resonating with the formation. Is it right for me to say that a fated person will induce the formation bead to light up, but only in a resonance will the formation light up too?”

“Yes, that’s indeed the case,” the beautiful elder replied with a nod.

The young man waved his hand at Chu Feng. “You may leave now.”

“Why should I leave?” Chu Feng asked.

“Why?” The young man burst into derisive laughter. “Don’t you understand human words? Are you a fool, or are you pretending to be one? Your formation bead is lit up because you’re fated with the formation, but the formation lit up when I infused my psyche into the formation bead. This means that this Junior Blessing Formation is resonating with me. Do you get it now?”

“How can you prove it?” Chu Feng asked.

“This elder saw it,” the young man replied.

The elder beside the young man turned to the beautiful elder and testified. “Milord, the formation on the auction stand did light up after this young hero here picked up the formation bead.”

The elder beside Chu Feng immediately turned to the beautiful elder and said, “I also saw with my own eyes! It’s this lord who triggered the lighting up of the formation!”

“Oh? Could the two of them have coincidentally resonated with the Junior Blessing Formation at the same time?” The female elder was put in a dilemma.

She thought it would already be a huge stroke of luck if there was even a single person who was fated with the Junior Blessing Formation. She dared not imagine anyone could resonate with it at all. Thus, she naturally thought that there was only one person behind the resonance.

Who could have thought that two people would step forth?

“Actually, there are two other lords in the same compartment who are fated with the formation,” Chu Feng’s elder said.

“You’re saying there are four people here who are fated with the formation? Are you certain?”

Putting aside the female elder, even those from the other compartments also voiced out their skepticism and disbelief. They had tried infusing their psyche into the formation bead too, but there was no response whatsoever.

Most of them believed they possessed exceptional talent, so they couldn’t accept the fact that there were so many people more talented than them here.

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