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Chapter 5979: Why Didn’t You Warn Them?

Chapter 5979: Why Didn’t You Warn Them?

“Chu Feng’s talent is terrifying indeed, but you shouldn’t scold him just because of that? According to the rumors, he’s a sentimental person who cares about his friends. His character is not bad,” the colossal being replied.

The middle-aged man snorted at that evaluation, saying, “Elder Sheng, have you never heard that a dragon births a dragon, and a phoenix births a phoenix? How good can a rat’s child be? Talent? Given Chu Xuanyuan’s cultivation, his son can’t possibly be terrible, but that fellow is downright despicable. I doubt his son can be any better.”

“Haa!” The colossal being shook his head. It didn’t want to squabble with the middle-aged man on this matter, so he asked, “Who are you planning to send there first?”

“Elder Sheng, do you have any suggestions?” the middle-aged man asked.

“I suggest sending two people in at once,” Elder Sheng replied.

“Aren’t you thinking too highly of Chu Xuanyuan’s son? The current generation of our Three Saints Monstrous Clan is dubbed as the strongest ever generation,” the middle-aged man said.

“There are indeed many powerful juniors in the younger generation of our Three Saints Monstrous Clan, but Chu Feng’s t.i.tle as the strongest of the Nine Heavens’ Zenith isn’t just for show. Even the juniors of the Huangfu Heavenly Clan were there!” the colossal being replied.

“The Huangfu Heavenly Clan wasn’t even a top-tier power then. How can they match our Three Saints Monstrous Clan?” the middle-aged man sneered.

“Who are you going to send first?” the colossal being asked.

“Is that brat a skilled world spiritist?”

“His talent as a world spiritist knows no bounds. He possesses the legendary Ruler’s Bloodline,” the colossal being replied with a voice filled with respect.

However, the middle-aged man paid no heed to him. “We’ll send Fengliu up first. We’ll defeat that brat in his strongest field and crush him! We’ll let him know that there’s a higher mountain out there!”

He waved his sleeves, and a glowing bird flew into the fog.

There was a city in the middle of the fog.

Outside the city stood two men. Both of them were around three meters tall with a slender but st.u.r.dy frame. There were scales lodged into their chests, shoulders, arms, and thighs, looking almost like an imposing and majestic armor from afar. They only wore a cloth around their waist to block their private parts.

These two men looked different from one another, not just in terms of facial features but hair too. One had white hair from head to toe, whereas the other was black.

“Fengliu, did the clan chief send us here to spar? Has he finally decided to let us determine who’s superior?” The black-haired man excitedly rubbed his hands together.

“That can’t be. Lord Clan Chief wouldn’t violate our clan rules. Don’t you see this gate?” the white-haired man replied.

Not too far away from them was a copper ellipse. The center of the ellipse was empty, and it looked nothing like a gate.

“Why did he suddenly send us here to train? There was no heads-up whatsoever. This is too abrupt,” the black-haired man remarked.

“Who cares? It’s just training. It’s bound to be for our good,” the white-haired man replied.

“I hope it’ll be slightly harder this time, or else it’ll be meaningless,” the black-haired man replied.

“The more complicated the training, the more demanding it is on one’s discernment skills. You’ll be crushed by me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t lose to you. You shouldn’t forget that our Three Saints Monstrous Clan dominated the world of cultivation with our martial cultivation.”

“You’re saying that because you don’t know the greatness of world spiritist techniques at all. I’m only holding back given our close ties lest you get too dismayed,” the white-haired man grunted.

“Fengliu, why are you acting so arrogant? If you have the guts, why don’t you accept my challenge?” the black-haired man roared imposingly.

His cultivation had reached rank six Half-G.o.d level.

“You? Forget it. I don’t want to upset you. Let’s never fight so that we’ll at least remain equals. You might lose your heart if we come to blows. That might ruin your future,” the white-haired man replied.

“I don’t believe it!” the black-haired man sneered.

He hurled an incredibly fast punch toward the white-haired man.

But just as it was about to reach the white-haired man, there was suddenly an explosion that left countless cracks on the ground. The white-haired man had blocked the attack with a barrier.

The white-haired man shook his head. “It’s not too late to stop now. I don’t want to ruin you.”

“Stop acting! I haven’t gone all out yet!”

The black-haired man unleashed his aura, and the scales on his body began glowing. Even the natural energies in the surroundings were fazed by his aura. His little body was emanating the terrifying aura of the Monstrous Beast King.

Even his cultivation had risen from rank six Half-G.o.d level to rank eight Half-G.o.d level.

Jip jip jip jip!

A glowing bird suddenly flew over up to them before abruptly exploding. A pair of eyes manifested from the flames of the explosion, and they stared intently at the two of them.

“What are you doing? Don’t you know our clan forbids internal fighting?” a majestic voice tinged with displeasure boomed. It was the middle-aged man’s voice.

Both the white-haired man and the black-haired man hurriedly bowed deeply toward the eyes. “Paying respect to Lord Clan Chief!”

The black-haired man retracted his energy and cheerily replied, “Lord Clan Chief, we aren’t fighting among ourselves. We’re just fooling around.”

“Fooling around? Spare your energy. This training won’t be simple. There’s something good waiting for you inside,” the middle-aged man replied.

“Something good? What is it?” Both the black-haired man and white-haired man asked expectantly.

“You’ll know once you enter, but some words of advice. The cultivators of the present era have gotten arrogant. They know about the existence of Ancient Era’s clans like us, but they refuse to show us respect. The two of you are outstanding juniors of our Three Saints Monstrous Clan, so it’s only a matter of time before you confront the present-era cultivators in our name.

“Today is a chance for you to prove yourself. Step in, and make sure not to hold back. Teach the other party a harsh lesson. You’ll only get the reward if you win, you hear me?” the middle-aged man said.

The white-haired man and black-haired man were tempted.

“Fengliu, you go first.”

The copper ellipse released a surge of spirit power that quickly manifested into a spirit formation gate.

“I won’t let you down, Lord Clan Chief,” the white-haired man bowed before stepping into the spirit formation gate.

The black-haired man looked frustrated. He wanted to enter first.

Just then, the colossal being beside the middle-aged man suddenly spoke up, “Why didn’t you warn them?”

The middle-aged man widened his eyes and exclaimed, “Ah! I forgot to tell them that this is just a spar and that they shouldn’t go too far. What should I do? Will Chu Feng be beaten to death? It’ll put us in a spot if Chu Xuanyuan comes after us.”

The colossal being was perplexed. “What nonsense are you spouting? I’m saying that you should have warned Fengliu to flee if he senses danger!”

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