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Chapter 4265 - Looking Forward To Even More

Chu Feng’s spirit formation sword pierced through Lu Jie’s dantian.

The crowd were all astonished by it.

It was something that they did not expect. The thrust of the sword caught everyone unprepared.

Lu Jie had clearly apologized. Why would Chu Feng still attack him?

“Chu Feng… you… you’ve gone back upon your promise.”

Lu Jie was lying on the ground with a look of pain all across his face. But, more than pain, he was furious.

Never did he expect for Chu Feng to still attack him after he apologized and begged for forgiveness.

He felt that he was being completely humiliated. This feeling of helplessness made him incomparably furious.

He felt as if his life was in Chu Feng’s hands. Even though he had begged for forgiveness, it was all useless.

When has the arrogant and aloof Lu jie ever experienced this sort of feeling?

Seeing the unreconciled Lu Jie, Chu Feng revealed a faint smile.

“I’ve said that I will let you live. But, never did I say that I wouldn’t harm you.”

“Lu Jie, you’ve refused the face that was given to you too much. Even when apologizing, you did not show any good faith. Today, I am teaching you a lesson for your own good. You will thank me for this in the future,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, Lu Jie was so furious that he gnashed his teeth so hard that it shattered.

Even the bystanders were unable to watch this go on.

Were those words that a human should say? Chu Feng had crippled Lu Jie’s cultivation, yet he said it’s for Lu Jie’s good. What he did should be a shameless act instead.

“Chu Feng, if you’re capable, then try not leaving the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.”

“If you leave, I will have you dismembered into ten thousand pieces!”

Furious shouts were heard. Those came from Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters.

The anger they’re feeling right now was not at all lesser than Lu Jie’s anger.

As they were the disciples of the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted, they’ve been mavericks and completely undisciplined.

It has always been them bullying others and never others bullying them.

But, after hearing those shouts, Chu Feng’s gaze turned chilly.

Chu Feng looked at the direction of Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters.

“This Lu Jie is still in my hands. You all dared to threaten me?”

“It would appear that you all really don’t want him to live.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng swept his gaze across the crowd of hundreds of millions.

He said loudly, “Everyone, please bear witness for me. I was trying to let this Lu Jie live.”

“It is Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters that insisted on killing me.”

“Since I’m going to die anyways, there’s no reason for me to keep this Lu Jie alive.”

“Lu Jie’s death is forced upon me by his senior brothers and sisters.”

After Chu Feng said those words, Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters turned green with fright.

They never imagined that Chu Feng will say that sort of thing.

Most terrifying of all, Chu Feng might really kill Lu Jie.

If this matter reached their master’s ears, wouldn’t they really become the culprit to Lu Jie’s death?

That was a crime that they cannot shoulder.


Right at this moment, blood splashed forth as a miserable scream sounded.

Chu Feng pulled out his sword from Lu Jie’s body.

Then, he aimed it toward Lu Jie’s neck.

He was… really planning to kill Lu Jie.

“Stop! Stop!!!”

“Chu Feng, stop right now!!!”

“We can talk things out! We can talk things out! Please spare our junior brother!”

Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters forgo their fierceness and softened up their words.

That itself was already surprising to the crowd. But, to their greater surprise, Chu Feng remained dissatisfied.

He said, “How are you all qualified to say that sort of thing to me?”

“All of you, kneel. Else, Lu Jie will definitely die because of you.”

The crowd were completely dumbfounded hearing Chu Feng’s words.

Those were the disciples of the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted. Their enormous arrogance could be seen by how they dared to threaten Grandmaster Tang Chen.

To have people like them kneel to Chu Feng, that was simply an impossibility.

Sure enough, after Chu Feng said those words, the expressions of Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters turned sinister.

But, soon, they began to kneel on the ground.

They were actually really kneeling. Even though they were very unwilling, they still kneeled onto the ground.

But, upon thinking about it, their kneeling was understandable.

Chu Feng was threatening them with Lu Jie’s life. Furthermore, he had placed the blame of Lu Jie’s death onto them.

That was a responsibility that they didn’t dare shoulder.

As such, they could only beg for forgiveness.

But, the crowd still felt everything to be simply too dramatic.

Chu Feng had not planned to kill Lu Jie. He had already decided to spare Lu Jie. It was these people that insisted on threatening Chu Feng. They were indeed the ones that forced Chu Feng to decide to kill Lu Jie.

After provoking Chu Feng to kill Lu Jie, they were unable to do anything besides threatening him more.

In the end, after being threatened by Chu Feng, they were forced to kneel and ended up begging Chu Feng for forgiveness instead.

They’ve simply brought this upon themselves. Their actions were truly one of people courting disasters.

Because of their actions, the crowd not only did not pity them, they instead felt them to be very laughable.

Perhaps this was the bad habit caused by relying on one’s background too much.

Because their master the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted stood behind them, they’ve become so daring that they believed that only the colossuses of the Holy Light Galaxy would dare to do anything to them.

Because of that, they’ve been pus.h.i.+ng people around, showing off their might and acting completely out of control.

But today, they encountered a malignant star.

This malignant star taught them a ruthless lesson.

Likely, the lesson they’ve received today will be unforgettable.

“A bunch of fools.”

Seeing Lu Jie’s senior brothers and sisters kneeling on the ground and begging him for forgiveness, disgust filled Chu Feng’s eyes.

Chu Feng knew that they were pretending. But, that didn’t matter to him.

The reason why Chu Feng dared to touch Lu Jie was because he knew that the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted will definitely not spare him the moment he leaves the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

Since the enmity was already established, there was no reason for Chu Feng to show modesty.

Chu Feng was more than merciful earlier.

Yet, these people continued to provoke him and forced him to a state of ruthlessness.

People like them were truly fools.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng did not continue to make things difficult for Lu Jie.

He decided to spare Lu Jie. It was not because of his senior brothers and sisters begging for him.

Chu Feng believed that people like Lu Jie, extremely selfish and extremely conceited, were incapable of tolerating others their same age or younger being stronger than them.

Because of that, Chu Feng wanted Lu Jie to live in his shadows. To someone like Lu Jie, that would be the most genuine sort of torture.

That was actually what Lu Jie was planning to do with Chu Feng earlier.

Unfortunately, he failed whereas Chu Feng succeeded.

Chu Feng dematerialized his spirit formation sword and looked to the direction of the stele.

Chu Feng’s gaze looked pensive.

As matters stood, he was practically certain that there existed a powerful expert guarding the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

That ancient voice belonged to that powerful expert.

It was very possible that expert was someone that had survived the Ancient Era.

The reason why Chu Feng thought this way was because the instructions given by that ancient voice was something that could not possibly be done by a spirit formation.

Only a truly living being could make accurate judgements according to what was happening in real-time.

No matter how exquisite a spirit formation might be, it would still be impossible for it to accomplish such a feat.

Although Chu Feng cannot be certain if that ancient voice belonged to the master of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain, the strength of the owner of that voice most definitely far surpa.s.sed that of everyone present.

Because of that, Chu Feng grew increasingly interested, increasingly expectant, of the contents of the stele and the inheritance of the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain.

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