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Chapter 3751: The Devil Mirror Palace Appears

Huang Xiaolong stood nonchalantly as if he did not feel the gloomy gaze piercing his back, exposing his back to Yuan Fang without any vigilance.

All the present G.o.d of Creation Realm experts looked at Huang Xiaolong with complicated gazes. They were shaken, baffled, filled with disbelief and other tumultuous emotions.

Yuan Fang’s hands were tightly clenched into fists, quietly, as killing intent gathered in his chest, but soon, he unclenched his hands finally.

He did not attack in the end.

While an array of expressions flickered across the crowd, several figures flew out from the Golden Gorge. These were the eight Human Emperors smashed into the Golden Gorge. It could be seen that the armors on their bodies were broken, and it looked like every part of their bodies was bleeding.

Gasps of shock and hiss of breaths could be heard from the crowd.

These were the human race’s eight Human Emperors!

Moreover, there was the Buddha Sage Human Emperor with more than twenty-nine billion mark battle strength!

Buddha Sage Human Emperor and the other seven Human Emperors glared furiously at Huang Xiaolong, but this time around, their eyes were strained with apprehension and no one dared to attack Huang Xiaolong anymore.

“You’re not a native of the Origin Universe!” the Buddha Sage Human Emperor suddenly stated in a moment of fury.

“What? He’s not a native of our Origin Universe?!”

The several million G.o.d of Creation experts exploded in a furor.

Before the Buddha Sage Human Emperor pointed that out, this thought had never occurred to anyone.

Huang Xiaolong responded simply, “Correct, I’m not a native of Origin Universe.”

It was unnecessary to conceal this point.

Huang Xiaolong knew the matter would be exposed when he used the Universe Boat.

The Origin Universe only had one universe treasure, but it wasn’t the Universe Boat. Hence, it wasn’t hard to guess that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t a native of the Origin Universe.

“You’re really not from our Origin Universe?!” the Horned Sage Human Emperor was incensed. “Listen up all Origin Universe’s experts, join hands, and eliminate Huang Xiaolong!”

Join hands and eliminate this Huang Xiaolong!

The immediate reaction was baffled glances all around, and no one took a step forward.

The Horned Sage Human Emperor did not expect this less-than-lukewarm reaction. He looked around and his gaze stopped on the Lord of Ghost Desert, but the Lord of Ghost Desert looked straight at a certain point of the Golden Gorge as if he did not sense the Horned Sage Human Emperor’s gaze, and the golden fog in that area was different from others.

The Horned Sage Human Emperor then looked at Yuan Fang. Yuna Fang’s face was extremely gloomy. Even so, he did not respond to the Horned Sage Human Emperor’s call.

The Horned Sage Human Emperor felt extremely embarra.s.sed.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze fell on the Horned Sage Human Emperor. “If you continue to jump in front of me, I won’t mind exerting some force to burst you before the Devil Mirror Palace appears.”

The Horned Sage Human Emperor choked over Huang Xiaolong’s threat, and his face turned red and green from suffocated fury, but despite that, he quieted down.

Buddha Sage Human Emperor returned to his initial spots feeling his face burn under the strange gazes falling on him from various experts.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the roiling golden fog in the center area, and his tepid voice rang, “Black Nether King, Old Man Fortune, since both of you are here, why bother hiding like sewer rats?”

Although Black Nether King and Old Man Fortune hid themselves well, their auras fluctuated when Huang Xiaolong used the Universe Boat to smash the eight Human Emperors into the Golden Gorge.

Huang Xiaolong’s perplexing words baffled Yuan Fang, Lord of Ghost Desert, the eight Human Emperors, and the others.

Who’s Black Nether King? Old Man Fortune?

People Huang Xiaolong spoke with specifically wouldn’t be simple, but they had never heard anyone with these names in the Origin Universe.

Neither Black Nether King nor Old Man Fortune appeared after Huang Xiaolong’s words. Huang Xiaolong did not pursue the matter because with his current strength, he was not afraid of whatever schemes those two had.

Half an hour soon pa.s.sed.

Suddenly, the golden fog around the Golden Gorge churned like angry waves as rays of auspicious light shone from the depths of the gorge to the sky.

“It’s the Devil Mirror Palace, the Devil Mirror Palace is coming out!” an expert exclaimed in joy.

This was a sign the Devil Mirror Palace was about to appear.

Yuan Fang, the Lord of Ghost Desert, Buddha Sage Human Emperor, and the others’ eyes lit up, and burning gazes were affixed to the center of the gorge.

Under these antic.i.p.ative gazes, the Devil Mirror Palace did not disappoint as it rose slowly. Waves of energy swept in the four directions, and the weaker G.o.d of Creation Realm experts were sent tumbling into the air as they failed to keep their footing.

Huang Xiaolong stood stable as a mountain where he was, letting the energy waves rush past him as the corners of his robe fluttered loudly.

Finally, the entire Devil Mirror Palace was in full view as it emerged out from the gorge into high air.

Merely the radius of Devil Mirror Palace was several million miles, and there were various kinds of diagrams depicted all over the surface, as well as runes. But these diagrams were profound, just like the runes, ethereal and difficult to grasp, much less see through their profundity.

In one stride, Huang Xiaolong arrived before the Devil Mirror Palace’s great door that was still closed at this point.

Huang Xiaolong pressed his palm against the door, and the tightly shut door emitted a bright light, followed by rumbling noises as the door slowly opened.

In a flash, Huang Xiaolong’s figure disappeared into the Devil Mirror Palace.

The Devil Mirror Palace was divided into an inner and an outer hall. However, there were numerous overlapping dimensions between the two halls, as well as restrictions. To reach the inner hall, Huang Xiaolong has to cross the outer hall’s many layers of restrictions and dimensions.

Generally speaking, only those with twenty-seven billion mark battle strength could safely pa.s.s through the layers of restrictions and dimensions in the outer hall. Even existences like Old Granny Void, and Domineering Blade Xihu could only circulate around the outer hall.

After Huang Xiaolong entered the Devil Mirror Palace, he did not pause for a second. He took out the Universe Boat and drove it towards the inner hall at full speed. He needed to enter the inner hall before Black Nether King, Old Man Fortune, Yuan Fang, and the others.

He had thoroughly comprehended the nameless devil mirror’s Thirteen Universes’ esoterics and laws. Along with that, counting the fragment devil mirror in his hand, if he moved faster than Black Nether King, Yuan Fang, and Old Man Fortune in entering the inner hall, he was confident to take away the Origin Universe’s devil mirror!

Hence, Huang Xiaolong was pus.h.i.+ng the Universe Boat’s speed to the limit. On the way, the Universe Boat directly flew past the layers of restrictions and dimensions without stopping for a second.

While Huang Xiaolong was speeding towards the inner hall, several people were doing the same thing. One of them was a pitch-black light, and another was a bright golden light, both moving at a rapid speed that was no worse than Huang Xiaolong.

The bright golden light was Yuan Fang. Yuan Fang was shocked when he saw the black light with speed that rivaled his. Who is this?

Other than Huang Xiaolong, there was another person with strength no less than him!

Right behind Yuan Fang and Black Nether King was an azure figure that was right on their heels, and he was faster than the Lord of Ghost Desert.

The Lord of Ghost Desert, Buddha Sage Human Emperor, and the others were astonished and alarmed seeing the people enshrouded in black and azure light.

Huang Xiaolong spotted many rare treasures as he sped towards the inner hall that was comparable to white flower spiritual herb inside the White Deer Cave. There were also peak-level origin universe spiritual veins. However, Huang Xiaolong treated all these as nonexistent. He continued to speed inside. Even so, it took Huang Xiaolong several years to reach the Devil Mirror Palace’s inner hall.

Later on, Huang Xiaolong approached the center of the inner hall.

A month later, Huang Xiaolong saw a huge Taiji symbol, and on it, was a pentagon-shaped mirror. The mirror was spinning slowly, exuding a faint halo, and it was just like Huang Xiaolong’s nameless devil mirror, except for its bigger size.

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of cold air to suppress his excitement.

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