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Chapter 4122 - 4122 Wrong judgment!

4122 Wrong judgment!

At this moment, the young man kneeling at ning Tiancheng’s feet was Bai San of the blizzard city’s Bai family!

On the surface, this kid was inferior to white seventeen in every way. But in fact, he was as scheming as a poisonous snake in the dark. He didn’t show his head easily, but once he did, it was enough to kill!

It was because he had noticed the strange pattern of the three-eyed Saint blade on the Saint devouring axe that he had drawn ning Tiancheng over.

When Chen Xiaobei took out the Saint devouring axe, white three did not say a word. He waited until he was far away from Chen Xiaobei and was absolutely safe before he started his plot.

It could be seen that his treachery and hiding of his true strength was not inferior to any experienced martial artist.


More importantly, he had not told his father Bai about this. He even wanted to use ning Tiancheng’s power to directly seize control of the Bai family after the matter was over.

According to the conditions he had discussed with ning Tiancheng, after the matter was settled, the sacred ice heavenly soul ring, the LAN family, and the Bai family would all belong to him!

It was obvious that he was extremely ambitious!

“Someone’s coming!”

At this moment, ning Tiancheng suddenly stood up, his eyes exuding an extremely strong killing intent.

As a powerful Saint King, ning Tiancheng would lock onto anyone who approached lanyue city.

“Let’s go out immediately!” White three also stood up, eager to take down Chen Xiaobei.

After all, in white three’s eyes, he had the Holy ice heavenly soul bracelet and could control the Holy King-grade formation in Blue Moon City. He could definitely kill Chen Xiaobei.

Once he succeeded, he would be able to realize his ambition.

Just thinking about it made white three extremely excited. He didn’t want to wait a second longer.


However, ning Tiancheng was even calmer. He narrowed his eyes and said coldly, ” “There are two groups of people! The distance between the two is less than a hundred li!”

“This …”

&Quot; Chen Xiaobei? ” white three was surprised. &Quot; could the group of people behind be Chen Xiaobei’s backup? ”

“There’s a Saint King behind us!”

Ning Tiancheng carefully sensed it and said, ” “The other party should have already noticed my existence! A battle is inevitable!”

“Then … What should we do?” White three gulped nervously.

&Quot; don’t worry, I’ll send someone to stop the Holy King. Then, we’ll capture Chen Xiaobei as soon as possible! &Quot; ning Tiancheng said calmly.

Outside Blue Moon City.

&Quot; wait! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei stopped and asked, ” fan he, with your cultivation, can you sense what’s going on in the city? ”

“I can, but I can only sense those with lower cultivation than me! I have no way of knowing about ning Tiancheng’s situation … &Quot; “On the contrary, if there are no accidents, we have already been locked on by ning Tiancheng!”

“I don’t want to drag you down, so you can leave first! Wait for me at the nine mystical city. If I can escape today, I will naturally go there to find you!” Chen Xiaobei said.

&Quot; this … &Quot; fan he’s expression faltered as he hesitated.

After all, he had taken two of Chen Xiaobei’s Seven Star Saint items. It would be a little disloyal to leave just like that.

“Listen to me!”

“You go first. Help me gather as much information as you can!” I want to know more about the Holy Spirit race! There are also people who call them heresy!”

&Quot; heresy … Heresy!? &Quot;

“Young master Chen, why are you interested in this?” fan he’s face changed.

&Quot; don’t ask anymore. Help me gather some information. If I can survive, I’ll slowly explain to you! &Quot; &Nbsp; ” Oh! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei said, ” I also want to know the secret behind the martial arts compet.i.tion of the southern region! &Quot;

“Good! I’ll definitely do my best!” Fan he nodded his head heavily. He had a mission to accomplish and could put down his hesitation.

He could not help Chen Xiaobei even if he stayed, but he could help Chen Xiaobei by leaving.

As he thought of this, fan he no longer hesitated as he turned around and left.

Moreover, if he didn’t leave now, he might not be able to.

&Quot; young master Chen … Someone’s coming … There are people in front and behind … &Quot; at this time, gumoko, whose face was pale, said in embarra.s.sment.

Unlike fan he, gumoko was Chen Xiaobei’s enemy. After being controlled, it was just a loyal dog. So, he could not leave. He had to face life and death with Chen Xiaobei.

At this moment, even with gumoko’s cultivation, he could sense that someone was approaching. It could be seen that the two groups of people were very close.

“Strange … It’s normal for people to come from the front, but why are there people behind?” Chen Xiaobei was confused.

&Quot; I don’t know … &Quot; gumoko’s face was filled with confusion. He had long lost his calm due to nervousness and fear, and could hardly think normally.


Without a word, Chen Xiaobei kept the gumoco into the Meru s.p.a.ce.

After that, Chen Xiaobei’s Dharmakaya left his body and quickly retracted his physical body, turning into a purple Qi Dharmakaya.

Chen Xiaobei was very calm.

The abnormality at this moment would definitely lead to changes.

There was no need to rush to attack, first see the variables clearly, know yourself and know your enemy, and you can win a hundred battles!

“Shua shua … Shua shua …”

Soon, a group of about a hundred people behind them charged over.

Ye Lingyun and Holy King elder ye were leading the group.

“It’s him!”

Chen Xiaobei, who was hiding in the dark, did not move. He immediately understood.

It turned out that the pursuer behind them was ye linyun, who had come for revenge!

“Strange … Why is he gone again?”

Elder ye stopped flying. He squinted his eyes and carefully sensed the situation around him.

Even though he was a Saint King, he was only an early one star Saint King. He could not sense Chen Xiaobei’s purple Qi Dharmakaya.

At this moment, he could sense the existence of a trace of purple Qi.

However, the feeling was intermittent, sometimes not, and he could not lock onto it.

“Woof! Whoos.h.!.+”

At the same time, from the direction of Blue Moon City, two extreme shadows charged over!

One of them held a battleaxe and without a word, he activated his power and chopped down at elder ye’s head!

&Quot; a Saint King grade true treasure!!! &Quot;

Elder ye was shocked and quickly focused his attention on the person who had just arrived. &Quot; &Quot; did that kid call for reinforcements?! &Quot;

“That kid is indeed extraordinary!” Ye Lingyun swallowed his saliva and immediately became nervous.

Ye linyun recalled Chen Xiaobei’s strength, talent, aura, and dominance … All of these showed that he had an extraordinary background.

Naturally, ye Lingyun thought that Chen Xiaobei must have a very powerful backer.

Ye Zhilan had thought of this long ago, but ye Lingyun’s brain was obviously half a beat slower.

Of course, these were all their guesses and misunderstandings.

Chen Xiaobei did not have any backing.

At this moment, the man with the Saint King level battle-ax was called ning lang, and he had been sent by ning Tianzheng.

Ning Tiancheng had mistakenly thought that ye Lingyun and the rest were Chen Xiaobei’s helpers, and ye Lingyun had also thought that ning lang was Chen Xiaobei’s backup!

“This is going to be exciting! A dog biting a dog, a mouth full of fur!”

Chen Xiaobei, who was hiding in the dark, almost burst out laughing.

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