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Chapter 4267 - Without A Master

As the crowd watched in disbelief, the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects that covered Chu Feng’s body soon disappeared completely.

Not long after, Chu Feng regained consciousness.

At this moment, the surroundings turned strangely quiet.

The hundreds of millions of people were all silent at this moment.

Truth was, they were terrified by Chu Feng.

They were looking at Chu Feng like a monster as he crawled back up from the ground.

Chu Feng who had a look of pain all across his face earlier now had a rosy complexion.

Even the injuries he sustained from the red chessboard seemed to be completely healed.

It was as if the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects not only did not bring him any harm, they instead nourished him.

Seeing this, even Lu Jie had a lifeless look in his eyes.

How could there be a person in this world that didn’t fear the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects when their cultivation hasn’t reached Martial Exalted?

At this moment, Chu Feng smiled. That smile shocked the crowd.

But, that was not the most shocking matter. What shocked them even more was what Chu Feng said after.

“These Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects are truly decent. Unfortunately, there’s not enough of them,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Not enough?

A single Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insect was already dangerously fatal.

The amount of Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects that entered Chu Feng’s body earlier could be said to be a lot already. Yet, Chu Feng was complaining about there not being enough?

“What sort of nonsense is that Chu Feng spouting?”

“He’s actually calling the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects decent?”

“Those are fatally dangerous poisonous insects!!!”

The crowd gasped in surprise repeatedly.

“When young friend Chu Feng was plotted against by that vile old Beast Tamer, he said that the Realms’ Ghost Talisman Insects were able to increase his spirit power.”

“The amount of Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects that entered his body that day were far lesser than the amount today. Likely, the benefit he reaped today is even greater.”

Grandmaster Tang Chen stroked his beard and spoke with a beaming smile.

“They’re actually able to increase one’s spirit power?”

Had Grandmaster Tang Chen not mentioned it, the crowd truly had no idea the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects possessed that sort of effect.

After all, practically everyone inflicted with the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects will end up dying.

Truth was, if someone told them that the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects actually possess miraculous effects for world spiritists before, if they told them that they were precious treasures capable of increasing one’s spirit power, the crowd will definitely curse that person out for being crazy.

But now, they firmly believed it to be true.

After all, Chu Feng’s complexion had turned rosy and he looked to be full of vigor. Even if the crowd didn’t wish to believe it to be true, they had no choice but to do so.

“Judging from this, it would appear that it was true that the Revered Master Beast Tamer had plotted against Chu Feng,” said Celestial Fairy Muzhi as she stared at Revered Master Beast Tamer. There was a trace of ill-intent in her eyes.

Chu Feng had given her a lot of benefits earlier.

She was pondering about how to repay him for his a.s.sistance. And now… it seemed like she had found the way to repay him.

“Celestial Fairy Muzhi, you cannot make that sort of irresponsible remark. Even if Chu Feng is able to refine the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects, that cannot prove that I had plotted against him.”

Revered Master Beast Tamer denied what he did. But, he actually hid himself behind Ghost-faced Heavenly Exalted when he said those words. He was deeply afraid that someone might try to attack him.

Seeing his reaction and recalling his character, the crowd already knew the truth regardless of how he tried to deny things.

What Grandmaster Tang Chen said must be the truth. Revered Master Beast Tamer had most definitely plotted against Chu Feng. Unfortunately, he encountered a monster.

That monster was so powerful that not even the Realm’s Ghost Talisman Insects were able to do anything to him.


Suddenly, light appeared on the stele again.

When the crowd looked to the stele again, their eyes were completely fixed. Many people started to breathe heavily.

The stele that was originally devoid of anything was now circulating with sacred vein lines.

At the same thing, that enticing aura appeared again.

Following that, the ancient voice sounded.

“With your talent, you are qualified to receive this old man’s inheritance.”

“But, you are still very young and your cultivation very weak. You will not be able to protect my inheritance.”

“As such, the inheritance shall remain here temporarily. You will only be able to bring away the inheritance when your master comes here.”

Once those words were spoken, the expressions of the crowd all changed. They were filled with envy toward Chu Feng’s master.

By this point, they all knew that Chu Feng had received the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain’s acknowledgement and was qualified to receive the inheritance.

Unfortunately, as Chu Feng’s cultivation was lacking, his master needed to receive the inheritance on his behalf.

That would be equivalent to Chu Feng’s master being the one to really receive the inheritance.

“Exactly who is Chu Feng’s master? They’ve picked up an enormous treasure!”

“That’s right. It has always been the disciple that receives benefits from one’s master. It’s the first time that I’m seeing a master benefitting from one’s disciple.”

The crowd were both envious toward Chu Feng’s master and curious who his master was.

With how outstanding Chu Feng was, they believed that Chu Feng’s master was most definitely not someone ordinary either.

“Senior, I don’t possess a master. Is it unable for me to retrieve this inheritance myself?” asked Chu Feng.

“No master?!”

Chu Feng’s words immediately caused a ma.s.sive commotion.

Not to mention the rest of the crowd, even Grandmaster Tang Chen and Yuan Shu were completely confused.

When Chu Feng said he didn’t have a master earlier, the crowd felt that it was because he didn’t wish to expose his master’s ident.i.ty.

But, for him to say that he doesn’t have a master at such a time, could it be that he really doesn’t possess a master?

“It must be retrieved by your master. If you do not have one, go and find one. After finding a master, you can bring your master here,” said that ancient voice.


Chu Feng narrowed his brows after hearing those words. He truly never expected to encounter this sort of outlandish matter after obtaining the inheritance with great difficulty.

How was he supposed to deal with this? After all, he had sworn that he would never take a master.

If he was to take a master now, it would be truly unfair to the people that he had refused in the past.

The crowd noticed the difficulty Chu Feng was under.

Seeing this, many people revealed looks of joy.

From Chu Feng’s reaction, they detected a possibility -- this exceptional genius might really not have a master.

“Young friend Chu Feng, if you don’t mind, how about this old man become your master?”

Suddenly, a voice exploded in the sky.

The person who spoke was actually Grandmaster Luo Tuo.

“Luo Tuo, are you so thick-skinned that you don’t even care about your self-respect?”

“You were the one cursing Chu Feng earlier. You actually have the nerve to ask him to take you as his master?”

Celestial Fairy Muzhi was unable to contain herself from criticizing Grandmaster Luo Tuo.

But, Grandmaster Luo Tuo completely ignored her. He continued to speak to Chu Feng, “Young friend Chu Feng, what happened earlier was a misunderstanding. This old man wasn’t aiming at you intentionally.”

“If you take me as your master, I will help you retrieve the inheritance and then return it to you. What do you think about that?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng shook his head repeatedly. The smile on his face revealed his answer.

How could he possibly take Grandmaster Luo Tuo as his master?

After all, that old fart was someone that wanted to kill him earlier.

Seeing that Grandmaster Luo Tuo was rejected, the others saw hope.

Thus, many people began to speak to Chu Feng. They all hoped to become his master.

Those with weaker strength did not dare to speak openly like Grandmaster Luo Tuo. Instead, they began to speak to him through voice transmission.

Most exasperating of all, even Ghost-faced Heavenly Exalted voiced his intention to become Chu Feng’s master.

“f.u.c.k! These people are truly shameless.”

Seeing how those people were all trying to take advantage of Chu Feng, Celestial Fairy Muzhi cursed out loud. Then, her expression changed and, with a beaming smile, she waved her hand at Chu Feng and spoke loudly, “Young friend Chu Feng, you cannot trust those people. If you really don’t have a master, why don’t you become the disciple of this Celestial Fairy? Not only will I not take your inheritance, I will even impart you all my knowledge and abilities!”

Seeing this, both Grandmaster Tang Chen and Old Man Compliance had black lines rolling down their foreheads.

Simply no one would’ve imagined that the people that were cursing Chu Feng out earlier were trying to become Chu Feng’s master through various means.

Before desire, people would truly become as shameless as they could be.

This was truly what it meant to be absurd.

But, this sort of absurdity was a common occurrence!

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