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Jun Mo Xie could imagine how powerful he would be if his meridians were entirely filled with this odd, purple Qi! And this would require him to slowly acc.u.mulate it, bit by bit…

Although he still didn't know when the next breakthrough would be, Jun Mo Xie could vaguely tell that it would occur when the purple Qi in his meridians attained a certain level of abundance! Only then would he reach the borders of the next breakthrough! The intervals between the fifth and sixth levels were unlikely to be as brief as the previous five levels!

This might just be a relatively long and slow c.u.mulative process!

And everything else was up to his own destiny.

By the time Jun Mo Xie returned back to Tian Xiang City, he was astonished to find out that the entire Tian Xiang City was already in a state of mess!

He found out after asking around that apparently the second prince's men had turned the entire capital into a state of chaos and turmoil within these three days. The afternoon two days ago, under the arrangements of Li You Ran, a few of the warriors of the second prince's residence 'b.u.mped' into a group of top advisors of the first prince. And very 'coincidentally', they had all gathered in a restaurant to feast.

Then, the warriors under the second prince became drunk. One of them hurtled a ball of snot in his drunken state and very 'coincidentally' hurled it into the fish soup of the first prince's advisors…

And thus, the advisors got enraged and began breaking out in strong arguments, so naturally both parties were caught in a conflict. The warriors naturally could not be as good at talking as these bunch of tacticians, but…. although they couldn't win with their mouths, they could wield their weapons! So they instantly pulled out their weapons! And thus all seven of the first prince's advisors quickly met their demise under the knives of the second prince's warriors.

The first prince was infuriated upon hearing of this. How could he take this lying down?! So he brought his men to settle scores with the second prince. But who knew how the negotiation between both parties went wrong, and a thousand warriors became engaged in a battle, staining the entire palace in blood.

Even the first prince couldn't escape unscathed and was. .h.i.t and lost a couple of his teeth. How could he swallow this sort of insult? So he went to the Emperor, but who knew what had possessed the second prince. He suddenly unsheathed his sword when they were confronting each other in court and stabbed a hole right through his own elder brother's head!

Naturally, this matter had yet to come to an end, because this 'reality show' had taken place right before the eyes of the Tian Xiang Emperor! The internecine strife of the two princes caused their father vomit blood from anger! He ordered immediately to denounce the second prince to a commoner and lock him away in the imperial prison!

The first son was stabbed to death by the second son right before him! How could anyone take a disastrous turn of familial bonds like this!

On the other hand, the third prince, who had gotten this news, was extremely elated. There is nothing that needed to be said. Second brother stabbed elder brother to death; this is wonderful! It is the end of these two foes! And seems like Father was so angered he might not make it. This throne is definitely mine! Time to have a great celebration!

But the ones celebrating that day were not just the third prince. On that night, Li You Ran led the troops and forced his way into the imperial prison to rescue the second prince. The troop stormed their way back to the residence and celebrated without restraints!

There was a hint of evilness behind the ridiculousness of this entire matter….

On the same evening, all the subordinates under the second prince came out in full force, and with the aid of a group of strong, mysterious helpers, they wiped out all the forces under the first prince. This included several large families and over ten officials! They killed until fresh blood ran like rivers!

And on this same night, unfortunately, all the garrison military officers vanished mysteriously. The leaders of several barracks had also disappeared, resulting in the imperial bodyguards not having a commander to lead them. So it was unusually smooth and easy for the second prince to launch his relatively unbrilliant b.l.o.o.d.y scheme. A day later, in a tiny well in the Imperial Palace, they found over ten bodies: the corpses of the commanders of the imperial bodyguards….

Filling up that small well till it was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with water…..

The great Emperor, who had watched his own sons cruelly killing each other and stain the entire royal palace in blood, finally hardened his heart and announced to make the third prince, Yang Zhe, the Crown Prince. He also issued an imperial order to gather all of Tian Xiang's forces to aid the Emperor to annihilate the second prince!

An intense battle unfolded instantly within the capital!

And this battle had completely chilled the heart of the Emperor. Several large families chose to not be involved! The Murong Family had already resigned from their official positions, and those who insisted on not resigning were banished from the family. The entire family was getting ready to move away from the Capital to return back to their hometown and enjoy the rest of their lives. Aid the Emperor? That was what the court members should do, so what did it have to do with them, poor and common people?

The Song Family shut their doors.

Due to his grandson Li You Ran, Grand Preceptor Li chose to stand on the side of the second prince.

The Dugu Family, on the other hand, had their doors wide open. But no one came out of it. They were all there to watch the show. There was no way to not watch this show. All nine high-ranking generals in the family were 'sick'! They could only 'aid' by watching….

There was no need to even talk about the Jun Family. Jun Zhan Tian had long resigned from his position, and the dispute of the Tian Xiang Empire had absolutely nothing to do with him.

And with regards to the Meng Family that was always in sync with the first prince… they were the first ones to be completely annihilated and wiped out. It was said that not even a dog from the entire household had managed to escape…

Only Tang Wan Li was still loyal, gathering all of his troops. But the old man was intercepted on his way and sustained heavy injuries and still remained unconscious. He was rescued by someone sent by the Tian Xiang G.o.d of Wealth, Tang Yuan….

Not a single one of the several big royal families that had supported the Emperor could be of use. All the military troops had also vanished. Left without any choice, in a fit of anger, the Emperor decided to lead the troops into battle personally. A fight to death with his own son!

And thus, a peculiar and odd sight began to unravel in the Capital. The second prince, who was originally the weakest, seemed to have expanded unprecedentedly in strength, and was capable of putting up a fight against the strongest fighting power of the Tian Xiang Royal Family—the imperial troops!

With the careful strategies of Li You Ran, he was even gaining an upperhand….

When the battle had reached its middle game, the 'hungover' third prince had finally woken up and brought his troops, joining forces with his own father to defeat his second brother. Only then did they managed to suppress the second prince, but they were still unable to invade the second prince's residence….

The three parties entered a stalemate….

The dark smoke billowed in the entire Capital, as if it were the end of the world.

And it was at this point that Jun Mo Xie finally returned to the Jun Residence. Old Master Jun and Jun Wu Yi stood at the top of the tower of their residence, gazing into the distance. Old Master Jun's brows were tightly knitted, seemingly troubled. Third Master Jun, on the other hand, looked like he was watching a show. The father and son had two different expressions on their faces….

"The capital has really been lively these couple of days!" Jun Mo Xie chuckled, stepping into the tower.

"Hpmh! Lively, isn't it? But this old man wouldn't believe it if you did not have a hand behind in all this excitement!" Old Master Jun glared at his grandson harshly. "Only you would be capable of coming up with such a vicious scheme like this!"

"What has this got to do with me? I really haven't been in the capital these couple of days. Even if I were in the capital, I am not even chummy or close with anyone of them! I'm genuinely maligned!"

Jun Mo Xie gave a most innocent look. "Perhaps both father and son were sick of playing games with each other and wanted to have some fun and excitement personally, fighting with each other? That'd make sense…. Don't you agree with me, Third Uncle? There are all sorts of people in this world; for the sake of strengthening their power, for the sake of obtaining power, they are capable of anything!"

Jun Wu Yi couldn't help but laugh. "That's true. What could a father and son like them be incapable of doing? The supreme power of the world… the desire to rule the world is enough to cover up all conscience!"

Jun Zhan Tian blew at his beard. "Stop talking rubbis.h.!.+ This country is going to peris.h.!.+ Brothers destroying each other, father and son killing each other—this is called a game? It is a game you played, isn't it!"

"Grandfather, relax. The Tian Xiang Empire will definitely not perish. My father protected this country back then; how could I, as his son, destroy all his hard work like that? It definitely will not perish…."

Jun Mo Xie chuckled and went behind Old Master Jun solicitously. Diligently kneading and rubbing his shoulders, he said, "But the culprits behind my father's death can only dream of sitting on the throne peacefully. Living free and unfettered is also wishful thinking. Grandfather, it is a rare opportunity to watch a great show like this. Let's just enjoy and admire it…."

"Then you two t.w.a.ts can slowly admire it! This old man is old and tired. I shall go and sleep now! Don't find me if there is anything; if there is nothing, then don't even come and find me!" Old Master Jun stomped off….

"You did this, didn't you?" Jun Wu Yi turned around and faced his nephew.

"Um…. it cannot really be counted as my work; all I did was really gave a couple of reminders. I didn't do anything else…." Jun Mo Xie cackled as he wriggled his brows. "Third Uncle, have you…. been enjoying yourself these couple of days?"

Third Master Jun's face turned red. He put on his firmest expression and said, "What do you mean enjoying myself? That was uncalled for! Don't change the topic! We are talking about serious business here!"

"I am speaking of serious business…. this…. that…. you… you've done what you should've done already, right?" Jun Mo Xie sheepishly asked, hoping to ask for some teaching and advice….

"Do what? What nonsense are you spouting? Are you itching for a beating?!" Jun Wu Yi's face was as red as beetroot. Avoiding his nephew's odd look with a tinge of guilty conscience, he tried hard to maintain his position as an elder. He chided, "Don't speak rubbis.h.!.+ If you continue to talk rotten, I will punish you!"

"Third Uncle....." Jun Mo Xie sulked, and spoke in a sincere manner. "It is not good to live together before marriage…. there is no verification in ident.i.ty and status…..Even if you don't mind, does Third Aunt not mind? Even if Third Aunt doesn't mind, this manner of dealing with things has a great impact on us juniors…. As the saying goes, if the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked… Looks like my playfulness as a child is all because of your influence…. today I have finally learnt of the root of my illness…."

Jun Wu Yi fumed with anger as he glared at Jun Mo Xie. "You scoundrel, you still dare to speak of such nonsense! What does your incompetence from young have to do with me? I have always been upright and unyielding! When was I ever like you, unable to hold a proper posture and position even though you've grown into such a big man now! I always wanted to whip you every time I see you! So you've grown some abilities now, huh? You think Third Uncle doesn't dare to teach you a lesson anymore, huh? No matter how capable you are, aren't you still my nephew?!"

Jun Mo Xie clicked his tongue and sighed. "Sigh, the hypocrisy of the world! As expected, once the wife has entered the room, the matchmaker is tossed over the wall! Third Uncle! To think that I put in so much effort for you and Third Aunt. But now, all is great, the wife has only entered the house, not even the room yet! But I, this great matchmaker, is already thrown over the wall already… To think that you still wish to teach me a lesson… you used to be so affable and genial….."A chinese saying. Marriages in villages require a matchmaker to set things up between the couple, and they no longer serve any purpose after the couple has wedded.

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