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Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping summary:

Luo Qing Chen is a wandering spirit that died thirty thousand years ago, roaming the Chaos s.p.a.ce
In order to not turn into dust, she is bound by an ice cold system to travel through time and s.p.a.ce to complete missions.
Girls that pretend to be weak? Slap them without explaining.
A silly cannon fodder? Helping them ama.s.s treasures.
Meeting a real male G.o.d? All of them will pamper.
System: Dear masters, what do I do if my host even dares bully the heavens? Waiting for an answer, it’s urgent!
A certain male G.o.d: Change systems.
System: ヽ〔?Д?〕丿

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapters

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Chapter 1917 Feb-14-22
Chapter 1916 Feb-14-22
Chapter 1915 Feb-14-22
Chapter 1914 Feb-14-22
Chapter 1913 Feb-14-22
Chapter 1912 Feb-14-22
Chapter 1911 Feb-12-22
Chapter 1910 Feb-11-22
Chapter 1909 Feb-11-22
Chapter 1908 Feb-10-22
Chapter 1907 Feb-10-22
Chapter 1906 Feb-09-22
Chapter 1905 Feb-09-22
Chapter 1904 Feb-09-22
Chapter 1903 Feb-09-22
Chapter 1902 Feb-09-22
Chapter 1901 Feb-09-22
Chapter 1900 Feb-07-22
Chapter 1899 Feb-06-22
Chapter 1898 Feb-06-22
Chapter 1897 Feb-05-22
Chapter 1896 Feb-05-22
Chapter 1895 Feb-04-22
Chapter 1894 Feb-04-22
Chapter 1893 Feb-04-22
Chapter 1892 Feb-04-22
Chapter 1891 Feb-04-22
Chapter 1890 Feb-04-22
Chapter 1889 Feb-01-22
Chapter 1888 Feb-01-22
Chapter 1887 Jan-31-22
Chapter 1886 Jan-31-22
Chapter 1885 Jan-31-22
Chapter 1884 Jan-31-22
Chapter 1883 Jan-31-22
Chapter 1880 Jan-28-22
Chapter 1879 Jan-28-22
Chapter 1878 Jan-27-22
Chapter 1877 Jan-27-22
Chapter 1876 Jan-26-22
Chapter 1875 Jan-26-22
Chapter 1874 Jan-25-22
Chapter 1873 Jan-25-22
Chapter 1872 Jan-24-22
Chapter 1871 Jan-24-22
Chapter 1868 Jan-23-22
Chapter 1867 Jan-22-22
Chapter 1866 Jan-22-22
Chapter 1865 Jan-21-22
Chapter 1864 Jan-21-22
Chapter 1863 Jan-20-22
Chapter 1862 Jan-20-22
Chapter 1861 Jan-19-22
Chapter 1860 Jan-19-22
Chapter 1859 Jan-19-22
Chapter 1858 Jan-19-22
Chapter 1857 Jan-19-22
Chapter 1856 Jan-19-22
Chapter 1855 Jan-19-22
Chapter 1854 Jan-16-22
Chapter 1853 Jan-16-22
Chapter 1852 Jan-16-22
Chapter 1851 Jan-15-22
Chapter 1850 Jan-14-22
Chapter 1849 Jan-14-22
Chapter 1848 Jan-13-22
Chapter 1847 Jan-13-22
Chapter 1846 Jan-12-22
Chapter 1845 Jan-12-22
Chapter 1844 Jan-12-22
Chapter 1843 Jan-12-22
Chapter 1842 Jan-10-22
Chapter 1841 Jan-10-22
Chapter 1840 Jan-10-22
Chapter 1839 Jan-10-22
Chapter 1838 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1837 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1836 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1835 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1834 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1833 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1832 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1831 Jan-09-22
Chapter 1356 Jun-09-21
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