Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 947 - Life is Long in Sadness as Water Keeps Flowing East.

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Chapter 947: Life is Long in Sadness as Water Keeps Flowing East.Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In order for Jun Xie to survive and get the best medical treatment, the old man had sent him to the hospital without hesitation. His ident.i.ty was checked, and then, naturally, he was imprisoned…

Jun Xie could cover himself with a lie, but the old man couldn’t. The old scars on his body, as well as the frigid killing intent around him body were simply too problematic, exposing him very quickly…

After expending great efforts to break out of jail and return, the old man actually did not say a single word about the matter. It was as if… nothing had happened at all! The training was still as strict, and if he lacked in any area, the old man would still beat and scold him, calling him a little b*stard!

But ever since, Jun Xie knew one thing for certain: that old man was the only person that he could truly rely on!

For a man, there was no need to say such stuff! Because he simply needed to show them with his actions!

Miao Xiao Miao’s casual words had unintentionally stirred up the deepest memories in Jun Mo Xie’s heart. It was also the only past memory that would give him a sense of warmth whenever he thought of it.

Jun Mo Xie sunk into silence and a faint but long-lasting light appeared in his eyes. A happy expression hung on his face, and his eyes seemed to be staring at a faraway place, like a dream. It seemed to be that in this split second, he’d entered a world of his own…

Miao Xiao Miao’s clear eyes stared at Young Master Jun quietly, her eyes becoming softer and gentler. For a long time, she did not make a single sound, not interrupting him, allowing Jun Mo Xie to immerse himself in recollection. After a long time… Jun Mo Xie raised his head, and his eyes gradually grew more steady again. Looking at Miao Xiao Miao, he smiled lightly. “I suddenly remembered some past matters and lost myself for a moment. I’ve incurred Miss’s ridicule…”

“The revealing of true feelings is the mark of a pure hearted person. Young Master was being true to himself, so how can there be any ridicule? Young Master should have remembered some matters that were worth remembering?” Miao Xiao Miao’s eyes were warm and gentle as she asked lightly.

Jun Mo Xie nodded and sucked in a deep breath of air. “Yes… there are always some things in life that can never be forgotten. Because those matters are worth remembering… But often times, it is exactly these things that we feel is worth remembering, that brings us pain whenever we think of them. Yet, we are forever unwilling to forget…”

Miao Xiao Miao listened quietly, not speaking for a while. Finally, she smiled and said in a soft voice. “However… if there’s one or several of these kinds of people or events that we can reminisce about… it’s still a fortunate matter. Because the saddest thing is that a person did not meet even one person like that or experience an event special enough to be remembered. That is the most pitiful…”

“Your words are indeed true…” Jun Mo Xie smiled and asked. “Does Miss Miao also have the same feelings as well? Do you have an event that is worth you remembering? Or perhaps… a person?”

Miao Xiao Miao’s eyes quietly landed on his face and after a long time, she slowly s.h.i.+fted her gaze away, and she looked silently at the window. After a moment’s pause, she answered. “There is… not.”

“Interesting, interesting. Miss’s words are truly hard to grasp. Saying there is first, then saying not… so is there, or is there not? Haha…” Jun Mo Xie laughed with interest.

Miao Xiao Miao did not smile this time and turned back to look at him silently. Then, she turned her eyes away again and sighed sadly.

“Soon, the spring splendor fades, from the flowers in the woods too soon.

There’s no stopping the chill rain at dawn, or the shrill wind at night. The memories of the rouge-colored tears, of the stays overnight amid cups… When will all that happen again? Life is long in sadness as water keeps flowing and flowing east… hur hur…” 1

Jun Mo Xie recited and sighed, before laughing self mockingly. “Looks like Miss should prefer this kind of graceful and subdued poem of spring’s grief and autumn’s sorrow more. Perhaps my previous random poem had been too heavy. May Miss not take it to heart.”

Miao Xiao Miao’s shoulders trembled lightly, and she felt an impulse to retort a few words. I, Miao Xiao Miao, am not a typical girl. A normal girl might like poems like that, but it might not be so for me.

Whether a poem is good or not, I can naturally distinguish for myself. That previous poem was bold and grand, and it’s too much to be called mere random words. Could it be that you don’t know that being overly modest is just pretentious?

However, when she heard Jun Mo Xie’s second poem, she could not help but to mull it through silently in her heart, not having the courage to retort…

This poem… is simply too… melancholic…

Just reciting it gave her a feeling that this poem contained a helplessly sorrowful intent. The intent in this poem was as difficult to grasp as the sand on the beach. It was like a layer of mist which veiled her eyes and clouded her heart… enrapturing her and causing her to feel dreamy and sorrowful, as though she was drunk…

“Soon, the spring splendor fades, from the flowers in the woods too soon.

There’s no stopping the chill rain at dawn, or the shrill wind at night…” Miao Xiao Miao said quietly, beautiful lashes fluttering lightly as a hazy look hung in her eyes.

“Life is long in sadness as water keeps flowing and flowing east… Ai…” Miao Xiao Miao closed her eyes, her heart filled with endless sourness. She didn’t know why she had such an unbearable feeling. Could it be that a short poem like this actually culminated the most unspeakable, helpless feelings of life, even rousing the most deeply hidden emotions in her heart?

She was like a resplendent flower in full bloom. But she was helplessly entangled in the red dust of this mundane world as time flowed past her like the sun and moon in her hair. There were even countless lecherous people staring at her in the dark, as a tiger watched its prey. As for her family, they had never truly made preparations for her future happiness. She was immensely talented, but it only became a greater chip for them to bargain and exchange for benefits…

The world thinks that my position and authority is high, being the daughter of the Misty Illusory Manor’s Manor Lord, and well loved by all. How carefree must my life be! But the true grief of one in my position… who can understand it?

Truly… There’s no stopping the chill rain at dawn, or the shrill wind at night ah… in a cruel world such as this, how long can such a resplendent flower retain its splendor? The moment the petals fall and the beauty fade, that would really be when ‘life is long in sadness as water keeps flowing and flowing east’…

This Mo Jun Ye; could he actually be trying to make me cry on purpose? After listening to his words, why do my eyes grow wet and my nose sour? How did I lose control of my emotions to this extent?

I’ve already reached the Superior Supreme realm and am only a half step away from breaking free of the Supreme realm. There’s even the Exquisite Lotus and Seven Colored Holy Fruit’s effects which calm and steady my mind. I should have been freed from the control of my emotions long ago! But why am I still so affected?

Miao Xiao Miao lowered her brows, and her brows fluttered lightly. Her heart was a mess, and she didn’t know what was happening to herself. She could not find the reason, and it made her more anxious…

“Two Miss, it’s getting dark, and I should return. If there’s nothing else, this one will bid farewell first.” What kind of wit did Jun Mo Xie possess? Seeing that he’d accomplished enough today, he decided to stop. With a pat of his b.u.t.t, he turned around to leave. If he continued to fool around… that would be over-doing it…

“Wait, Brother Mo, please wait.” Miao Xiao Miao’s eyes instantly returned to its calm. On the side, Little Beansprout had grabbed a paper and quill at an unknown time, recording Young Master Jun’s two poems entirely without missing a single word.

Jun Mo Xie glanced at her briefly, seeing that this little loli’s tender white hands were writing energetically as she gripped the quill. Her words were beautiful and neat, seemingly having some skill.

“Does Miss Miao still have any matters to talk about?” Jun Mo Xie stopped and looked at Miao Xiao Miao. He knew all along that this la.s.s had definitely not looked for him just to make some so-called ‘acquaintance’. There was surely some deeper reason. But since the other party did not wish to talk about it first, he naturally would not ask. If he really took the initiative to ask, he would not hold the advantage and would be forced into a reactive state.

How would Jun Mo Xie be willing to do that?

A strange look flashed in Miao Xiao Miao’s eyes, finally steeling herself and regaining clarity of mind. It was as if she’d come to a decision. Raising her head, she said, “Brother Mo, please do not blame Xiao Miao for speaking straightforwardly though we’ve just met. Dare I ask if Brother Mo has offended anyone? Or perhaps, do you know how many people you’ve offended?”

“Offended who? I’ve just arrived here and am still unfamiliar with the place. Who could I offend?” Jun Mo Xie scratched his head with some confusion. “If I’ve offended anyone, it would just be Young Master Gu. Didn’t I thoroughly offend Gu Fei Yu today? Behind him, there’s also the entire Gu Family…”

“Little sister is not talking about Gu Fei Yu’s matter. Rather, it’s before you came here!” Miao Xiao Miao said.

“This… no! Definitely not! I’m never a person who likes to provoke trouble, and don’t have the capabilities to offend many people as well. Where would I go to offend people!” Jun Mo Xie shook his head firmly. At first, he thought of mentioning the matter with the city’s officials. But as he thought about it again, those fellows were definitely not any high level characters. How could they be worthy of Miao Xiao Miao’s attention?

But apart from that, he truly didn’t seem to have offended anyone else.

“So Brother Mo truly does not know!?” Miao Xiao Miao looked at him suspiciously. After a while, she finally confirmed. This fellow truly didn’t know about that matter. Smiling bitterly, she said. “In the instant Brother Mo left the inner city today, this news had already spread to all the large families!”

“Oh?” Jun Mo Xie raised his eyebrows.

Miao Xiao Miao’s words could be said to be a hint for him. Jun Mo Xie also naturally understood in an instant: someone from Cao Guo Feng’s side must have leaked the news in secret! Otherwise, it was impossible for the news to travel so quickly to ‘all the large families’!

“En. That’s the reason why so many Young Masters all came out, arriving at the inner city at practically the same time.” Miao Xiao Miao said with a faint smile.No wonder, ah, the moment he came out today, he’d so “coincidentally” b.u.mped into two of the biggest ‘do not provoke’ characters. So that was the case. I knew that there’s no way my luck was that good. Looks like everyone had come together to arrange this scene… Jun Mo Xie sucked in a deep breath of air.

“Brother Mo needs to know that originally, there was supposed to be a talent selection event in the Misty Illusory Manor scheduled in these few days to pick out the most outstanding geniuses and send them to the inner Manor to be nurtured as the leader of the next generation. In other words, the entire Misty Illusory Manor was actually making preparations for the future before you came! But your arrival, your Free and Natural Physique, had directly spoilt this plan for everyone!”

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