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This is machine translated (MTL) so many little details will be lost and there will be inconsistencies as well. If you spot any inconsistencies in the translations, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to sort it out!

“Miss, the Second Young Lady came to see you,” Hu Zhu, another maidservant that guarded outside of the pavilion came and informed of the news.

Gu Shengyin was secretly muddled that Jiang Yunshan really came. Soon Gu Shengyin could see in the distance, a white figure of an elegant and supple woman coming towards her direction.

Really is a little beauty. Gu Shengyin secretly praised.

Jiang Yunshan had willow eyebrows, almond eyes, face like a hibiscus, and a delicate and timid expression on her face. She was truly a woman that could easily arouse the affection of men.

In contrast, although Jiang Lingzhen possessed beauty that could cause the downfall of a city, her appearance is similar to Princess Wencheng, phoenix-like eyebrows and a positive aura, precious ident.i.ty, and inviolable imposing manner that she exudes from her body after growing up. To sum it up, she is a young delicate lady.

Before Jiang Yunshan reached in front of Gu Shengyin, she started shedding tears causing Gu Shengyin to click her tongue in amazement.

“Sister, I came to give sister an apology. That day if I was more careful and advised Sister to not go towards that crowded area, Sister would not have to bear this suffering.” Jiang Yunshan said with a look of remorse.

Gu Shengyin sneered: Listening to this may seem like Jiang Yunshan was concerned, but in fact, it was implied that Jiang Lingzhen, herself, decided to go to that crowded area and blamed others when she fell.

Jiang Yunshan previously had been without wind, no waves. Today, she deliberately appeared like this for some people to see.

(T/N: Was originally ‘without wind, there cannot be waves’. Similar to the idiom, ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire.’)

Gu Shengyin watched Jiang Yunshan sing wonderfully with indifference. Simply sitting motionlessly and not opening her mouth to talk, is she asking to put on an act? Then I’ll let you play enough!

Jiang Yunshan originally came to show this appearance, where would she know that Jiang Lingzhen would actually ignore her?

Jiang Yunshan glared at Jiang Lingzhen with injustice and noticed the red long skirt she was wearing. Jiang Yunshan was almost unable to hold in her jealousy – that red long skirt was this year’s tribute. In addition to the Empress Dowager and the Empress getting two bolts, only one bolt was left to Princess Wencheng, which at this moment was worn by Jiang Lingzhen.

Jiang Yunshan had already put on this appearance, so she could not stop halfway. She put in all her energy to rub her eyes, thus her good, poor eyes were rubbed very red.

It was truly swollen red.

Jiang Yunshan was about to endure when the person she was waiting for finally arrived.

“What happened here?” Came a young man’s voice.

The owner of the voice appeared wearing a jade crest in his hair, spotless white robe decorated with a jade belt.

It was Jiang Lingzhen’s fiance, Tian Qi Dynasty’s Crown Prince Ji Ye.

“Your Royal Highness,” Gu Shengyin got up to salute.

Ji Ye promptly held out a hand to raise Gu Shengyin: “Cousin, you do not have to be too polite. You and I are pro-cousins and are engaged to one another. You do not need to stick to formalities.”

Ji Ye was nevertheless quite satisfied with this cousin fiance of his. Not mentioning her family background, her appearance was even more rare. Who in the Imperial City does not envy this Crown Prince’s good fortune?

“Yunshan meets cousin.” Jiang Yunshan saw the Prince come in but did not put her in his eyes. She couldn’t help but secretly grit her teeth and call out.

Ji Ye just notice Jiang Yunshan on the side and was somewhat impatient. The tension eased when he turned his head and saw Jiang Yunshan’s lovely pitiful appearance at the side. “You are?”

Jiang Yunshan softly came up to him and curtsied, her neck slightly bent exposing an area of creamy skin: “This lowly one is Jiang Fu’s Young Lady, ranked second.”

The original Jiang Yunshan was as timid as a mouse. She would hide far away when she saw the Crown Prince, where would Jiang Yunshan get the opportunity?

The Crown Prince frowned and thought for a moment: “Oh, it turned out to be Jiang General’s low-birthed daughter.”

Gu Shengyin smiled as she watched Jiang Yunshan’s face become extremely marvelous.

Translator’s Corner:

You’ll probably notice that I might have switched back and forth for some terms. I’m using to help me, but it still gets confusing.

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