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Chapter 4750: Linked Portals

Chu Feng knew deep well what kind of place the Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld was. It was a cultivation location that opened once every year, and only Hidden Dragon Disciples and personal disciples were qualified to enter this land.

Previously, Chu Feng had helped Li Muzhi forge six treasures to be used in this Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld.

“Could this mean that the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake is linked to the Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld?”

Aside from the stone monument, Chu Feng noticed that there were many beasts lurking in this unbelievably large mountain forest he was in too. Even within the range of Heaven’s Eye, he could already spot out dozens of beasts.

The strongest one was of the same cultivation level as Chu Feng, rank six Utmost Exalted level.

All of the evidence proved that he was indeed in the Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld at the moment.


All of a sudden, Chu Feng’s face began distorting in pain.

Sensing that something was amiss, he quickly took off his clothes, only to see black marks all over his body. These black marks looked incredibly enigmatic, and they released an aura similar to that of the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake, just more powerful.

These black marks seemed to possess a life of their own, wiggling their way toward Chu Feng’s heart. They were the ones inflicting pain on Chu Feng at the moment.

Chu Feng could feel his body growing weaker by the moment, and he had a feeling that he would really die at this rate.

“Didn’t I already take control of it? Why would things still turn out like this? Did I neglect something?”

Chu Feng was not surprised by the existence of the black marks, but he was shocked by the danger it was posing to him at the moment.

“No, that’s not right. This is a curse, and curses all have their cures. Is this the final trial?”

Chu Feng noticed some clues from the black marks on his body, but he was still at a complete loss as to how he could resolve them.

“This feeling…”

But all of a sudden, he suddenly sensed a feeling that harmonized with the black marks on his body, and it was coming from the stone monument that wrote ‘Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld’.

He used his Heaven’s Eye to take a closer look, only to see that there were actually even more words on it. There was light glimmering on the surface of the monument, and words would surface wherever it pa.s.sed.

“There’s indeed a link here!”

Chu Feng was certain that he wasn’t brought here for no reason. The key to resolving the curse on him lay in the stone monument.

Not daring to hesitate, he quickly made his way over to the stone monument to a.s.sess it close up. Soon, he managed to figure out the cure.

So, he sat down with crossed legs, and using the power of the stone monument, he swiftly halted the progression of the black marks leading to his heart. A moment later, the black marks stopped wiggling, and the pain devouring Chu Feng earlier vanished too.

But soon, he frowned once more.

He had managed to take control of the black marks at the moment, but it would only ensure that he wouldn’t be threatened by them at the moment. He still couldn’t use their powers yet.

He could try to establish greater control on the black marks, but it would be dangerous for him to proceed any further from this point onward.

The stone monument provided him with a clue.

As long as he successfully accomplished what was asked of him, he would get a huge benefit from the Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld. Otherwise, he would induce a calamity and bring utter destruction upon this place.

“It looks like I have no time to be thinking into this.”

Chu Feng noticed that the power in the stone monument was weakening, and it wouldn’t take long before it dissipated entirely. If he wanted to take full control of the black marks, he would have to do it before the power in the stone monument vanished entirely.

“I have no choice. Risk and reward come hand-in-hand. I can only hope that the others won’t blame me if I fail.”

Chu Feng knew that Li Muzhi and the others were in the Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld at the moment. If he failed here, Li Muzhi and the others would be implicated as well.

Nevertheless, he still wanted to give it a try here.

He was indeed selfish for making this decision, but in another sense, he was also confident in his own abilities. If he didn’t at least have that much trust in himself, he wouldn’t even be able to save Zi Ling, let alone his mother.

With such thoughts in mind, he closed his eyes and began forming a series of hand seals. Soon, the black mark began fusing with the stone monument’s power.

A moment later, the stone monument began trembling, followed by the earth beneath it. The area of the trembling grew further and further…

At another area in the Vicious Beast h.e.l.lworld, five gigantic beasts were flying side by side. The smallest one of these gigantic beasts had a length of several thousand meters, and the largest one reached a hulking 20,000 meters.

All of them looked incredibly vicious, reminiscent of the ruler of their turfs.

Yet, they were traveling together without attacking one another, and there were people standing above their heads.

All in all, there were six people, and they were all people whom Chu Feng was acquainted with—Li Muzhi, Zhao s.h.i.+, and the others whom Chu Feng had forged the treasures with.

There was an additional woman in their group though. She had long crimson hair and a youthful appearance. However, the truth was that she was already of 99 years of age, making her one of the oldest juniors at the moment.

She was Ma Yueyue, an acquaintance whom Li Muzhi had known for years. Li Muzhi was indebted to her, which was why she invited her to hunt together for this trial.

The six of them were currently riding the ma.s.sive beasts around the area, seemingly looking for something. It didn’t take them long to find their target.

It was a beast with a horse’s body, lion’s head, and bat’s wings. It was over ten thousand meters in length and five thousand meters in height, making it look like a mini mountain in the midst of the forest.

Any ordinary human would have been scared out of their wits to encounter such a lifeform, but not Li Muzhi and his group. On the contrary, upon seeing the beast, they hurriedly made their way toward it.


Upon sensing that someone was approaching it, the beast immediately released a furious roar that stirred up a hurricane. The hurricane swept through the forest and uprooted the trees, devastating the area with holes.

The sheer destructive prowess of its roar was more than enough to demonstrate its prowess.

This beast was at rank one Martial Exalted level.

However, as soon as the beast started its attack, the five beasts controlled by Li Muzhi and the others also made their move too. As it turned out, four of the beasts were at rank one Martial Exalted level whereas the one Li Muzhi was riding was at rank two Martial Exalted level.

With these five beasts making a move simultaneously, it didn’t take long for the lion-head, horse-body beast to be curbed.

“Senior Ma, this beast is suitable for you. Why don’t you use this one?” Li Muzhi asked.

“I think that it looks decent too. I’ll use it then.”

Ma Yueyue nodded with a smile before swiftly making a couple of hand seals.

Slowly, her eyes and the ring on her finger began to light up in unison.

This ring was no ordinary ring. It was one of the treasures which they had forged with Chu Feng’s help back then.

This ring was initially prepared for Xu Langzhi, but after knowing that the latter had intentionally sabotaged their work to do in Chu Feng, there was no way Li Muzhi would share the treasure with him anymore. As a result, he ended up having an extra on hand.

Li Muzhi thought that it would be a waste to leave it hanging, so he gifted it to Ma Yueyue, whom he was indebted to.

As soon as the power of the ring was evoked, Ma Yueyue leaped into the sky and walked up to the lion-head, horse-body beast. Two bursts of light shone from her eyes to cast a glow over the beast. Under the warm light, the beast slowly began to calm down.

Soon, the eyes of the beast began emanating the same light as that of the ring.

“Junior Li, is it a success?” Ma Yueyue turned to Li Muzhi and asked in uncertainty.

“It’s a success. Don’t worry, it’ll be safe.”

Li Muzhi shot a glance at Zhao s.h.i.+ and the others, who immediately understood his intention and released the grip on the beast. Unexpectedly, the lion-head, horse-body beast still continued lying on the ground, not moving at all.

It had been tamed.

Ma Yueyue was delighted to see that. She immediately rushed toward the beast and climbed onto its back.

“Woah, this is incredible! To think that the ring is actually powerful enough to control even Martial Exalted level beasts! Junior Li, you’re too incredible! I’ve partic.i.p.ated in this trial many times, and I’ve used the Demonsoul Gra.s.s before too, but I’ve never known that its effects could be amplified to this extent.

“With the help of this beast, I’ll surely be able to harvest huge rewards from the hunt. I really don’t know how to thank you for this!”

Ma Yueyue’s eyes shone in excitement upon realizing that the beast was under her control.

“Senior Ma, there’s no need to thank me. You should thank Chu Feng instead,” Li Muzhi said.

“Chu Feng? Why does that name sound so familiar to me?” Ma Yueyue asked.

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