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Chapter 4722: Xia Ran’s Backing

Chapter 4722: Xia Ran’s Backing

Chu Feng didn’t stop Song Xi right away despite his self-harm. Instead, he waited for a while before he finally spoke up, “Enough, let’s not have others watch this show. Isn’t it embarra.s.sing? Come, get up.”

He walked to Song Xi and helped the latter up.

“Chu Feng, hit me. I’ll feel better if you beat me up,” Song Xi sniffed.

“There’s no need for that. I’ve arrived ahead of time, but I didn’t make a move because I wanted you to see the true colors of those around you,” Chu Feng replied.

“I deserved it! I’m not worthy of being your brother.”

Despite hearing that, Song Xi didn’t blame Chu Feng. Instead, he hung his head in shame.

“I knew from the start that you had changed the slots. However, if I really blamed you, I wouldn’t have saved you. It’s out of consideration of your mother that I wanted to give you another chance. But only this once. If it happens again, I won’t be able to acknowledge you as my brother anymore,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, you actually knew right from the start… I… I’ve really done you wrong! Uwuuu ahhhh!”

Knowing that Chu Feng had known from the start, Song Xi began crying even harder.

“Enough. You’re still Senior Song of the North Tortoise Hall. Don’t you find it embarra.s.sing?”

Chu Feng patted Song Xi’s shoulders.

“I don’t want to be Senior Song anymore. It’s too tiring… I’d rather be your little brother… I don’t think I’m suited to become a hero. I don’t have the ability to do that…”

Song Xi had already completely given up on his own reputation, crying without a care in the world. He wiped his tears and snot on his sleeves tearfully.

This sight stunned the spectating crowd, especially those from the South Vermilion Hall.

They had known Song Xi since a while ago, and they thought that Chu Feng was just a newcomer in the North Tortoise Hall. However, from the looks of it, it appeared that there was more to their relations.h.i.+p.


All of a sudden, light burst forth from the very bottom of the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

“What happened?”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the light. It was coming from the bottommost surface of the peak, where the teleportation formation was.

However, the light was a little different from when the teleportation formation brought them to their respective places earlier. It was still surfacing from the underground, yet to take any shape.

The crowd was confused as to what was going on.




While everyone was still observing the situation, several silhouettes flitted down from the top of the peak toward the surface. Amongst them were Xia Ran, Bi Jingjing, and the top disciples of the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall too.

Shoosh shoosh shoos.h.!.+

More and more people flitted down from the Snowy heavenly Peak to gather around the light so as to examine it close-up even though the cultivation time wasn’t up yet…

“Could this be the legendary Snowdomain Divine Palace? The Snowdomain Divine Palace that only appears once every millennium is appearing in advance?”

A disciple from the South Vermilion Hall exclaimed in astonishment before quickly heading down. The others quickly followed suit too.

Even Fang Yuns.h.i.+, despite his severe injuries, stumbled his way down.

“What’s the Snowdomain Divine Palace?” Chu Feng turned to Song Xi and asked.


Song Xi was too immersed in his guilt and sorrow that he hadn’t noticed the happenings below, so he was confused for a moment by Chu Feng’s question.

“Stop crying and look below you,” Chu Feng gestured to the bottom of the peak as he said.

“What’s that?”

Song Xi looked confused too.

“Junior Chu Feng… Ah no, I mean Chu Feng, I know what the Snowdomain Divine Palace is.”

A disciple of the North Tortoise Hall stepped forward and said. His name was Ma Yu, a rank two Utmost Exalted level cultivator. He was one of the more outstanding disciples of the North Tortoise Hall.

Even though his cultivation wasn’t particularly strong, the fact that he was able to reach this place showed that he had decent willpower.

While he hadn’t stepped forward to help Song Xi while the latter was getting beaten up earlier, Chu Feng didn’t blame him for it. Instead, he urged, “Tell me about it.”

Without any hesitation, Ma Yu quickly filled Chu Feng in on the details.

The Snowdomain Divine Palace was also a part of the Snowy Heavenly Peak too, but it only appeared once every thousand years. The Snowdomain Divine Palace harnessed an even greater power that could greatly raise a person’s intelligence within a short period of time, and there were no requirements at all, which was to say that everyone could enter its midst.

It was just that the Snowdomain Divine Palace only appeared once every thousand years, so it was queer for it to make an appearance now.

Thus, Ma Yu couldn’t tell for sure whether the phenomenon hinted at the imminent appearance of the Snwodomain Divine Palace or not.

“Let’s go and watch the commotion,” Chu Feng said as he prepared to leap downward.

“Chu Feng, it’s best that we don’t go.”

But before Chu Feng could make a move, Song Xi suddenly grasped Chu Feng’s sleeves and stopped him.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng asked.

“Look, Xia Ran is down there down. Fang Yuns.h.i.+ has already headed down, so it’s likely that he’s telling Xia Ran about the earlier incident.”

Song Xi was right. Not only had Fang Yuns.h.i.+ headed down, the rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator whom Chu Feng had knocked out with his oppressive might earlier had also headed down under the support of another disciple.

Fang Yuns.h.i.+ was currently standing by Xia Ran’s side, whispering something to him. Xia Ran raised his head and shot a ferocious glare at Chu Feng and the others.

Without a doubt, he already knew about the earlier incident.

“Don’t worry, Xia Ran can’t pose a threat to me,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, Xia Ran isn’t as simple as he seems. He’s Xia Yan’s G.o.dbrother. It’s also due to Xia Yan’s backing that no one dares to offend him,” Song Xi said.

“Who’s Xia Yan?” Chu Feng asked.

Based on Song Xi’s tone, it could be seen that Xia Yan was no ordinary disciple of the HIdden Dragon Martial Sect.

“Xia Yan is one of the Ten Hidden Dragon Disciples. She’s extremely powerful, ranked in the fourth place amongst the Hidden Dragon Disciples. She’s a rank one Martial Exalted level cultivator, and her spirit power is very powerful too. Rumor has it that she has already reached rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation, making her the most talented junior world spiritist in our sect.

“Putting aside her strength, her background is formidable too. Her father is one of the Hidden Dragon Elders, Lord Xia Zhicheng. Her grandfather is the head of the Law Enforcement Hall, and her father is its vice head,” Song Xi explained.

“Oh? It’s no wonder why he dares to act so arrogantly.”

Chu Feng also came to realize that Xia Yan was quite a formidable figure. That would explain why Xia Ran was so feared despite being only at rank six Utmost Exalted level.

However, despite learning of all this, Chu Feng still leaped his down the Snowy Heavenly Peak.

“Chu Feng!”

Song Xi was alarmed to see that, but he quickly followed Chu Feng and headed down too.

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