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After a long while, Jun Mo Xie said with great satisfaction, "Xue Yan… Did you know: ever since you were injured, I may have looked fine on the surface, but the inside of my heart never had a day of peace… I was constantly worried and concerned, but that was all until this hug today… it really made me feel at ease… you little elf who left me deeply worried really tormented me…"

Mei Xue Yan's bright big eyes blinked. Looking at Jun Mo Xie's face, she continued to stretch her body and bury herself in his embrace. Silently pressing her little ears against his chest, capturing that familiar heartbeat. Ba, ba .Every beat left her feeling immensely happy and blissful…

"I can't take it. You little heartbreaker still want to seduce me at this timing! I've decided; even if you recover someday in the future, you must revert back into this form from time to time for me to hug… I love this sort of feeling too much; I'm too blessed…" Young Master Jun sighed with great satisfaction.

You still want to do this even after I've recovered? Hmph, then how could I face others out there? … However, it's not bad to fulfill your wishes. But I only hope that you will not regret it when the time comes… Mei Xue Yan, who was in his arms snorted, blinking her eyes playfully, as if she were thinking about something.

Young Master Jun did not have the slightest realization that because of this one single sentence he said today, he had created a huge problem for himself in the future. After the two of them wedded, for a period of time, every time Jun Mo Xie was about to get intimate, he would realize that at the most crucial juncture, when he was about to conquer and dominate his gorgeous lover, she would suddenly transform into a small white… um…

It could be imagined…

Everytime that happened, Young Master Jun would feel like crying, but the tears wouldn't come…

While Jun Mo Xie was rambling, suddenly, Mei Xue Yan, who was in his embrace, became completely silent. Astonished, Jun Mo Xie looked down, only to see Mei Xue Yan's pair of bright eyes focusing on a spot in s.p.a.ce, her breathing becoming long and drawn out… To think that at a point in time like this, she entered a transient state similar to enlightenment…

Jun Mo Xie didn't know to laugh or cry. It can work like this?

There's no other choice; I'll just hug this soft, little thing in my arms and be a statue for a while…

Who knew how much time had pa.s.sed when Mei Xue Yan suddenly leapt and landed on that Heaven Earth Spirit Vein that she always practiced on, her sharp little claws moving swiftly like the wind, writing in freestyle…

With a few strokes, the bold, cursive calligraphy was completed!

Three lines were written down!

But Jun Mo Xie could distinctly sense that they didn't seem to words! At least, they weren't merely words! But three types of profound moves! Because, from these writings, there was extremely strong killing intent!

"Ask, when will the scramble for power and profit stop.? Hate, the Holy Land's heartlessness. The first wish is to the people, sorting out worldly affairs. Heaven and earth will be at peace!

Ask, when will the disturbance and fighting cease? Hate, Tian Fa has tears. The second wish is to the earth, thoroughly was.h.i.+ng away all traces of strangeness. Heaven and earth will be clean!

Ask, is there an end to the end of time? Hate, the world of the living lasts for ages. The third wish is to the heavens; throughout all of time, these feelings shall accompany samsara!"

Jun Mo Xie looked at these three sentences carefully and suddenly comprehended its meaning. The first sentence said that Mei Xue Yan had thoroughly seen through the likes of the people from three Holy Lands, revealing her desire to restructure the world. And it should be a move that enveloped, a rather extensive scope! Each stroke of the characters represented a position to strike from, and it could be changed and varied from start to finish, its power extremely impressive…

The second sentence was talking about the War for Seizing the Heavens. This was not only a wish, but also a resolution to cleanse all traces of the strange races, a wish to return a clean and untainted world back to the human world. Similarly, this was a move!

With regards to the third sentence, it was about… feelings, towards what seemed to be himself! And they were such strong and intense feelings; every stroke was full and plump, revealing a firm resolution in this aspiration that would not change in all lifetimes to come!

Wis.h.i.+ng upon the heavens; throughout all of time, these feelings shall accompany samsara!

Using the eternity of samsara to make known her sincerest feelings!

Samsara… also represented the deadliest move! A deadly move that was immensely powerful!

The ultimate move that no one in the world could avoid!

This girl… truly deserved her reputation as an overlord! To suddenly achieve enlightenment at a timing like this! And to go as far as to create three exceptional moves of this level of endless might!

And the most intriguing one in Young Master Jun's eyes was having these feelings accompany samsara—it was the strongest and most powerful move amongst the three! This also made it clear that in her heart, Jun Mo Xie was the most important! Be it the three Holy Lands or the War for Seizing the Heavens, both could not hold a candle to him! He was proud of himself!

"Impressive! Truly… impressive!" Jun Mo Xie was extremely sharp-eyed; naturally he could tell with one look where and how powerful these three moves were. But the complexity amidst it was also hard to imagine…

Looks like the three Holy Lands and the responsibility of the War for Seizing the Heavens had oppressed Mei Xue Yan's heart to such a great degree! Otherwise, she would definitely not create this sort of shocking moves!

Jun Mo Xie could also see that these three moves were merely still at their beginning stages!

No one would have thought that it would be in here, in this sort of situation where only the two of them were around to witness it. After breaking free of these mental shackles, Mei Xue Yan suddenly was enlightened and created three powerful, exceptional moves that would allow her to sweep across the world!

Three questions to the Heavens!

Jun Mo Xie did not bother her; instead, he stealthily left the Hongjun PaG.o.da…

Because after writing out these three lines, Mei Xue Yan entered a transient state again. She stared at these three lines and went into deep thoughts for a long time.

She was perfecting these three moves!

The moves that she had created were the moves that were most suited for her!

This was still the first and only time Mei Xue Yan had ever created her own moves in all these years!

She absolutely must not be disturbed at a moment like this!

If she got disturbed, then everything would go down the drain! Jun Mo Xie was well aware of this, so he chose to disappear silently. Because his own existence, even if it was just the smallest startle caused by his shadow, would be enough to affect the success of Mei Xue Yan's creation of her moves!

How could it be easy to create your own moves?

The Xuan Skills of the Continent had been pa.s.sed down for tens of thousands of years, counting from the time the Nine Nether First Young Master had first imparted it.

Tens of thousands of years!

How many moves had been revised? Be it imitating wild beasts or birds, be it imitating the harsh mountains,or the gush of rapid waters, or also the boundless clouds and sea, the wind, flowers, snow, and moon…

Every single stroke had to go through countless of improvements! Whatever could be used was more or less already used completely! The s.p.a.ce left for the descendants to further innovate had also seemingly become less and less!

So on a foundation like this, to be capable of creating a move of their own, every one of them was a grandmaster of their generation! People of exceptional talent!

Under the circ.u.mstances of completely losing all her cultivation and having to start from the beginning all over again, and even pick up a unique kind of art that was completely different from the one she had previously cultivated, Mei Xue Yan had essentially thrown away everything from her past. And at a timing like this, she could still put down the shackles that were bound to her heart, and with her feelings as the basis, she created a set of moves that entirely belonged to herself!

It was also from this moment, that despite only having the cultivation level of a seventh level Xuan Beast, Mei Xue Yan truly had qualifications that were no inferior to the ancestors of the three Holy Lands!

Creating her own moves!

At this moment, Mei Xue Yan fell into deep thought like this, not even caring about how she looked. Jun Mo Xie did not have any opinions about it.

He was not jealous, nor did he feel the need to compete!

The only thing he felt was a sense of pride that filled his entire heart!

Because someone with this sort of accomplishment is my woman! Is my wife!

This enlightenment Mei Xue Yan had lasted for three whole days!

And during these three days, Jun Mo Xie did not dare disturb her even when he was delivering food and water. When he was concocting pills, he entered the fourth level of the Hongjun PaG.o.da directly and moved them out from the paG.o.da straight from the fourth level…

Outside, it was a state of celebration in Tian Fa Forest!

Because Jun Mo Xie had released news that all level nine Xuan Beasts who did not get to eat the pills previously would get their share this time! Every single one of them would get their share! When this great news was released, the Beast Kings came running at breakneck speed, their loud cries shaking the heavens, calling and summoning the level nine Xuan Beasts of their own species. Hurry up and come! There is great news! There is a large supply of that great pill from last time! With that pill, you can advance more quickly and reduce the time needed for your cultivation! And this means you are taking a step closer to your new home! Hurry up and get it…

In a split second, from those that flew in the sky to those that ran on the ground, everyone came running over in a hurry. There were constant sounds of silly, large-sized beasts knocking into trees, before picking themselves back up from the ground and sprinting…

Jun Mo Xie looked at the giant ocean of beasts before him, then at that large fleet in the sky that was blocking out the sun. And there were still more flying over and sounds of what seemed to be a giant army running over…

All of them stared at him with great desire in their eyes…

Young Master Jun suddenly broke out into a cold sweat!

This… how many are there actually? A giant army of hundreds of thousands of Xuan Beasts? Didn't Xue Yan say last time that there was no less than twenty thousand level nine Xuan Beasts left in Tian Fa Forest? How did so many more pop out of nowhere all of a sudden?

Not even mentioning those located farther away, or those who had not received the news, who knew how many there were! Right now, all those who were located nearer were in the minority!

But this minority group looked like there were two hundred thousand of them at the very least!

Xue Yan, Xue Yan, your random answer has really caused me trouble! This was the twenty thousand you talked about?? How many twenty thousands are there…

Jun Mo Xie did not realize that he had missed out a word when he made his announcement: Peak!

This word was too important, and it definitely made a world of difference!

Mei Xue Yan's words back then were: peak level nine Xuan Beasts, there were approximately twenty thousand of them.

But Young Master Jun was muddle-headed and said 'Level Nine Xuan Beast'!

The difference between the two was too vast!

Twenty thousand peak level nine Xuan Beasts—although it wasn't little, but when put into the enormous Tian Fa Forest, they did not hold much ratio. In fact, that was not even one in ten million Xuan Beasts!

But level nine… there were a hundred times more than this number!

Jun Mo Xie finally understood why Mei Xue Yan once said that if Tian Fa wished to wipe out the three Holy Lands, or even wipe out the whole continent, it definitely would not be a difficult matter!

He had also finally learnt the true reason why even immortal-like big shots like Saint Kings and Saint Emperors did not dare to recklessly enter Tian Fa!

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