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Chapter 434
Chapter 434: She’s That Kind Of A Soldier

After receiving the results, Regimental Commander Liu said to Political Commissar Yan: “No matter which division the little la.s.s gets posted to, the level of that division will soar up like they were seated in an airplane . The results of her ten extra days are already comparable to a six-month motorized infantry soldier . ”

“Coincidentally there’s a night drive on Friday . How about this, we’ll a.s.sign a co-driver in her car and let her try it out . ” Night drives are one of the training drills and are compulsory for every motorized infantry soldier .

“Mountain drive?” A hint of seriousness surfaced on Political Commissar Yan’s face . After spending a moment in silence, he gently shook his head, “That won’t do, there’re unforeseeable risks on the mountain road . There is only one road up there, and huge 180 degree turns, no railings at the side, and they also have to remain at a distance from the cars in front . Old Liu, I will not allow her to drive up the mountain road . ”

After all, she had only been with them for slightly over ten days . The practise on the training ground will be enough to perfect her skills and training under the instructor’s command will ensure a layer of protection .   


However, the mountain road was entirely different . There, it was all about the experience, and that’s not something that can be overcome using only guts .

“She’s inexperienced, and I won’t recommend her to go on night drives…” Regimental Commander Liu sighed, after a moment of silence, he replied: “You’re right, she still lacks the necessary experience . We’ll see about that soon . Let’s take a look at her results in two weeks and, if possible, let her try it once before going to the capital . We still need to let her try if we don’t, then she won’t have the confidence she needs . ”

“The leader’s schedule is coming out soon . If there’s any night driving, little la.s.s Jian, who is acting as one of the escorts, must pa.s.s the training for it . If not, we cannot arrange for her to be at the leader’s side . ”

Regimental Commander Liu’s apprehensions finally made Political Commissar Yan nod in agreement, “Alright, we’ll allow her to have a test drive before going to the capital . ”

Ye Jian1 didn’t know that she had become the topic of interest between the Regimental Commander and the Political Commissar . Recently, she had made Political Commissar Yan hesitate multiple times on whether he should talk with her or not .

It was not until the Friday of the third week that Ye Jian knew that she needed to partic.i.p.ate in the night driving training . She steadily started the car on the practice track, setting out, changing gears, adjusting speed, turning direction . She completed all of those actions naturally as flowing water, and there wasn’t a hint of unfamiliarity .

“Uneven roads ahead, unilateral bridge and bilateral bridge; Ye Jian, keep up your pace and pa.s.s it swiftly!” Her instructor’s stern voice came out from the earpiece, instructing Ye Jian on how to complete her practice tests .

Forward, reverse, and after a right-angled turn, she pa.s.sed the unilateral and bilateral steel track bridges . Ye Jian kept up her speed, driving the car as if she was taking a walk and pa.s.sed through everything without a hitch .

Political Commissar Yan watched the jeep on the training tracks complete the whole set of training drills in a way that seemed to be driven by an experienced soldier . She even managed to complete the course in a time that was only 20 seconds slower from someone who had more experience than her .

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“What other training drills do you have after this?” He walked beside Ye Jian’s training instructor and said in a low voice: “It’s already four in the afternoon, she still has to make it to her evening revision period . ”

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The instructor opened the training schedule and replied with a low voice: “A drill that we had started practising last night: going over a unilateral bridge with two wheels forward . ” Two wheels forward meant that the car would be moving on one of its sides at a fast speed, thus completing a drift .

“Good, once that’s done, let her take a break . I just saw her picking up bandages from the medical supplies; she must have blisters on her palm, huh . ”

“Yes, from Fridays to Sundays, her training will only end at 0100, then she will wake up at precisely 0600 for training . The little la.s.s has delicate skin, and because she has to turn the steering wheel at breakneck speed over the past two days, she got a few blisters on her hands . ”

The instructor’s explanation was a watered-down one because there weren’t just a few blisters on Ye Jian’s palm . Her hands had blisters at areas where her fingers joined together with her palm and were arranged in a straight line .  

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