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Chapter 3583: Ye Qingyun

The five commanders of the Observance Heaven City all had their own estates. They were known as the commanders’ estate.

At this moment, in one of the commanders’ estates, Ye Beifeng took the main seat as he stared sternly at the young man below.

The young man’s name was Ye Qingyun. Currently, he served as the first great elder of the Ye family. He was highly talented, only having cultivated for a million years to reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Emperor.

By now, he had already remained at the Ninth Heavenly Layer for several tens of thousand years. He had already consolidated his cultivation to the extreme, residing at the peak of his current realm. If he took another step forward, he would be an Immortal Exalt.

“I’ve already helped you earn an opportunity to become a Thousand Immortal General. Qingyun, for the sake of this opportunity, I had to shamelessly ask senior Fire Virtue. Only with senior Fire Virtue’s efforts were the various difficulties resolved, opening up a position in the Observance Heaven City. As a result, you have to earn this position no matter what. Otherwise, this opportunity will go to someone else,” Ye Beifeng said sternly.

“Please don’t worry, great grandfather. I definitely won’t disappoint you in this compet.i.tion over the position of Thousand Immortal General,” Ye Qingyun said in guarantee.

Ye Beifeng was slightly worried. He stared straight at Ye Qingyun and said, “Qingyun, you might be very confident, but there will be many people contending for this position. I’m still worried that you’ll return in defeat. Tell me honestly, just how much confidence do you have?”

Ye Qingyun mulled over the question and said, “I can’t say a hundred percent, but I do have ninety percent confidence at the very least. I definitely won’t disappoint you, great grandfather, nor can I let senior Fire Virtue do all that for nothing.”

“Ninety percent confidence? That high?” Ye Beifeng leapt in fright. The contention for posts in the Observance Heaven City was a true struggle. Many supreme experts raised through the full effort of the many peak organisations of the Immortals’ World would appear.

All of these supreme experts grasped powerful secret techniques and practised cultivation methods of extremely high quality. Their abilities were unmatched, and their battle prowess was extremely great. They could even fight people at higher cultivations than them.

With such tough compet.i.tion, Ye Qingyun actually still had ninety percent confidence, which left Ye Beifeng shocked as the only Immortal Exalt ancestor of the Ye family.

“Looks like great grandfather still doesn’t believe me.” Ye Qingyun smiled gently. In the next moment, a tremendous presence emanated from Ye Qingyun.

A pitch-black armour had already appeared on his body, radiating with a tremendous might that even fazed an Immortal Exalt like Ye Beifeng.

“A high quality G.o.d artifact!” Ye Beifeng widened his eyes in shock.

As an Immortal Exalt, he understood extremely well exactly how precious a high quality G.o.d artifact was. Even with his cultivation, he only possessed a single high quality G.o.d artifact that he had obtained with the help of the Master of Fire Virtue.

The Ye family was an ancient clan that had stood throughout history. They had existed for a total of ten million years. They had their past glory as well, but now, the Ye family only had Ye Beifeng, an early Immortal Exalt, watching over them.

As for high quality G.o.d artifacts, the entire Ye family only possessed the one that Ye Beifeng wielded.

But at this moment, he actually saw a second high quality G.o.d artifact on Ye Qingyun, who was only a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor. It even left him slightly envious.

However, before Ye Beifeng could respond, the pressure of another high quality G.o.d artifact emanated out. Another high quality G.o.d artifact actually appeared on Ye Qingyun.

It was a spear, also completely pitch-black in colour, s.h.i.+ning with a startling gleam.

“Y-y-you actually have two high quality G.o.d artifacts on you!” As the only Immortal Exalt ancestor of the Ye family, Ye Beifeng could not help but tremble at this moment. His face was filled with disbelief.

“Great grandfather, do you think I’ll have any difficulty in contending for the position of Thousand Immortal General with these two high quality G.o.d artifacts?” Ye Qingyun said confidently.

Ye Beifeng sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. He looked at Ye Qingyun both excitedly and speechlessly. “Looks like you’ve obtained quite a fortune to possess two high quality G.o.d artifacts at the same time. Qingyun, I’m happy for you that you possess such accomplishments.”

“However, you still cannot afford to be careless. After all, with your cultivation as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor, it takes an extremely great toll on you to use two high quality G.o.d artifacts simultaneously.”

“Don’t worry, great grandfather. I’m obviously aware of that. This time, as long as I successfully become a Thousand Immortal General of the Observance Heaven City, I’ll definitely be able to reach Immortal Exalt and resolve the lurking threat that our Ye family is facing right now.”


The contention for the position of the Thousand Immortal General would formally begin in a decade’s time. This piece of news immediately spread through the entire Immortals’ World like wildfire, raising the attention of many peak organisations across the thirty-three heavens.

“Among the posts of the Observance Heaven City, those who lead squadrons of a hundred immortals are commandants, held by Immortal Monarchs. Those who lead battalions of a thousand immortals are generals, held by Immortal Emperors. The position of a Thousand Immortal General has been freed up this time, so only Immortal Emperors can contend for it. It’s a pity that none of the Immortal Emperors in the clan right now can contend for it.”

“I didn’t expect a post to actually be freed up now. I have to make this post mine. After all, this is the only shortcut to obtaining Stainless Qi. Breaking through from Immortal Emperor to Immortal Exalt through arduous cultivation alone won’t work. I have to seize all chances at breaking through.”

“There’s a spare post for a Thousand Immortal General? Go, bring me the two Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor kiddos in the clan. Tell them that they can go and contend for the position in the Observance Heaven City.”


As soon as the news broke out, many Immortal Emperors were drawn over. At that moment, Immortal Emperors emerged from their places of secluded cultivation one after another. They came from various organisations in various regions of the thirty-three heavens, all making their way towards the Observance Heaven City.

There were a total of fifty positions for Thousand Immortal Generals in the Observance Heaven City. This seemed like quite a lot, but to the entire Immortals’ World, these fifty positions were extremely insufficient.

As a result, whenever a position opened up, it would lead to the contention of many Immortal Emperors. The contenders would mostly be Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperors.

That was because the Stainless Qi of the Observance Heaven City was a colossal opportunity in the eyes of all Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperors. It was a chance for them to step into the realm of Immortal Exalts.

The chances were not very high. It could even be described as extremely low, but even if it were only a millionth of a chance, no one would let it slip past them so easily.

Moreover, a.s.sisting breakthroughs was only one of the many functions of Stainless Qi. Its refinement of the soul, purification of the mind, and so on could still draw over many powerful immortals.

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