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Chapter 871: Catching up, recovering, and a small gain

On the other side, an individual arrived near the city.

Looking down at the glorious city that looked way better than the drab forward operating base he came from, Wu Yan frowned. He continued floating in the air.

It's been 3 days since he chased after the dark wisp of light. Wu Yan gave up on chasing down the light with flight because the light travelled at several times his maximum speed. Instead, he used teleportation spells to track what little clues the dark light left as it escaped. He tracked the dark light all the way here.

That black light sure knew how to run quickly. Normal tier 9 cultivators would have long lost sight of the black light. Even demiG.o.ds who didn't put enough emphasis on agility and speed might not be able to keep up with the dark light. Were it not for his teleportation spells, Wu Yan would have lost track of the dark light.

He chased after the light non-stop for 3 days and this cost him a ton of magic power.

The distance between this town and the forward operation base is measured in the number of cities he pa.s.sed through. Furthermore, he was interrupted by weather and natural obstacles on his way here. It would take a human 4 to 5 months to travel the distance Wu Yan travelled. An airs.h.i.+p would cut travel time down but it still wouldn't be measured in days.

Moreover, there were in the towns he pa.s.sed through. some of them lacked the basic intelligence to scout out the enemy before trying to rob them. There were mercenaries walking around robbing people while flying their mercenary flags. Anyone who looked vulnerable, like a certain someone who traveled alone would be blocked and hara.s.sed for gold.

While saddled by multiple hurdles, he still kept up with the black light. Without resting a wink for the last three days, he continuously teleported his way here.

Fortunately, the True Ancestor's OP regeneration proved to be indispensable. He rarely felt tired, when he did, his body would recover in the matter of seconds. The magic power he consumed to continuously teleport also took its toll on his mana reserve. However, due to his mana pool being as large as an ocean, he didn't get reduced to a skeleton's frame from using up an unimaginable amount of magic power.

Indeed, he is now very far away from the Giant Beast Forest and the forward operation base there.

Wu Yan cast his gaze down at the bustling city. He rubbed his chin as he tried to feel the blood within him. He scratched his cheek as he waited for a response.

He relied on his True Ancestor blood to act as his compa.s.s, that was how he zoned in on the black light.

His blood steadied after 3 days of reaction inside his body. Wu Yan felt a bit confused as to why his blood stopped reacting to the black light.

Is this because the black light finally got out of his blood's detection range? Or, is it because his blood isn't too worried now that he's very close to his target.

He looked at the city that's still expanding in his vision when he got closer and Wu Yan mumbled.

"Maybe it ran into the city?"

n.o.body answered him.

"Now, what do I do?"

Wu Yan lowered himself as he stood in front of the city entrance, he rubbed his temple as if he's suffering a headache.

It's highly lightly the black light is in the city. But, he didn't rush inside to find the wisp of light. After all, he could be wrong, the black light could be elsewhere.

Wu Yan slapped his cheeks and he perked himself up.

"I should go investigate inside the city, beats going home empty-handed..."

"Before that, I should recover my magic power..."

The restless three days he used to catch up with the dark light wasn't taxing physically. However, he did waste a significant portion of his mana pool. He used more than half his magic power to finish his fight with marcus. Then, he immediately chased the dark light here, his tank is already running near empty level.

His endurance and travel proved the True Ancestor's magic pool trumped everyone else. After using Walking Church, Saint George's Sanctuary, the Dragon Breath, all high level spells, increased mana expenditure from modifying the Walking Church, and other spells he used during the fight only cost him more than half his total magic power.

Three whole days, he didn't stop casting teleportation spells. Even so, he still had some magic power left when magic caster demiG.o.ds would be heaving in exhaustion.

After obtaining magic power, he trained whenever he could. His training showed itself in his magic power. Almost n.o.body can win against him if they competed in who had the most mana. Only G.o.d tier beings specializing in magic would be able to surpa.s.s him in magic power.

He found a quiet place on a hill nearby, after scouting out the hill and making sure there are no beasts or humans around. Wu Yan sat down as he started recovering his mana.

Entering a state of cultivation, magic rippled around him as his environment got engulfed in waves of mana winds.

It was a quiet tempest.

After a while, the sun rose from the east as the magic ripples died down around Wu Yan. Finally, the ripples faded too...

Slowly opening his eyes, a flash of light came from within his deep red eyes. His mana pool is now fully recovered and it looked like a boundless ocean.

That was just what it looked like, as evidenced by the previous night, he can still use up his magic power. It's just hard for him to reach that point.

He slapped away the dust and dew that had settled on him. He clenched his fists as he beamed confidently.

"Looks like exhausting 70-80% of my magic power had a positive effect on my overall magic power..."

It's like when an athlete uses up his stamina before resting, then, the athlete would experience a slight increase in his stamina. This applied to his magic power training, other magicians also experienced this effect. Except for those who hit their limits, this effect generally appears for anyone who did that.

It's a common knowledge among magicians but they would never experience the improvement Wu Yan had, not even if they used their entire life to continuously exhaust and recharge themselves.

Aside from the perks granted to him by the True Ancestor bloodline, most importantly, it was just the compounding effect from his already humungous magic power reserve. It wasn't easy to deplete his already huge mana pool. If he didn't plan properly, he would have recovered mana faster than he can spend them.

By doing an inhuman feat, he got inhuman returns.

Moreover, his magic power cultivation technique is also the most potent kind out there. With these two catalyst, his magic power improvement this time outpaced an average magician's whole lifetime of training.

This somewhat reduced the frustration he got from chasing after something for three days without anything to show for himself. He did a bit of stretching and he flew over to the city's gate.

Looking at the huge city, he can sense the hustle and bustle of the city and he sighed.

If that black light is inside, how does he even begin to look for it?

Shaking his head, he threw away the negative thoughts and he queued up like a normal citizen, gaining entry in a low-key manner.

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