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Chapter 4257 - Equal Distribution


Before Lu Jie could attack Chu Feng, a change occurred within the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

Light bloomed deep within the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

Although that light swept all across, it was not dazzling. Instead, it appeared extremely sacred.

It was many times more sacred than the oppressive light emitted by the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain earlier.

Once the light appeared, everyone present found themselves deeply attracted to it.

Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the light came from one item -- a stele.

The stele looked very normal. Furthermore, there was nothing carved on the stele.

But, the aura emitted by the stele was capable of driving all the world spiritists present insane.

If there exists an inheritance in the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain, then that light-emitting stele would most definitely be the inheritance.

“Inheritance! The Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain’s inheritance appeared?!”

The expressions of many people changed enormously upon seeing the stele.

After what they experienced earlier, they had thought that the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain’s inheritance would not appear.

After all, it seemed like none of them were qualified to receive the inheritance.

But, the appearance of that stele had changed their opinion.

But, the more they felt that stele was the inheritance, the more vexed and upset they became.

The reason for that was because they were all trapped outside the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

Even if they wanted to obtain the inheritance, they would not have the opportunity to do so.

Right now, only two people were able to obtain the inheritance -- Chu Feng and Lu Jie.


Suddenly, inside the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain, a figure flew forth and shot straight toward the stele.

It was Lu Jie.


But, before Lu Jie could reach the stele, he crashed into an invisible barrier.

“A spirit formation?”

Lu Jie realized that there’s a spirit formation ahead. It was that invisible spirit formation that blocked his path forward.

Because of that, Lu Jie began to utilize his various abilities to attempt to breach the spirit formation.

But, they were all useless. Not only was he unable to breach the spirit formation, he was unable to even make it show itself.

“Even Lu Jie is powerless against it?”

“Could it be that we still have a chance?”

Seeing that even Lu Jie who was inside the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain was unable to approach the stele, hope appeared in the eyes of Grandmaster Luo Tuo, Ghost-faced Heavenly Exalted and others.

They felt that they might still have a chance to obtain the inheritance.

Because of that, they took out their Incomplete Maps of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

They wanted to see if they could find some clues from their incomplete maps.

But, right after this thought came into their mind, a voice sounded.

It was that ancient voice again.

“Touching this stele will disclose all the answers.”

“But, only one between the two of you younger generations are qualified to touch it.”

After that ancient voice finished saying those words, it disappeared again.

But, the crowd all realized the intention behind those words.

That ancient voice wanted Chu Feng and Lu Jie to battle. Only the victor was able to pa.s.s through the spirit formation and approach that stele.

At this moment, Grandmaster Luo Tuo and others who were just burning with hope felt enormously disappointed. They were so depressed that they felt like crying.

“Motherf.u.c.ker! These incomplete maps are simply useless. I’ve wasted all my effort gathering them.”

In utter rage and disappointment, Grandmaster Luo Tuo tore apart the incomplete maps that he had spent meticulous effort gathering.

After he did that, there were others that actually copied him.

Those Incomplete Maps of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain should serve as the greatest advantage to obtaining the inheritance.

Never would they ever imagine for those Incomplete Maps of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain to be completely useless the entire time. They felt like they’ve been duped.

This was especially true after that ancient voice spoke again and indirectly stated that only either Chu Feng or Lu Jie would be able to obtain the inheritance.

Hearing that, the crowd gave up all hope. They felt that none of them would have the chance to obtain the inheritance.

At such a thing, it was naturally useless to keep those Incomplete Maps of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

That said, at the time when the majority of the crowd were feeling depressed or even furious, there were people that were feeling ecstatic.

Those were the disciples of the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted.

Among them, the person feeling the most joyous was Lu Jie.

To have him fight Chu Feng, that would simply be a battle with no suspense.

After all, if he didn’t yield to Chu Feng, Chu Feng couldn’t possibly match against his strength.

“Chu Feng, don’t say that I, Lu Jie, am bullying you.”

“If you are to leave this Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain on your own, I can disregard your earlier disrespect,” Lu Jie said to Chu Feng.

He did not take this opportunity to attack Chu Feng directly.

Instead, he chose to let Chu Feng get away.

The reason why he did this was not because Lu Jie was kind hearted. On the contrary, his heart was extremely ruthless.

He felt that it would be letting Chu Feng off too easily if he ended up killing Chu Feng directly.

He wanted Chu Feng to live with pain and suffering. He wanted to trample upon Chu Feng’s dignity nonstop and reduce Chu Feng to a shadow beneath his foot for the rest of his life.

“My apologies. I came here today for this inheritance.”

“If you want me to withdraw, there could only be a single way. That is, you’ll have to defeat me,” Chu Feng said.

Not only was Lu Jie surprised hearing those words, the crowd was all surprised.

Has Chu Feng gone mad?

No matter how talented he might be, he had only comprehended rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation. How was he supposed to take on Lu Jie who possesses rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation?

“You are truly a reckless birdbrain.”

“Since you wish to die that much, I will satisfy you.”

As Lu Jie spoke, he raised his hand and sent forth a palm strike from afar.


In an instant, boundless spirit power turned into a blade measuring a hundred meters. It sliced through the air and slashed straight at Chu Feng.

Lu Jie showed no mercy in his attack.

He directly unleashed his rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation level power.

That was a power on par to a rank six Utmost Exalted. Even if his attack didn’t manage to kill Chu Feng, it will still make him pay considerably.

But, surprisingly, Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged confronting such a powerful attack.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had not only breached the numerous grand formations within the red chessboard, he had also obtained an unexpected harvest.

In the past, it was true that he would not be able to handle Lu Jie at his full strength.

But now, things were different.


Suddenly, the s.p.a.ce started trembling.

Then, the giant spirit formation blade began to disintegrate. Soon, it dispersed into the air.


Seeing this scene, Lu Jie and the bystanders were all surprised. In fact, a look of surprise appeared in even Chu Feng’s eyes.

The reason for Chu Feng’s surprise was because he still hadn't done anything.

Thus, Lu JIe’s spirit power disintergrating had nothing to do with him.

At the time when the crowd was confused, the ancient voice sounded again.

“My inheritance could only be obtained by a single person today.”

“But, the people here will not return empty-handed.”

“Both these individuals had breached the chess formation.”

“By breaching the chess formation, one will be rewarded,” said that ancient voice.

After hearing the ancient voice, the crowd realized that it was most likely not Chu Feng who stopped Lu Jie’s attack. Rather, it was the power of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

But, the crowd were not interested in thinking about that sort of thing. Their interests were all captured by a single word spoken by the ancient voice-- ‘reward.’

“Rewarded? What sort of reward?”

Not to mention the others, even Chu Feng and Lu Jie were confused.

The reason for that was because they did not discover any so-called reward.

“The reward is on you. The reason why it hasn’t appeared was because it is the crowd’s desire that the two of you had the chance to breach the chess formations.”

“As such, your rewards will have to be split evenly with the crowd,” said that ancient voice.

“Split evenly? Wouldn’t that mean that we would receive the reward too?”

Hearing those words, a faint amount of joy finally appeared in the gloom-faced crowd.

Some people even started delusioning what if the so-called reward they would obtain was the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain’s inheritance. Should they happen, wouldn’t they hit the jackpot today?

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