Martial God Asura Chapter 5878: His Son Is Worse

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Chapter 5878: His Son Is Worse

Chapter 5878: His Son Is Worse

If the creator of this formation realm wanted to harm Chu Feng and Zi Ling, it was already too late for them to escape. Someone who could create a realm like this was bound to be able to observe everything happening in it too, so they would have already noticed them.

But since they were already here, Chu Feng and Zi Ling decided to march on.

The scenery behind grew even more beautiful, and the beast continued growing stronger.

They thought that this would continue until they either reached the end or encountered the strongest beast in there, but the sudden appearance of a fog broke their expectations.

This was no ordinary fog. It was so vast that it covered the entire horizon as if the rest of the world had been devoured by it.

Chu Feng formed an isolation formation around him and Zi Ling before the two of them stepped into the fog.

The area inside the fog was vast and devoid of life, though beast could be spotted everywhere. These beasts must have died a long time ago to have been reduced to bones.

The further they ventured into the fog, the fewer they saw. It eventually got to a point where they couldn’t see any anymore.

“Big brother, this fog is a formation, right?” Zi Ling asked.

“Indeed, but you don’t have to worry. I can still discern the direction for now,” Chu Feng replied.

This fog was similar to a labyrinth formation, and it would take a sharp eye to navigate in it. Furthermore, there was poison in the fog too. It wouldn’t pose an issue in the short run, but it could get dangerous if one was trapped in it for too long.

This was the reason there were no living beasts inside the fog. Those who dared to venture into the fog had already lost their lives. It eventually became a place where none of the beasts dared to step into.

All of a sudden, Chu Feng halted his footsteps. He could vaguely see a ten-meter-tall spirit formation gate up ahead.

“Big brother Chu Feng, is that the exit?” Zi Ling asked.

“I can’t tell, but something feels amiss,” Chu Feng replied.

That was the reason he was observing it from afar instead of going closer. He wanted to first confirm whether the spirit formation gate was dangerous or not.

“What’s amiss about it?” Zi Ling asked.

“This spirit formation gate appears to have just appeared, but we shouldn’t have triggered any formations thus far,” Chu Feng replied.

“You’re saying that someone else created this spirit formation gate?” Zi Ling asked with an uneasy look on her face.


The earth suddenly shook, but nothing else happened afterward.

Still, Chu Feng clasped his fist and spoke aloud,” Elder, I have once acquired from fortuitous encounters in the Origin Sea Sacred Mountain, but I dared not to venture too deeply back then due to my limited cultivation. I came here today to make up for my past regrets, as well as to see what’s hiding inside here. I don’t mean to offend you. If you wish, we will leave right now.”

There was no response to those words.

Zi Ling sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng, asking, “Did you notice someone?”

“Not at all, but we have been trapped. That earlier quake was caused by the activation of a powerful sealing formation around the fog,” Chu Feng replied via voice transmission too.

“There are others here as well! Are they from the Ancient Era?” Zi Ling asked.

“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t exclude that possibility,” Chu Feng replied.

He courteously asked a few more questions, and Zi Ling even joined in as well. They didn’t receive any replies, though they weren’t punished either. They were simply trapped here.

Thus, Chu Feng turned to the spirit formation gate.

The sealing formation that had trapped them was no ordinary formation; it was catalyzed by a powerful treasure. Even True G.o.d level cultivators wouldn’t be able to breach it, let alone him. He might be able to escape with the Divine Deer’s means, but that was his last resort.

Since the other party hadn’t hurt them yet, it should be safe to a.s.sume that there was something they wanted out of them. What he had to do now was to figure out their motive.

The motive must have something to do with the spirit formation gate.

“Wait here, Zi Ling,” Chu Feng said as he walked up to the spirit formation gate.

Now that he was closer to the spirit formation gate, he could see that there was something hidden in it. They had to decipher what was hidden within if they wanted to pa.s.s through the spirit formation gate.

“How is it?” Zi Ling suddenly appeared next to Chu Feng.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me?” Chu Feng asked.

“The spirit formation gate is this close. Do you think I’d be safe if something happened to you? Since we’re traveling together, we should advance and retreat together too,” Zi Ling replied.

“All rights, all rights.” Chu Feng was rendered helpless, but he had to concede that Zi Ling’s words made sense.

Zi Ling also began examining the spirit formation gate. “This gate is quite interesting. I can observe it without resorting to world spiritist techniques. I’m guessing there are no restrictions on this gate, such that both cultivators and world spiritists can decipher it. Is this the exit?”

“Mm, this should be the exit. Are you able to decipher it?” Chu Feng asked.

He had noticed that this spirit formation gate was designed in a way where each individual had to decipher it on their own. He wouldn’t be able to relay the method to Zi Ling, which meant that she could only rely on herself.

“Have you already deciphered it?” Zi Ling asked.

“I can enter it, but there’s a restriction on the spirit formation gate that prevents me from relaying the method to you,” Chu Feng replied.

“It’s fine. I’ll try it myself,” Zi Ling replied.

Chu Feng was right that there were other cultivators here. Two silhouettes stood above the fog, one of them was the size of an ordinary human, whereas the other one was a colossal being of over ten thousand meters in height.

The latter had a blurred silhouette that made it hard to determine whether it was a human or a beast, but it was likely the latter.

“What an arrogant brat! He claims that he can pa.s.s through the spirit formation gate when he barely took a look at it. His cultivation is still decent for his age, but what a braggart he is!” a middle-aged man’s voice echoed from the human silhouette.

“Indeed, but the rumors didn’t state that Chu Feng is a braggart?” the colossal being replied with a deep and old voice.

“Is he really Chu Xuanyuan’s son?” the middle-aged man asked.

“He’s indeed Chu Xuanyuan’s son. He is the most talked about individual in the world of cultivation in recent days,” the colossal being replied.

“It’s karma that Chu Xuanyuan’s son pales in comparison to him! Hah, at least my son will overtake me in due time!”

The colossal being was taken aback. “But your son seems to be weaker than Chu Feng.”

“I’m talking about character, not cultivation! At least my son doesn’t talk big, right?”

“I guess you’re somewhat right?” the colossal being tilted its head in confusion.

In the meantime, Zi Ling spent a brief moment examining the spirit formation gate before turning to Chu Feng. “I don’t think I can decipher it.”

“Why don’t you try a little longer?” Chu Feng asked.

“There’s no need for it. I’m certain I can’t see through this,” Zi Ling replied.

Chu Feng didn’t try to persuade her anymore. He knew that deciphering this spirit formation gate was not just a matter of time. If she thought that there was a chance she could decipher it, she could spend more time working on it. However, if she knew that it was beyond her, it would only be a waste of time to continue examining it.

“Zi Ling, why don’t you wait for me here?” Chu Feng asked.

He knew whoever was inside this formation realm had already noticed him, but they chose not to show themselves but instead created this spirit formation gate to serve as a trial. If those people harbored malicious intentions, they could have just ended their lives; there was no need to do so in such a roundabout manner.

Since they were already here, he might as well get to the bottom of the matter.

“Go ahead, big brother Chu Feng. I’ll wait for you.” Zi Ling obediently nodded.

“Wait for me. I’ll come out as soon as possible,” Chu Feng replied.

The middle-aged man in the sky shook his head and snorted, “Boasting again. Chu Xuanyuan’s son is truly unlikable!”

Meanwhile, Chu Feng turned around and walked right into the spirit formation gate.

The middle-aged man was shaking his head when he saw that sight and froze up.

“I... don’t think he’s boasting,” the colossal being said.

“Impossible! How could he decipher it so quickly? Is that gate easier than the others?” the middle-aged man asked.

“Stop consoling yourself. You know better than anyone else,” the colossal being replied.

“d.a.m.n it! That darned Chu Xuanyuan! His son is even worse than him,” the middle-aged man roared.

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