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Chapter 5846: Arrival of a Threat

Chapter 5846: Arrival of a Threat

Chu Feng proceeded to ask Zhao Gongyi and the others some questions before stowing them in his formation realm. He was keeping them alive for now as there was still a use for them.

Following that, he flew toward the formation core.

Zi Ling and the others were channeling the formation core. Chu Feng’s arrival put their hearts at ease, but they still gave it their all as this concerned the survival of the Ancestral Martial Galaxy. Even the injured Zi Ling was giving it her all despite the crowd dissuading her from doing so.

Chu Feng quietly descended next to her and pa.s.sed her a pill. “Take it and rest.”

A gentle smile blossomed on Zi Ling’s ravis.h.i.+ng face. “You’re done dealing with them?”

She had already taken another pill from Chu Feng which stabilized her condition, though it wasn’t enough for her to make a full recovery. That gave her the strength to channel the formation core despite her injuries.

“Yes, I’m done dealing with them,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

While Zi Ling’s guard was down, he held her mouth open and popped the pill into her mouth. Then, he repeated himself once more, “Go and rest.”

“I’m fine. Didn’t I take a pill earlier?” Zi Ling asked.

“Be obedient. You don’t have to worry about the formation core; I’m here,” Chu Feng said with a confident smile.

Zi Ling’s smile slowly changed. Even though Chu Feng’s arrival had eased her nervousness, her tense expression remained. She knew that they were up against powerful existences from the other galaxies, and there was no time for her to relax.

But Chu Feng’s words made her snap out of her trance. She realized there was no need for her to push herself beyond her limits now that he was here.

“All right.”

Zi Ling walked to the side, manifested a chair, and sat down. She didn’t rest right away but instead looked at Chu Feng with expectant eyes. The other juniors did the same too.

They weren’t sure if Chu Feng’s contribution would make a difference to the formation core. Their combined strength had only been enough to activate the formation core, and even so, it wasn’t operating at a satisfactory level yet.

However, they couldn’t help but harbor hopes as the person here was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng formed a hand seal and poured his energy into the formation core.

The formation core shook, and the juniors witnessing this sight widened their eyes in shock. Even those who couldn’t see it were excited. Everyone inside the formation core sensed the change in the formation core’s energy—it had become many times stronger than before!

“How did the formation core’s energy become so powerful?” a confused person asked.

“It’s Chu Feng! Chu Feng entered the formation core.”

News quickly spread like a tidal wave throughout the formation core. It took only a blink of an eye for everyone inside the formation core to learn that the strengthening of the formation core was Chu Feng’s doing.

This time around, the crowd wasn’t as surprised anymore. Chu Feng had easily defeated the terrifying prodigies from the Ancient Era’s clans, after all. He was likely not just the strongest junior but the strongest individual in the Ancestral Martial Galaxy now.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to them even if Chu Feng pulled off a miracle.

In contrast, Chu Feng was surprised. The formation core was stronger than he had expected. He had previously realized that the protective formation was formidable, such that it was unlikely those from the Ancient Era’s clans could have breached it even if he didn’t come.

He was doing more than just strengthening the formation core; he was trying to grasp the full formation through the formation core.

It was also then that the Ancient Era’s clans noticed the change in the protective formation.

“Puppeteer Exalted, what are you doing? The protective formation became stronger instead!” a furious roar echoed. It was from the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Are your juniors still alive?” Puppeteer Exalted asked.

The six Ancient Era’s clans had items to verify whether their juniors were alive or not, and they had been keeping a close eye on it out of worry for their juniors.

“You dare to ask that when you caused so many casualties upon landing!” the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief roared in anger.

Puppeteer Exalted had a.s.sured them that their juniors would be fine after consuming the medicine, but many of them still lost their lives as a result.

“I’m asking if the strongest juniors of your clans are still alive,” Puppeteer Exalted asked.

“They are still alive,” the Seven Realms Immortal Pavilion’s Pavilion Master replied.

The other five didn’t reply, but their expressions said it all. The strongest juniors of their respective clans were still safe. At the very least, their vitals were intact.

“Useless. They can’t take down the formation realm despite being alive,” Puppeteer Exalted sneered.

“What are you saying?” the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief was infuriated to hear Puppeteer Exalted undermining its clan’s prodigy.

“Am I wrong? The strengthening of the protective formation shows that your juniors are useless. How strong are the Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s juniors? I have already opened a pa.s.sageway to send them in, but they are still unable to take down the formation core guarded by the Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s juniors. What can this be other than incompetence?” Puppeteer Exalted replied with a wrathful voice.

“You...” The Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief was infuriated.

However, the Seven Realms Immortal Pavilion’s Pavilion Master interjected, “Enough! We shouldn’t have an internal conflict right now. We should be focusing on breaching the formation.

The other clan leaders helped to defuse the situation too.

“I guess there’s no choice. We’ll have to count on the six of you. Please enter the formation,” Puppeteer Exalted gestured to the final formation core as he said.

The six leaders were stunned. They knew what this formation would take from them, which was why they didn’t want to enter the formation core unless they were cornered.

“This formation of yours is useless. I’ll breach the formation on my own. I don’t believe that a Heavenly G.o.d level cultivator like me can’t breach the Ancestral Martial Galaxy’s formation,” the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief said.


A spirit formation gate appeared. It was Puppeteer Exalted’s doing.

“Many people are surveying us outside, and some might be at Heavenly G.o.d level. Feel free to make a move. You’re the only one who will be embarra.s.sed if you fail to breach the protective formation,” Puppeteer Exalted said.

The Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief hesitated.

Seeing that, Puppeteer Exalted said, “I stopped you from making a move to protect your dignity. Your clan might be shamed if you fail to take down the Ancestral Martial Galaxy today, but at least your honor will be upheld.

“Even as I say that, there is a way we can protect you and your clan’s dignity. We can take down the Ancestral Martial Galaxy and take what we want. Your clan will rise to an unprecedented height thanks to your efforts here. Of course, the decision is in your hands. I won’t force anyone to follow my orders.”

The six Ancient Era’s clan leaders revealed hesitant looks. One of them took the plunge and stepped into the final formation core—the Seven Realms Immortal Pavilion’s Pavilion Master.

“We have no other choice,” he said as he looked at the other clan leaders.

The Blood Phoenix Royal Clan’s Clan Chief was the next to step into the last formation core. Shortly after, the Tuoba Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Myriad Night Ancient Sect’s sectmaster, and the Nine Regions Divine Hall’s Hall Master did the same.

Only the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief was left.

“I’ll rip you apart if we fail,” the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief threatened Puppeteer Exalted before stepping into the formation core.

Once the six experts were inside the formation core, Puppeteer Exalted formed a hand seal.

“This feeling!”

Meanwhile, in the protective formation’s formation core, Chu Feng looked at the distant horizon with narrowed eyes. He sensed a huge threat from the formation of the six Ancient Era’s clans.

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