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Chapter 3582: The Master of Fire Virtue

Since the ancestor had already said that, Jiang Shaoyi said nothing more. He handed over his official seal obediently.

A thumb-sized seal appeared from within his body. It was completely golden and shone brightly like it was forged from gold.

The tiny seal seemed to contain a tremendous power. This power originated from the Observance Heaven City, possessing a close connection with the sovereign G.o.d artifact.

As long as they possessed this seal, not only did they hold the corresponding post in the Observance Heaven City, but they could also use the seal to borrow the strength of the city to a certain degree.

After Jiang Shaoyi handed over the seal, Jiang Pingtian also took out his seal as the city lord of the Observance Heaven City.

Jiang Pingtian’s seal was not too different from Jiang Shaoyi’s. It also glistened with golden light, except the external appearance was slightly different. It seemed a little more detailed.

Jiang Pingtian formed a seal with his hands, and a golden beam of light immediately shot out from the city lord’s seal, enveloping Jiang Shaoyi’s seal.

In the next moment, the wisp of presence that belonged to Jiang Shaoyi dispersed from the seal. Very soon, Jiang Shaoyi’s presence completely vanished from the seal.

From that moment onwards, the seal no longer belonged to Jiang Shaoyi. He had also lost his post in the Observance Heaven City.

Jiang Shaoyi’s seal shot off into the distance with a swish, vanis.h.i.+ng into the s.p.a.ce of the Observance Heaven City in the blink of an eye.

“Ancestor, I’ll return to the clan first then!” Jiang Shaoyi bowed politely towards Jiang Pingtian before leaving the city lord’s estate, directly leaving the Observance Heaven City.

Jiang Pingtian was unconcerned about Jiang Shaoyi’s departure. He remained on the city lord’s throne and clutched the high quality G.o.d artifact blade.

With his strength and status, it was clearly very difficult for a high quality G.o.d artifact to interest him. However, as he stared at the high quality G.o.d artifact in his hand, he was stern.

“The Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants… ancestor Ling… this high quality G.o.d artifact… is extremely likely to be tied up in a lot of karma. It’s not that easy to take…” Jiang Pingtian said softly. His gaze deepened again, like the cosmos was manifesting inside them. The ways also wove together as if he was peering into something.

A while later, Jiang Pingtian stopped the peering. He raised his head slightly and gazed outside the city lord’s estate. The high quality G.o.d artifact in his hand also vanished silently.

“Hahahaha, brother Jiang, this sure is rare, rare I say! For me to actually run into you outside!” At this moment, there was a great peal of laughter from the outside as an old man in fiery-red robes walked in.

Not only were the old man’s clothes red, even his hair, eyebrows, and eyes were bright red. In particular, his irises seemed to contain b.a.l.l.s of divine fire, burning away fiercely and leaping around violently.

The old man called himself the Master of Fire Virtue. He was also the ancestor of a peak organisation in the Saints’ World, a late Immortal Exalt. He was no weaker than Jiang Pingtian. In the past, he had contended against Jiang Pingtian for the position of city lord. He was ultimately defeated, so he became a vice city lord.

“Brother Jiang, from the day you became the city lord, you’ve remained in the sacred land to cultivate the entire time. Even meeting with you was difficult. I even thought that I’d never be able to meet you again during these ten thousand years.” The Master of Fire Virtue laughed.

Despite only being a vice city lord of the Observance Heaven City, none of them used their posts in the Observance Heaven City to determine their statuses.

As a result, the Master of Fire Virtue and Jiang Pingtian spoke as complete equals.

“So it’s the Master of Fire Virtue. Master of Fire Virtue, why have you come outside instead of valuing the ten thousand years and spending your time cultivating in the sacred land?” Jiang Pingtian smiled.

“Once we reach our realms of cultivation, breaking through again is no longer just a matter of time. A greater component would be opportunities or fortuitous encounters. The sacred land of the Observance Heaven City only increases our chances by less than a millionth. This is time I can afford to waste.” The Master of Fire Virtue casually found a seat and sat down. He looked at Jiang Pingtian and smiled gently. “Oh right, brother Jiang, I have something small that I hoped that you could help me out with.”

“I knew you wouldn’t visit without a proper reason. Tell me what it is.” Jiang Pingtian shook his head with a gentle smile.

“I have a descendant of an acquaintance that wants to arrange for one of their clansmen to come to the Observance Heaven City and take on the post of a Thousand Immortal General. He’s already privately found someone who’s willing to step down, so he’s just waiting for your approval, brother Jiang,” said the Master of Fire Virtue.

“There’s only a few thousand years until the next selection. Can’t he afford to wait this bit of time?” Jiang Pingtian furrowed his brows.

The Master of Fire Virtue shook his head. “Due to certain reasons, he can’t wait until the next selection. This is extremely important to them as well.” Reaching there, the Master of Fire Virtue sighed and said, “That acquaintance of mine once roamed the Immortals’ World with me. We went through thick and thin together, and we worked together for everything. Unfortunately, he failed to make it to the very end. He perished ten million years ago.”

“As a result, I’ve shown quite a lot of care to the descendants of this acquaintance. Now that one of his descendants is asking me for help, I can’t bear to turn him down.” The Master of Fire Virtue stood up and clasped his fist at Jiang Pingtian. “I’ll be troubling you, brother Jiang!”

Jiang Pingtian said in thought, “You know the rules of the Observance Heaven City too. Even if a post is freed up, I can’t designate someone to take it. It requires everyone to contend for it through strength.”

“I am obviously aware of that. When the time comes, if he can’t claim the post for himself, then he can only blame himself for his uselessness!” the Master of Fire Virtue said.

“You didn’t actually have to come and find me for this. The Observance Heaven City has already freed up a post for a Thousand Immortal General. If they want it, they can contend for it,” Jiang Pingtian said.

“What? A post for a Thousand Immortal General has already been freed up?” The Master of Fire Virtue was surprised. Then he sensed around closely and became even more surprised. “It’s that child Jiang Shaoyi. Why did he suddenly resign from his post? It wasn’t easy for him to obtain the position.”

“Shaoyi has something important that he needs to go back and handle, so he can’t stay in the Observance Heaven City,” said Jiang Pingtian.


In the vice city lord’s estate within the Observance Heaven City, the Master of Fire Virtue stood with his hands behind his back as a terrifying presence radiated from him vaguely.

Behind him stood a middle-aged man in white robes. At this moment, the middle-aged man stood with his back bowed and a fist clasped respectfully.

Among the posts of the Observance Heaven City, there was one city lord and two vice city lords. Beneath the vice city lords were the five commanders.

This time around, all of the five commanders were Immortal Exalts.

The middle-aged man who stood behind the Master of Fire Virtue this time was one of the five commanders, Ye Beifeng!

“The Observance Heaven City has already freed up a position for a Thousand Immortal General. They will begin the contest for it soon. Tell that junior from your clan to prepare himself. Whether he can obtain it or not will be up to his abilities,” the Master of Fire Virtue stood with his back towards Ye Beifeng as he said indifferently.

“Thank you, senior!” Ye Beifeng’s face beamed with joy as he bowed deeply towards the Master of Fire Virtue.

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