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Chapter 3632: Stainless Qi

Jian Chen was in disbelief. He said in shock, “Senior Jiang, you said Daowei Chengqing only used a hundred thousand years to nurture three people without any extraordinary talent to such shocking heights? What cultivation have the three of them reached now?”

Jian Chen could only sense that Daowei Chengqing’s three servants were extremely powerful, having surpa.s.sed regular Immortal Exalts already. However, he was unable to determine exactly what heavenly layer they had reached.

“The… Seventh Heavenly Layer!” Jiang Pingtian said slowly. After a small pause, he added, “And they’ve already reached the peak of the Seventh Heavenly Layer, only a step away from the Eighth Heavenly Layer. To all Immortal Exalts of the Immortals’ World who have reached such heights, that step might be a threshold that they’ll never cross.”

“But to the three of them, it probably won’t be particularly difficult.”

“Sigh, in the past, everyone only thought Daowei Chengqing had brought out the Dominion’s Brush and the Book of the Populace from the Hole of Reincarnation, but from his three servants, it seems like the treasures that he’s brought out from the Hole of Reincarnation are far more than just that.”

Seventh Heavenly Layer… the three servants have actually all reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Immortal Exalt…” Jian Chen’s heart surged violently. He was deeply shocked by the power within Daowei Chengqing’s grasp.

This power was completely unlike the peak organisations from the Immortals’ and the Saints’ World. He understood that while some organisations of significant status in both worlds had more than three late Immortal Exalts, these experts did belong to a major organisation after all. They possessed superior status and were lofty ancestors. They were supreme existences who would not obey anyone apart from Grand Exalts.

However, Daowei Chengqing’s three servants were different. These were three completely obedient late Immortal Exalts, free for him to dispatch to do anything.

As a result, the significance behind the two were completely different.

In just a hundred thousand years, it’s actually managed to produce three experts like that. Just what alarming secrets is the Hole of Reincarnation hiding?” At that moment, Jian Chen could not help but develop intense curiosity towards the Hole of Reincarnation, tempted to pay a visit to it personally.

Even to this day, he was unable to forget the strange emotion that had welled up in the depths of his heart when he stood before the Hole of Reincarnation back then.

Even to this day, Jian Chen could closely recall the sorrow of unknown origins and the mysterious tears that had appeared on his cheeks.

“Senior Jiang, how did the crown prince of the Waymight clan enter here?” Jian Chen then asked.

“Several thousand years ago, the Grand Exalt of the Waymight clan personally accompanied him to the ninth floor of the sacred land. When he first arrived here, he was only a First Heavenly Layer Immortal Monarch. After staying here for several thousand years, he has cultivated his way up from the First Heavenly Layer of Immortal Monarch to the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Emperor.”

“At this rate, he’ll be able to reach Immortal Exalt before long.”

Then Jiang Pingtian looked at the strand of Stainless Qi in Jian Chen’s hand with a hint of mixed emotions. “However, Daowei Chengqing seems to recognise you a fair bit. Who knows if that’s a blessing or a curse to you.”

Jian Chen’s eyes shone in response to that. “May I ask why you’ve said that, senior?”

“Because your ident.i.ty…” Jiang Pingtian faltered before letting out a gentle sigh in the end and saying, “You can only rely on yourself for the journey to come. What I can a.s.sist you with is still limited in the end.”

With that, Jiang Pingtian vanished from the sacred land, intentionally leaving the ninth floor of the sacred land and leaving the entire s.p.a.ce there to Jian Chen.

With Jiang Pingtian’s departure, Jian Chen stood where he was to consolidate his thoughts, slowly digesting the shock caused by Daowei Chengqing.

In the next moment, he appeared on the only stone pillar in the centre of the ninth floor silently with a flash.

Sitting down on the stone pillar, Jian Chen immediately sensed a heavy presence surging over. That was the presence given off by Stainless Qi.

However, he turned his gaze towards the strand of Stainless Qi in his hand instead. His eyes shone with a strange light as he thought to himself, “I don’t know if this strand of Stainless Qi can awaken the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall or not.

After a moment of hesitation, Jian Chen slowly brought the Stainless Qi up to his forehead.

The Primeval Divine Hall dwelled in his sea of consciousness, so if he wanted it to absorb the Stainless Qi, he was forced to send the Stainless Qi into his soul before merging it with the Primeval Divine Hall unless he took out the divine hall.

However, he had no plans to expose the Primeval Divine Hall here. After all, who knew when someone would come up to the ninth floor of the sacred land. As a result, he could only go with the second method for the Primeval Divine Hall to absorb the Stainless Qi.

However, right when Jian Chen brought the Stainless Qi up to his forehead and was about to merge it with his soul, he suddenly experienced an ill omen. A great sense of uneasiness swelled up from the bottom of his heart. His heart also began to thump uncontrollably at that moment. His blood flow accelerated.

An extreme sense of threat engulfed Jian Chen’s mind.

The sudden occurrence made Jian Chen’s expression change drastically. He suddenly jerked the Stainless Qi far away from his forehead. His gaze was glued to the strand of Stainless Qi as he became uneasy.

There’s something wrong with the Stainless Qi!” Jian Chen’s face sank. He studied the Stainless Qi closely but did not discover anything wrong with it.

Zi Ying, Qing Suo, come and take a look at this Stainless Qi!” Jian Chen called out the sword spirits without any hesitation.

The sword spirits emerged from Jian Chen’s body, appearing as two illusionary figures that hovered above his head. They also studied the Stainless Qi in Jian Chen’s hand.

“Master, we haven’t discovered anything strange about it,” the sword spirits answered at the same time with furrowed eyebrows after a while.

Jian Chen trapped the Stainless Qi in his hand firmly with Chaotic Force. His gaze became extremely sharp. After a moment of silence, he growled, “Senior artifact spirit, is the thing in my hand really Stainless Qi?”

Jian Chen began to call for the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City. He already possessed ample understanding of the Observance Heaven City. He was aware that the artifact spirit would never go out of its way to harm anyone. Even if it did go after someone, it would do so openly and not through these means.

In the next moment, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City appeared. It also studied the strand of Stainless Qi in Jian Chen’s hand. Only after a good while did it say confidently, “Don’t worry, this is indeed Stainless Qi. It hasn’t been meddled with. This Stainless Qi did indeed appear recently before being captured by that miracle of the Waymight clan.”

Jian Chen furrowed his brows deeply when he heard that. He murmured, “That’s wrong. That can’t be right. There’s definitely something wrong with this strand of Stainless Qi. It poses a colossal threat to me.”

“Anyway, I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the Stainless Qi. If you really don’t trust it, you could exchange it with the kid on the eighth floor. He had something good on him. He won’t die that easily,” said the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City.

“The eighth floor? Ye Qingyun?” Jian Chen immediately thought of him. In the next moment, he left the ninth floor and arrived on the eighth floor in a flash.

One of the two stone pillars in the centre of the eighth floor was enveloped in a formation, isolating it from all prying gazes.

With a flick of his finger, Jian Chen sent a weak strand of sword Qi towards the formation, which immediately made it fluctuate.

Very soon, the formation was deactivated, and Ye Qingyun appeared before Jian Chen.

He sat on the stone pillar, gazing at Jian Chen with a slight frown. “Fellow Chang Yang, what’s the matter?”

“I have a strand of Stainless Qi. Do you want it? If you do, I’ll exchange it with you.” Jian Chen took out the Stainless Qi that Daowei Chengqing had given him.

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