Martial God Asura Chapter 5986: Huahua Awakens

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Chapter 5986: Huahua Awakens

Chapter 5986: Huahua Awakens

It could be Xia Xingchen’s prayers paying off, but Huahua faced great difficulties after entering the spirit formation gate. There was a third and fourth lock too, and the difficulty rose with each subsequent lock.

Huahua had arrived at the fourth lock, but she was no longer confident of deciphering the lock. ????????????.???

She couldn’t figure out the best way to decipher the lock, so she constructed the formation that she thought would best work against it. Even so, she knew that her formation was sorely lacking compared to Chu Feng’s.

She could only put her spirit power against the lock, but this was not working out well.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, she would have likely failed at the fourth lock.

However, she knew that there was a good chance Chu Feng would decipher the fourth lock, and it would be too embarra.s.sing if she failed this hurdle but Chu Feng succeeded. Her desire to not want to lose to a junior made her more determined than ever.

However, the fourth lock was too tough. She couldn’t hold on despite being more motivated than ever.

“This won’t do. It’s one thing to lose to Jie Ranqing, but how can I lose to her son too? I’m a True Dragon World Spiritist; I can’t lose to a G.o.d-cloak World Spiritist! Not only will I become the laughingstock of the world, but I won’t be able to live with it too.

“No, I can’t lose here. I must clear this hurdle. I have to pull through this!”

As her consciousness began to fade, Huahua, who was reluctant to admit defeat, roared in a frenzy. This was her first time channeling a formation so desperately, such that she refused to stop even when her life was already in danger.

She strongly believed that Chu Feng would decipher the fourth lock, and her pride wouldn’t allow her to be outdone by a junior so much younger than her. She had to push it through even if it meant endangering her life.

This unwavering determination sparked changes in her body.

Her heart was going to stop. Her spirit power was going to dissipate. Her soul was going to disintegrate. She was close to breathing her last.

Had it been the usual her, she would have immediately stopped channeling her formation, but not this time. She was determined to hold on even if it meant burning herself out.

Tok tok!


Huahua suddenly heard some noises coming from her body. It sounded like a hatchling emerging from its egg, or the beating of a drum. This sound only lasted for an instant, but spirit power began pouring out of her body right after.

Huahua was overjoyed.

Her consciousness cleared up, and she could sense a qualitative change in her spirit power. She was still a rank seven True Dragon World Spiritist, but her spirit power had been elevated, granting her fighting prowess comparable to a rank eight True Dragon World Spiritist.

It was her bloodline power.

Her determination despite her precarious condition had driven the awakening of her world spiritist bloodline, granting the heaven-defying battle power to surmount a cultivation rank.

She was delighted. It came as a surprise, but it was exactly what she needed now.

It was more important to her than any treasure, as this was the breakthrough she had been desiring for the longest time.

The awakening of her bloodline restored Huahua to her peak condition, and it didn’t take long for her to decipher the fourth lock standing in her way.

The seven-colored lock finally scattered altogether, and she stepped into the spirit formation gate once more. The scenery before her opened up, revealing another underground pa.s.sage.

A person was already waiting in the underground pa.s.sage—Chu Feng! Not only did he decipher the four locks, but he also looked to be in excellent condition!

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Huahua heaved a sigh of relief. She was glad that she had awakened her bloodline power at the last moment, or else it would have been embarra.s.sing if she appeared here in a terrible state.

“Elder.” Chu Feng bowed to Huahua.

“How long have you been here?” Huahua asked.

“I just arrived not too long ago,” Chu Feng replied.

“I’d expect no less from the Ancestral Martial Realm Sect’s legacy. The means you have acquired must have been formidable if you were faster than me despite your significantly weaker spirit power,” Huahua said.

Had it been before her encounter with Chu Feng, she would have never believed that a world spiritist could bridge such a ma.s.sive gap in spirit power through the ingenuity of their formation. That just sounded utterly ridiculous to her. It defied common sense.

That was also why she refused to believe Chu Feng when he said that he had breached Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer’s formation by himself.

But when she saw Chu Feng’s blueprint for the first lock and verified that it worked, she had no choice but to believe him. In fact, she found herself missing Chu Feng’s blueprint when she was deciphering the second lock.

That feeling only got stronger when she got to the third and fourth locks. If she had Chu Feng’s blueprint, she wouldn’t have had such a tough time.

“Elder, you’re flattering me. I was only lucky,” Chu Feng replied.

“You’re humiliating me with your insult,” Huahua said.

“Elder, I have no such intention.”

“Of course you do. We came this far on our strength, not luck. Your claim that you were lucky suggests that I’m lacking in talent,” Huahua said.

“Elder, that’s not what I mean. It’s just that I have always thought that humility is a good virtue, but if you insist on it, I shall drop my humility. I indeed am a prodigy,” Chu Feng replied with a beaming grin and an arrogant gesture.

Surprisingly, Chu Feng’s casual response brought a ravis.h.i.+ng smile to Huahua’s face.

“That’s more like it. I don’t like humble people. Keep that att.i.tude,” Huahua said before heading forward.

“Elder, I have checked the area. There isn’t any treasure here,” Chu Feng suddenly said.

In truth, he had entered this place much faster than Huahua thanks to the Initiate Tome. Through the clues he had previously gathered and those here, he realized that the formation around the Mobile Palace had weakened because something important had gone missing.

From that, he deduced that there used to be a treasure here, just that someone had taken it, which resulted in the significant weakening of the formation here. That was why Huahua and Xia Xingchen were able to enter this place.

Even though the Mobile Palace had lost its most important treasure, its protective formations remained functional and still posed some danger.

Chu Feng told Huahua about his conjecture.

Huahua fell into deep thought, but she soon replied, “Let’s give it a try since we’re already here. Who knows? We might just find something here.”

“Elder, there’s a challenge formation here. Based on my observation, the formation could be fatal,” Chu Feng said.

“I understand. Bring me over to take a look. I should at least see it with my own eyes since I’m already here,” Huahua said.

Chu Feng thought that Huahua’s words made sense. “All right, I’ll lead the way.”

So, he began leading her in.

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