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Chapter 4123 - 4123 Risking his life to protect!

4123 Risking his life to protect!

“Boom boom boom …”

Ning Lang’s attack had already formed, and there was no room for explanation.

“Young master, step back. I’ll fight him!”

As a Saint King, elder ye wasn’t afraid. With a wave of his sleeve, it was as if a night had fallen.

Terrifying Saint Origin Energy burst out, no weaker than the opponent’s battle-ax.


“Boom boom boom … Boom boom boom …”

In an instant, elder ye and ning lang were already fighting.

It was difficult to determine the winner in a battle between equals.


On the other side, there was another person from the ning family.

This person’s name was ning Tao, and he was ning Lang’s brother. He was highly regarded by ning Tiancheng.

Ning Tao saw that the battle was in a stalemate. He pulled out a golden sword and charged at ye linyun.

“This is bad!”

Ye Lingyun’s expression changed drastically, and he almost peed his pants.”That … That … That Scarlet Gold sword is also a Saint King grade weapon!”

Elder ye was the only one-star Saint King among the people he had brought with him. The rest of them were all late-stage true saints.

It wasn’t an overstatement to say that a single sword strike from the opponent could kill all of them hundreds of times!

&Quot; protect the young master! &Quot;

Elder ye was originally unable to get away from ning Lang’s entanglement.

However, this old man was surprisingly loyal!

In the middle of the battle, he turned around and pounced on ye linyun.

In this way, elder ye’s back was completely exposed to ning Lang’s attacks.

“Boom boom boom!”

Ning lang held the axe with both hands and activated the power of a Saint king again.


Although elder ye had his protective Saint Qi, he had to use most of his power to protect ye linyun.

Therefore, elder ye’s protective Saint Qi was directly shattered by the axe.

Although his protective Saint origin had blocked a part of the battle-ax’s power, the remaining power still fell on elder ye’s body.

“Swish …”

Elder ye’s back was instantly split open, and a terrifying wound that almost ran through his back was cut open.

The wound was so deep that the bone could be seen!

One could see that the bone armor in elder ye’s body was like black jade, s.h.i.+ning with a l.u.s.ter.

It could be seen that the Saint King’s body was extremely powerful! Furthermore, on the basis of his flesh and blood, there was an extremely special change!

Of course, the battle-ax in ning Lang’s hand was also at the level of a one-star Saint King. Elder ye did not block it with all his strength, so it was inevitable that he would be seriously injured!

Blood gushed out, and flesh was exposed. If it was an ordinary person, they would have fallen to the ground and lost their ability to fight.

However, under such circ.u.mstances, elder ye still managed to rush in front of ye Lingyun in time.


At the same time, ning Tao’s Scarlet Gold long sword was already approaching.

Fortunately, elder ye had held back earlier. At this moment, he fully activated his Saint Qi defense and finally blocked ning Tao’s sword.

“Shua shua … Shua shua …”

Of course, the heavily injured elder ye could only protect ye Lingyun alone.

Hundreds of ye family’s henchmen were all exposed to the aftermath of the sword.

Even the aftershock of a battle between Saint Kings was too terrifying for a true Saint to withstand.

With the sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng, hundreds of true saints of the ye clan were all cut into pieces by the sword Qi. Even their primordial spirits were destroyed. Not a single one was left!

“Mother … Mother …”

Ye Lingyun was so scared that he peed his pants and screamed hysterically.

He didn’t even care about elder ye who was seriously injured. He turned around and ran at the first moment, not even looking at elder ye.

However, elder ye still displayed extreme loyalty.

He hovered in the air and stopped in place. Blood was flowing out behind him, but he had no intention of retreating.

“Old man, your young master has run away! You still want to stay?”

Ning lang held the battle-ax with both hands, his eyes full of mockery.

It was obvious that he was mocking elder ye’s foolish loyalty.

Under such circ.u.mstances, if elder ye did not care about ye Lingyun, he would still have a chance to escape.

However, elder ye chose to stay and delay the opponent.

Fighting one against two, he was destined to die. Elder ye had no chance of winning at all!

“I owe the ye family my life. Even if I die today, I will protect young master Lingyun and leave!” Elder ye’s eyes were cold and determined.

This old man was not bad!

Chen Xiaobei was secretly impressed by elder ye.

In this world, there were very few people who could put their faith above life and death.

Elder ye owed Madam ye his life, so he had to pay with his life.

On the other hand, ye Lingyun ran away immediately, not caring if elder ye was Dead or Alive.

It was impossible for elder ye not to be bitterly disappointed by such an action, but he still would rather die than retreat.

Faith trumped life and death!

Such a person was worthy of Chen Xiaobei’s admiration and respect!

“This old man is so stupid that he’s beyond saving!”

Ning Lang’s killing intent was released, and he said coldly, ” “Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wis.h.!.+”

“Whoosh …”

As soon as he said that, ning lang waved the Saint King battle-ax in his hand and slashed at elder ye.

“I’ll go after that kid!”

Ning Tao, on the other hand, took his golden sword and went around the battlefield to pursue ye linyun.

“Stop right there!”

Seeing this, elder ye once again showed his extreme battle intent that disregarded life and death.

Just like before, elder ye turned around and pounced on ning Tao with all his might.

This time, elder ye, who was seriously injured, had no energy left to protect himself. All his Saint Qi was concentrated in front of him!

In other words, elder ye could stop ning Tao’s pursuit again!

However, without the protection of Saint Qi, his back would be completely exposed to ning Lang’s battle-ax!

No matter how strong a Saint King’s body was, this axe would be enough to dismember him!

If his primordial spirit was severely injured, elder ye would be completely defeated!

Although all of this had not happened yet, everyone with discerning eyes could see it clearly!

Elder ye was using his life to buy time for ye Lingyun to escape!

Regardless of whether ye Lingyun could escape in the end, elder ye had already done his best and lived up to his promise!

“Falling stars, flying swan!”

Chen Xiaobei could not help but make his move.

Firstly, Chen Xiaobei respected elder ye’s character.

Secondly, only when the Sandpiper and clam fought could the third party benefit. If the nings defeated elder ye easily, Chen Xiaobei would not be able to get the most out of it.

So, Chen Xiaobei had to make a move.


The falling stars and flying Hongs, which looked like jade birds, suddenly soared into the sky.

In an instant, the Saint Origin Energy equivalent to a Saint King’s Saint vein was burned out, and the power of a Saint King suddenly erupted.

&Quot; what’s going on?! &Quot;

Ning lang and ning Tao were shocked.

Because neither of them was a Holy King, they did not know about Chen Xiaobei’s existence.

The falling star flying Swan’s appearance had caught them both off guard.

The point was that in that moment just now, they had a hundred percent chance of winning. They were not on guard at all and did not expect such a sudden change!

Chen Xiaobei’s choice to attack now was enough to turn the tide!

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