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Chapter 3581: Jiang Pingtian

“Stainless Qi has the effects of cleansing the soul, purifying the mind, and eliminating inner demons. On top of that, if you absorb Stainless Qi up to a certain threshold, it will even make breakthroughs slightly easier.”

“The Sword Sect of Violet Heavens is currently facing tremendous danger. Despite such a precarious situation, you’ve left the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens aside and specially come to the Observance Heaven City for Stainless Qi. Looks like this Stainless Qi is extremely important to you, so important that as long as you have it, it can end all the dangers that the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens is facing.”

“The pavilion master’s foresight is truly divine. You can even calculate this. That’s right. As long as I obtain some Stainless Qi, the fate of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens will differ tremendously,” Jian Chen said with his fist cupped.

After a moment of thought, the pavilion master said, “Although the posts of the Observance Heaven City are renewed once every ten thousand years, if any positions open up, you can still contend for them.”

“The positions in the Observance Heaven City are split up into five different levels. The highest is the city lord, in charge of all of the commanders and generals of the city.”

“Beneath the city lord are the two vice city lords, followed by the five commanders. In the history of the Observance Heaven City, basically all of the commanders and vice city lords have been Immortal Exalts.”

“Beneath the commanders are generals. Immortal Emperors take the position of general.”

“Under the generals are commandants, which can only be occupied by Immortal Monarchs. Immortal Emperors are forbidden from contending.”

The master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets gazed at Jian Chen deeply and said, “I can make the Observance Heaven City free up a post, but I can’t directly give you it. It will be open to the entire Immortals’ World for everyone to contend. The position will go to the final victor. Do you have the confidence?”

“As long as my opponents are Immortal Emperors, I do have this confidence,” Jian Chen said in guarantee.

“They won’t be regular Immortal Emperors. They’ll be Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperors at the very least, and it’ll be extremely likely for you to run into prodigies of startling battle prowess. Their strength might even rival Immortal Exalts,” said the master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets.

“Senior, I fear no one among Immortal Emperors!” Jian Chen said confidently.

“If that’s the case, I’ll make arrangements for you. However, it’ll come at a cost, one high quality G.o.d artifact!” the master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets said.

“One high quality G.o.d artifact?” Jian Chen widened his eyes in shock. Just making the Observance Heaven City free up an official post required a high quality G.o.d artifact. The price was far too high.

“Don’t think of it as expensive. This is something easy to say on paper, but no regular person can actually handle it. After all, making the Observance Heaven City free up a post requires the permission of the city lord. If the city lord refuses, then even if you strike up an agreement under the table with the post-holder, you won’t be getting past the city lord.”

“Every city lord of the Observance Heaven City spends all their time cultivating in the sacred land. They don’t pay any attention to the situation of the outside world. Even meeting with them is difficult,” the pavilion master said calmly.

“Then I’ll be troubling you, pavilion master!” Jian Chen stopped complaining, directly taking out a high quality G.o.d artifact.

The high quality G.o.d artifact belonged to Dao Wuxue, the great elder from the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants.

“You can head back and wait for the news. Remember, when you contend for the post, do not bring the Immortal Devouring Orchid with you. That will be breaking the rules.”

With that, the landscape around Jian Chen immediately changed. He had already returned to the Observance Heaven City.

He did not stay in the Observance Heaven City for long. He directly left the city and returned to the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens.

After Jian Chen’s departure, the pavilion master remained seated in the stone pavilion. The high quality G.o.d artifact blade that Jian Chen had left behind rested on the stone table quietly.

The pavilion master did not even glance at the high quality G.o.d artifact. He slowly lowered the book in his hand and said to the empty s.p.a.ce, “I want to see the city lord of the Observance Heaven City!”

“As you wis.h.!.+” A cold, machine-like voice rang out from nowhere, completely devoid of any emotions.

That was the voice of the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City.

Several seconds later, an old man with a crown, dressed in robes lined with golden threads, silently appeared. He seemed like he was in his sixties. He was burly and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy. Just by standing there, he seemed like he had merged with the world. Every action he made mobilised the endless energy of the world, like he was the ruler of the world that controlled destructive power.

The old man was the present city lord of the Observance Heaven City, Jiang Pingtian!

Not only was Jiang Pingtian the city lord of the Observance Heaven City, he was also the greatest expert from the Polar Jade Heaven. He was a supreme expert who had already reached late Immortal Exalt!

However, despite being a late Immortal Exalt, he still had to set aside his pride before the pavilion master, bowing politely. “Greetings from junior Jiang Pingtian, pavilion master!”

The pavilion master looked at Jiang Pingtian and smiled gently. “Fellow Jiang, I’ve asked you to come because I have something small that I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you with.”

“Being able to serve the pavilion master is my honour! May I ask what the pavilion master needs of me?” Jiang Pingtian said.

“Free up a post among the generals of the Observance Heaven City,” said the pavilion master.

A smear of surprise appeared in Jiang Pingtian’s eyes, but he did not ask too much about it. He agreed happily. “No problem. I’ll go and make arrangements for this right now.”

“Hold on!” The pavilion master stopped Jiang Pingtian. The high quality G.o.d artifact blade placed on the stone table slowly drifted over to Jiang Pingtian. “Take this. Treat it as compensation!”

“It’s a mere trifle, so how can I even mention compensation? You can’t do this, pavilion master.” Jiang Pingtian waved his hand and declined.

“This isn’t from me. A little fellow left it for you. I’m not the one in need of the extra position. Take this item. If he enters the sacred land in the future, show him some care,” said the pavilion master.

“This little fellow is probably anything but simple, to be able to get the pavilion master to personally take action for him.” Jiang Pingtian smiled and no longer tried to turn it down. He gripped the blade and invisible presences immediately permeated from it.

Jiang Pingtian captured some blurry images from these presences, seeming to see the experiences of the blade.

“This item originates from the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants!” Jiang Pingtian narrowed his eyes slightly.

“That’s correct!” The master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets nodded.

“If someone else offered this to me, I would decline, but since it’s from the pavilion master, I’ll accept it,” Jiang Pingtian said seriously before stowing away the blade and leaving.

In the city lord’s estate within the Observance Heaven City, Jiang Pingtian sat on the city lord’s throne. He carefully studied the high quality G.o.d artifact blade that Jian Chen had left behind. His eyes were deep like the night sky. Who knew what he was thinking about.

“Greetings from Jiang Shaoyi, ancestor!” At this moment, a middle-aged man walked in from outside and directly dropped down to one knee, lowering his head towards Jiang Pingtian.

He was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor. Not only was he a great elder of the Jiang family, but he also held a post in the Observance Heaven City.

Jiang Pingtian looked at Jiang Shaoyi and sighed gently. “Jiangyi, resign from your post and return to the Jiang family. You can contend for a new position during the next selection.”

Jiang Shaoyi shuddered and suddenly raised his head. He stared at Jiang Pingtian in complete surprise and said in confusion, “Why, ancestor?”

“Someone requires a general’s post in the Observance Heaven City,” Jiang Pingtian said calmly.

Jiang Shaoyi suddenly narrowed his eyes. He was in disbelief. “Ancestor, who exactly is this person, to be so impressive that he can even make our Jiang family strike a compromise?”

“Don’t ask about that. You can hand over the seal to your post,” said Jiang Pingtian.

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