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Chapter 4633: The Days Without You Are Hard to Bear

“It’s no wonder why that la.s.s would say those words to me.”

Chu Feng thought about the words that Song Yun told him prior to her departure, and the smile on his lips grew even larger. He felt a surge of warmth in his heart.

Song Yun had abruptly forced him to consume the golden pill and intentionally kept the effects of the pill a mystery. She only told him that the pill was a good thing, and as long as he a.s.similated it, he would definitely thank her.

And now that the golden pill had really fully a.s.similated with his body, he earnestly felt grateful to her. She had helped raise his spirit power to another new level.

“Ees.h.!.+ Keeping it a secret, huh?”

While Chu Feng was still immersed in his feeling of grat.i.tude toward Song Yun, Xia Yan’s voice suddenly sounded once more.

“Fine, I won’t ask about it then. Can you impart the formation you used to activate the pearl to me then?” Xia Yan asked merrily.

Perhaps it was because she knew that she was asking too much out of Chu Feng, she quickly added, “I’ll exchange it with a formation I know.”

From the looks of it, it would appear that she was really very interested in the formation used to activate the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl.

“I can impart it to you, but I should tell you beforehand that this formation of mine is only useful on the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl. It wouldn’t be of much use even if you learn it,” Chu Feng said.

“I still want to learn it anyway. Your formation is pretty cool. Even if it’s useless, I can still construct it to scare people,” Xia Yan replied.

“Alright, but I’ll teach you later on. There’s something that I need to do now first.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he opened up a doorway into his World Spirit s.p.a.ce. He delivered the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl in first before projecting his consciousness in as well.

As soon as Chu Feng’s consciousness entered, he noticed that the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl had started undergoing several changes. It began floating around the World Spirit s.p.a.ce, emanating a far more radiant light before. At the same time, it started revolving as well, emanating a peculiar aura that was slowly suffusing the area.

This aura looked a little like a purple haze. On top of being beautiful, it also harnessed extraordinary energy too.

And this aura was being absorbed by Milady Queen and Yu Sha.

Ever since Chu Feng obtained the Asura G.o.d Stone, Eggy had been cultivating in hibernation. As for Yu Sha, she was also busy cultivating with the Divine Stone of the Seven Realms.

Given that the two of them were in the midst of cultivation, it should have been impossible for them to absorb the energy of the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl. Yet, it was still happening against all odds.

“I wonder if Milady Queen will wake up with this.”

Chu Feng was delighted by the sight, but he wasn’t too surprised.

This was simply the power of the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl. After Chu Feng breached its defensive formation, its power was already his to use.

In the outside world, the pearl appeared to be nothing more than an ordinary item, but once in the World Spirit s.p.a.ce, if it sensed the presence of any world spirits, it would release its energy to nourish them.

Of course, it was doing so under Chu Feng’s permission. If he didn’t want the pearl to release its energy, it wouldn’t be able to do so.

The Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl was an extremely useful treasure to world spirits. Not only would it raise their cultivation, but it also the effects of healing and tempering their bodies, enhancing the resilience of their souls, and many other benefits.

Other cultivation resources only brought about a one-time boost in cultivation, but the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl was a treasure that would benefit a world spirit in the long-run.

Most importantly of all, it had the effect of awakening a world spirit. It could rouse a world spirit from its slumber without inflicting any harm to it.

The reason why it had such an effect was because world spirits would be able to better absorb the energy of the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl when in a conscious state. It was also for this reason that he believed that he could wake up Eggy through the pearl.

That being said, he wasn’t entirely certain whether Milady Queen would really wake up or not. While the pearl did have the effect of waking up a world spirit, it wasn’t a treasure specializing in that. In other words, its effects were unlikely to be very potent.

So, Chu Feng could only wait quietly and hope for the best.

While Yu Sha and Eggy were top-notch beauties, Chu Feng’s eyes were focused only on Eggy, not even blinking in the least.


It was then that some changes began occurring.

Initially, the aura of the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl was being distributed equally to Eggy and Yu Sha’s bodies. However, at some point in time, the aura distributed began to be skewed to Eggy, as the amount absorbed by her grew larger and larger.

“Is that la.s.s going to wake up now?”

The agitated Chu Feng quickly rushed over to Eggy’s side.

“Milady Queen!”

He waited excitedly as he prepared himself to welcome Milady Queen once she woke up. However, despite calling her several times, Eggy wasn’t responding at all.

This turn of events felt like a bucket of cold water poured over the excited Chu Feng, and his mood became a little gloomy.

Milady Queen wasn’t showing any signs of waking up.

Chu Feng realized that he was mistaken. It was not Milady Queen’s awakening that had brought about the changes in the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl. Rather, the change had come from the pearl itself.

The Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl could offer its energy to two different people simultaneously, but it would preferentially give more of its energy to the one it acknowledged more.

Even though there was a lot of energy contained inside the pearl, it wasn’t boundless. Roughly an hour later, the energy inside the pearl finally dried up. The entire pearl had vanished from view, and the purple haze that had enveloped the entire World Spirit s.p.a.ce a moment ago had vanished without a trace as they had already been absorbed into Eggy and Yu Sha’s bodies.

Unfortunately, both Milady Queen and Yu Sha had their eyes still tightly shut. None of them were waking up yet.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng continued standing before Eggy, staring at her with a rare forlorn look on his face.

“Ha… I’m really regretting it now. If I could choose once more, I wouldn’t have allowed you to use the Asura G.o.d Stone to cultivate,” Chu Feng muttered softly.

He really missed Eggy a lot, such that his thoughts grew a little selfish. He selfishly wanted Milady Queen to quickly wake up, and it no longer mattered whether she could fully a.s.similate the Asura G.o.d Stone or not anymore.

The days without Eggy had been really lonely for him.

Ever since he opened his World Spirit s.p.a.ce, he and Eggy had been inseparable. Through his journey through the Lower Realms all the way to where he was, Eggy had always been by his side, protecting him.

The bond between the two of them was tighter than what Chu Feng had with Zi Ling, Su Rou, and Su Mei.

He had known all this while just how Eggy was important to him, but when her hibernation ended up being longer than he had expected, it dawned on him that he had still been underestimating just how big of a part Eggy was in his life.

He really needed Eggy’s company. Even if she could just say a word to him, it would also comfort his lonely soul.

Be it the advancement in his cultivation, the rare, beautiful sceneries he witnessed along the way, his happy moments, his sorrowful moments, he wished to share all of it with Eggy.

It was as if an important part of him had been missing all this while. He found it a regret that he couldn’t share his experience and the growth he had gone through during this period of time.


Chu Feng turned away with a deep sigh. Shaking his head, he prepared to leave the World Spirit s.p.a.ce.

As much as he wished for Eggy to wake up once more, he wouldn’t forcefully wake her up. He couldn’t bring himself to do something that would hurt her.

“Chu Feng.”

It was then that a voice suddenly sounded behind Chu Feng.

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