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Chapter 3633: Slave Imprint

Gazing at the Stainless Qi in Jian Chen’s hand, Ye Qingyun’s eyes shone with interest. He said, “According to my understanding, you’re also in desperate need of Stainless Qi. Now that you’ve finally obtained a strand, why aren’t you keeping it for yourself and offering it to me instead?”

“I can stay here for several thousand more years at the very least, so I’ll obviously obtain far more than just one strand of Stainless Qi. You just happen to possess something that interests me, so I’m specially offering this strand of Stainless Qi to exchange for it,” Jian Chen said calmly.

“What do you want from me?” Ye Qingyun secretly raised his guard.

“You must still have those pills that allow you to reach Immortal Exalt, right? I want to use this Stainless Qi to exchange for that kind of pill.” Jian Chen smiled gently.

Ye Qingyun’s expression changed slightly. He said sternly, “Those kinds of G.o.d Tier pills come from the previous aeon. They are a miracle of creation, and their method of creation has already vanished. No one can refine them anymore. They can’t be replenished. The value of a single strand of Stainless Qi comes nowhere close to one of these G.o.d Tier pills.”

Jian Chen fell silent. He was aware that Ye Qingyun was telling the truth. Stainless Qi was precious, but some would appear in the sacred land of the Observance Heaven City every once in a while. It could be replenished.

In terms of actual value, Stainless Qi truly came nowhere close to these wondrous G.o.d Tier pills that could never be produced again.

Ye Qingyun stood on the stone pillar and hesitated for a while before fis.h.i.+ng out a white jade bottle from his s.p.a.ce Ring. “Since fellow Chang Yang wants one of these pills, then I’ll exchange one with you, partly as a deal and partly as a gift.”

Jian Chen opened the jade bottle and took a look. Sure enough, a round pill rested in there. It was firmly enveloped in a special membrane that gave off the presence of time.

“What’s the name of this pill?” Jian Chen asked out of curiosity.

“Even I don’t know what its original name is, but I call it the Immortal Exalt pill!” Ye Qingyun answered.

“The Immortal Exalt pill? That sure does match.” After confirming there was nothing wrong with the pill, Jian Chen stowed the jade bottle away and gave the strand of Stainless Qi in his hand to Ye Qingyun. “You can’t store Stainless Qi for too long, so you better consume it quickly. Farewell!”

With that, Jian Chen left the eighth floor without looking back, returning to the ninth floor.

Because he already possessed the right to access the ninth floor, he could freely enter and leave the ninth floor within this set time.

Ye Qingyun gazed in the direction that Jian Chen had vanished into. Only after several seconds of thought did he activate the formation around the stone pillar. He was obscured by the formation.

Ye Qingyun studied the Stainless Qi in his hand inside the formation. After an extremely close examination and confirming several times that there was nothing wrong with the Stainless Qi, he merged it with his soul, absorbing it directly.

But in the next moment, Ye Qingyun’s expression suddenly changed drastically. Seated on the stone pillar, his figure began to tremble violently. His tremendous presence as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor erupted uncontrollably, together with a turbulent storm of energy that wreaked chaos in the surroundings, kicking up fierce winds.

“Argh! Chang Yang, you despicable scoundrel, you’re actually s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g me over like this!” Ye Qingyun roared furiously.

Ye Qingyun’s gaze became extremely frightening, lighting up like a pair of suns. They were filled with intense struggle and seething fury.

The artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City appeared silently. It peered through Ye Qingyun’s formation and clearly saw everything occurring to him.

“What’s going on?” the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City murmured with its eyebrows furrowed in confusion and uncertainty.


At this moment, there was a colossal rumble, and the formation that Ye Qingyun had arranged around the stone pillar ruptured. A powerful storm of energy erupted from his body like it had lost control.

He fell off the stone pillar, falling to the ground. A blinding ball of light flickered violently near his forehead.

At this moment, Jian Chen returned to the eighth floor. He stared straight at Ye Qingyun’s horrific state with a sunken face.

“Artifact spirit, what is going on?” Jian Chen asked sternly.

The artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City said nothing.

Suddenly, a wooden puppet separated from Ye Qingyun. An ancient imprint shone brightly on the wooden puppet’s head, stuck to its forehead firmly like a tattoo. Afterwards, the imprint merged with the wooden puppet’s head and vanished completely.

When the wooden puppet separated from Ye Qingyun, the pain and struggle on his face vanished as well. He rapidly settled down again.

However, his face was extremely sunken, and his eyes were filled with anger. He stared straight at Jian Chen with bloodshot eyes and ground his teeth. “Chang Yang, how despicable of you. I gave you a precious Immortal Exalt pill. Not only did you not thank me, but you actually schemed against me like this.”

“Ye Qingyun, you’ve misunderstood. I had no plans of scheming against you. If you don’t believe me, senior artifact spirit is right here. You can ask it and you will know.” Jian Chen stared at Ye Qingyun with mixed feelings.

“Senior artifact spirit, you have to give me the justice I deserve!” Ye Qingyun clasped his fist towards the artifact spirit.

“I did not find any issues with the Stainless Qi that Chang Yang gave you. As for the ancient imprint hidden within the Stainless Qi, the methods behind that are beyond my knowledge. However, I can roughly tell that the imprint should be some kind of extremely ancient slave imprint. This slave imprint was not planted by Chang Yang,” said the artifact spirit.

“Slave imprint?” Jian Chen’s face became very ugly. The Stainless Qi that Daowei Chengqing gave him actually hid a slave imprint?

Daowei Chengqing was actually trying to enslave him?

Ye Qingyun’s face became uneasy as well. He asked sternly, “The slave imprint wasn’t planted by Chang Yang? The Stainless Qi came from Chang Yang. Apart from him, who else could it be? And, if Chang Yang wasn’t hiding ulterior motives, why did he return here?”

“The Stainless Qi was gifted to me by the crown prince of the Waymight clan, but I didn’t absorb it, instead exchanging it with you. I never imagined that you would almost fall victim to a slave imprint.” Jian Chen explained with a darkened expression. No matter how he racked his brains, he was unable to imagine why Daowei Chengqing would go to such lengths to come after him after meeting him once. He had gone to such great lengths to hide a slave imprint in a strand of Stainless Qi.

What surprised him even more was Daowei Chengqing’s method of hiding the slave imprint had even fooled the sword spirits and the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City.

Was the method far too wondrous? Or was it something that artifact spirits were incapable of seeing?

“What? The crown prince of the Waymight clan?” Ye Qingyun’s expression suddenly changed. Clearly, he had heard plenty about this legendary figure renowned throughout the Immortals’ World as well.

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