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"The Old Lord is…" one of the black-robed men blurted out under the pressure of her formidable aura. But, he quickly realized that opening his mouth would be akin to surrendering information. So, he hastily shut it. This was no different than burying his head in the sand…

"The Old Lord…? So, that Old Man Huyan Tian Feng has positioned himself behind the scenes now. So, the New Lord… is his son?"

Mei Xue Yan gave them a cynical glance, "…has that Old Huyan become that arrogant? Your Three Holy Lands were anyways despicable, and this one has even handed-over the leaders.h.i.+p to his own son. He has even forgotten the tradition of abdicating the post to the most worthy individual. The Three Holy Lands had always relied on meritocracy for succession of leaders.h.i.+p. But, your Illusory Ocean of Blood has made this a matter of inheritance… That Old Huyan has made his third-rate son the Lord of the Illusory Ocean of Blood? I'm genuinely amazed by this!"

"Humph! Which one of the Three Holy Lands doesn't follow hereditary succession? You girl, you speak such big words of insult and vilification about the Leader of our Holy Land! You've become an enemy of the entire Illusory Ocean of Blood. Our Illusory Ocean of Blood won't let you off! But, I will ask the Lord to forgive you if you agree to apologize and hand over the Bone Tempering Pills!" The face of the old man on the left was painted with anger. He had even raised his finger like a weapon, and had pointed it towards her. His face showed that he was diabolically angry, but his heart still feared her. It was cla.s.sic case of 'a sheep in a wolf's clothing'. However, his inner feelings were clear as day…

"You two haven't experience much of the society at large; have you?" The corners of Mei Xue Yan's mouth curled into a cruel sneer, "An individual becomes a seasoned and experienced expert once they've braved the society on their path to the level of Great Masters. Do you think such an expert will lose their emotional balance in an unexpected situation while confronting an enemy? One look at you is enough to tell that the Illusory Ocean of Blood has raised the two of you to the Great Master Level. You may have the acquired the strength of the Great Master Level in this leisurely manner, but you don't possess the bearings of a Great Master. Moreover, you don't even have the experience of a Great Master Level Expert. Pieces of trash like you are no better than a regular Spirit Xuan expert from this common man's world! And, you still dare to strut-around like that in front of me?! In fact, you even plan to coerce me into giving you the Bone Tempering Pills? You're becoming too big for your own boots!" Mei Xue Yan's tone became increasingly disdainful.

Their hair stood on an end when they heard these words of blatant insults!

Those two old men from the Illusory Ocean of Blood screamed in anger, and suddenly jumped while crisscrossing each other. They soared into the air at the same time. Their palms then seemingly grabbed cold and incisive winds, and fused them together. They had only come halfway, but they had already turned into multifarious terrifying phantom images. Their momentum had reached an extremely dreadful extent!

Mei Xue Yan snorted as her pretty and delicate-looking arms spread wide. She then shouted in an awe-inspiring manner, "You are foolishly conceited about your strength! You've invited dishonor to yourselves! World Cage!"

A large, formidable, and incorporeal field was suddenly formed; it isolated that area from the rest. The angry old man on the left froze on the spot, and was left incapable of moving his body in any manner. In fact, his body had even maintained his 'prancing' stance in its present state of absolute immobility.

The other old man turned pale with fright when he saw this. Then, sharp screams were heard; they were entangled with sounds of slamming. Mei Xue Yan had already landed three palms to the old man.

Three strikes of her palm!

Mei Xue Yan's complexion didn't change in the slightest. She slowly retracted her palms, and glared coldly. The chair beneath her had broken with a light sound. But, she had made no other sound apart from that.

However, that old man's shade didn't look so good. Instead, his body appeared like a silver ingot as he rolled away like a ball for a distance. However, he suddenly turned around, and exerted his strength to stabilize his unbalanced body. He then opened his mouth wide, and something similar to an arrow of blood shot towards the Green Hunter's face. The old man's body didn't come to a halt either. Instead, it continued to dart away in a swift manner.

[There's nothing I can do here!]

[It's prudent to leave early! This is a shocking and unexpected event! So, informing Senior Huang and the Young Lord takes top priority! Who could've thought of this? Who could've imagined that this insignificant Jun Family would be concealing such an unrivalled expert?]

Therefore, he had made a prompt decision — [Escape!]

Even the exchange of a few blows can determine the life and death in a battle between experts. The outcome of this battle had been decided in this brief moment.

They had only exchanged a few strikes. But, the attacks of that unnamed woman were as fierce as thunder. And, the power contained therein was unmatched. She had given him dozens of injuries by merely raising her hand. Moreover, she had damaged each of his major internal organs!

But, that old man was still at the Great Master Level. He was able to resist vomiting his blood out there-and-then. In fact, he was also able to use it as a sharp weapon against the Snake King once he had turned around.

It must be noted that his ability to deal with contingencies was rather exceptional. But, it was a pity that he had run into the Snake King of the Tian Fa Forest. She had earned the name of the King of Poisons for herself due to her treacherous and murderous use of venoms. How could she be deceived by that little trick?

The Snake King hadn't intended to interfere in the fight since Mei Xue Yan had taken the lead. But, that old man had provoked her. So, nothing could be said about it now. In fact, there was nothing to be said. After all, he had raised his head, and had shot an arrow of blood towards her. His then hands slammed against the ground, and his body changed directions to rise into the sky. However, the Snake King congealed a tremendous amount of power under her feet at this time, and shot resolute kicks at the escaping old man's calves.

These feet had appeared out of nowhere. And, they hadn't come from a usual kicking position either. These factors had made it next-to-impossible to guard against them. In fact, it could be reckoned that the old man's legs would be crippled if those kicks were to connect. He was certainly a Great Master. But, he still wouldn't be an exception to this result.

That old man became even more alarmed at the sight of the Snake King's incisive kick. However, his mind hadn't spiraled into confusion even though he had been frightened by this move. He quickly brought his palms upwards from the ground, and slashed them like blades towards the Snake King's ankles at a tangential angle. His legs also became blurry at the same time, and he escaped further away.

His escape was certain as long as the woman behind him didn't do anything.

The Snake King snorted coldly. She raised her legs. She dodged the resolute attacks from the old man's palms. Then, she drove one of her legs towards the old man's chest in an even more resolute manner. Meanwhile, her other leg fell further to attack his knees with the tip of her toes.

Those two attacks were extremely sinister in nature. Moreover, that old man could evade only one of them at his current strength. He would be a cripple throughout his life if he were struck on his knee. But, his life would be in danger in case his chest was struck!

Both these individuals were at the Great Master Level in terms of strength. So, the difference in their strengths hadn't been very ma.s.sive at first. But, the old man had faced Mei Xue Yan, and had suffered injuries in the process; and, serious internal injuries at that! Consequently, he had lost at least thirty percent of his fighting strength.

More importantly, the Lords of the Three Holy Lands had cultivated these people behind closed doors. Therefore, it was very difficult to guess the disparity in the quality of battle experience they had acquired when compared to the Great Masters who had emerged from the ordinary society. But, it was certainly nothing compared to that of the Xuan Beast Kings of the Tian Fa Forest. And, this was the reason why this old man had fallen into such a disadvantageous situation so early in the battle.

"Forget about it. Let him leave," Mei Xue Yan snorted coldly at first. She then continued, "That Illusory Ocean of Blood is nothing to me. So, you might as well let him return and spread the news. What's the worst that could happen? Anyway, he'll try to threaten us with that Illusory Ocean of Blood's reprisals if you finish him right now."

The Snake King heard that. So, she turned back her waist, and quickly retracted her attacking legs. That old man was almost done for by the tip of her toes. But, he was able to fly outside as a result of her retreat. He then jumped towards the perimeter walls in order to fly away as he continuously vomited blood whilst in mid-air. His Xuan Qi was in motion. In fact, it was cycling at an overloaded capacity. And, that had intensified his internal injuries.

His emotions had particularly left him with a desire to die here-and-now. After all, death ends all of one's troubles.

[Such disgrace!]

[I fought with everything I had. I even risked my life. But, I was only able to escape like a mere p.a.w.n who was at the mercy of the opposite side!]

Mei Xue Yan had certainly allowed him to leave. But, this didn't mean that the other people would too…

A brightly glittering sword suddenly appeared in the sky as that old man was attempting to cross the wall in midair!

This glittering sword's rays were extremely bright. In fact, they were like streaks of lightning in the sky.

The sound produced by the lightening-fast speed of this sword made it seem as if the sounds of thunder had exploded.

It was going to hit him midair!

That old man couldn't go up, and couldn't go down either. Moreover, he had started to believe that he had escaped this situation. So, he had started to rejoice, and this had led him to slack off to some extent. Also, the serious internal injuries he had suffered mustn't be negated from the equation. After all, the internal injuries suffered by his organs had seriously depleted his strength. Consequently, his aura had nearly dissipated by this time, and his strength hadn't returned. And, this meant that he was at his weakest at that point.

The timing of that glittering sword's appearance had been extremely clever; it was clever beyond an equal. In fact, the timing of that sword attack had attained perfection! It must be known that even a top-rated hitman wouldn't have been able to capitalize on such a fine moment of landing a sure-shot strike against a Great Master Level expert!

The sword's rays filled the air with murderous aura. And, the beard and hair of the old man were dyed jade-green under its reflection. Terror, extreme shock, and despair filled his face at this moment. But, he didn't even get the time to open his mouth in order to shout before it was all over…

That sword's rays shrouded the entire sky as it slashed down into the old man's right shoulder. However, the sword didn't stop there. Instead, it continued to cut forth like a knife through b.u.t.ter. Only a 'slas.h.i.+ng' sound was heard as it cut down to his left rib. It radiance a bright l.u.s.ter as it again came in contact with empty air. Then, it issued a sword cry which sounded similar to the roar of a dragon. After that, it disappeared as swiftly as a dragon does when it enters the seas!

The Divine Sword — the Blood of Yellow Flame!

A white-clothed youngster quickly appeared outside Mei Xue Yan's room. But, his speed had made it seem as if he had been riding the very winds.

That place was no less than twenty meters away from the spot where he had attacked the black-clothed old man!

That black-clothed old man's body was still moving forward due to its momentum. But, his eyes resembled that of a dead fish. The upper-half of his body — including his shoulders, arms, and head — separated from the lower part of his body as he fell down. The upper-half of the body smashed into the wall first with a Bang! And, the lower-half followed after it with another Bang!

A blood of rain poured down from the sky!

The matter had been concluded!

The white-robed Jun Mo Xie had a warm and gentle expression on his face. He didn't even turn his head to look back as he entered the room in a leisurely and confident manner. He then smiled as he spoke, "This is very embarra.s.sing. This Jun Idiot's unsuitable protection must've left the two ladies startled…" Anyone would've considered this Jun Youngster to be a very innocent man if they hadn't witnessed that scene…

Young Master Jun had been busy with training and refining those pills for the past few days. In fact, he had been working himself to the point of blacking out. It was unknown whether it was due to his skill or pure luck… But, he had finally succeeded in refining the Vitality Linkage Pill. So, he was quite happy and excited about it. In fact, he was so happy that he had nearly emerged breathless from the PaG.o.da. However, that was when he had suddenly felt the two men moving towards Guan Qing Han's courtyard at a lightening-fast speed.

[It seems that my plan has been effective!] The Young Master had felt rather proud of himself at first. But, he then suddenly thought; [How are things with Tang Yuan? They wouldn't have…] He had quickly made his way out when this thought had crossed his mind.

He possessed the tactical sensibility and experience of a top-cla.s.s So, he obviously knew when the best time to make a move was. So, he hid himself at the sidelines, and started to fry the pan hot with his cold hands. He managed to take advantage of the situation in the end, and his sharp sword ended-up slas.h.i.+ng a Great Master Level expert into two halves!

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