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Chapter 995: Gathering of Big Shots

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Although Bai Qi Feng and the other Saint Emperors' cultivation were high, they were simply loners who trained and adventured by themselves. Although such an unfettered state meant that their cultivation improved very rapidly, they would never understand how large families and sects worked.

That was a kind of politics!

In essence, the Misty Illusory Manor was simply a very large and unique country!

When it came to politics, unless they were charged with treason and rebellion, it was impossible for the ruling government to eradicate a large family like the Zhan Family, which had close to 10,000 years of foundation!

Even if the Misty Illusory Manor's Manor Lord wanted to, it would not necessarily be possible to wipe the Zhan Family away. Because if such a large power was suddenly removed, the power balance between all the large factions would be thrown off. And as a result, the entire Misty Illusory Manor would need a very long time to recover. In fact, it wouldn't be impossible for the ruling power to change hands…

These matters were only things that people involved in the politics of it would consider!

In contrast, these things were a little too complicated for Bai Qi Feng and the other Saint Emperors, and it was completely within reason for them to not understand!

Breakfast was finished soon, and at around three in the afternoon, Saint Emperor Cao Guo Feng returned with a black face. With a single look, it was obvious that things had not gone as well as antic.i.p.ated…

“Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of the Zhan Family! How infuriating! They're despicable to the extreme! To think that they actually pushed all the responsibilities to those guards… They claimed that those few guards had been unhappy with the Zhan Family, and their families had been suppressed because of some matter. As a result, they wanted to kill Mo Jun Ye so as to frame the Zhan Family…”

“What a nice tale! According to their words, the Zhan Family suddenly became completely innocent and was even the victim! Who would believe such words?!” Cao Guo Feng scolded angrily as his beard stood on their ends. “Confusing right and wrong, invert black and white, refer to the deer as a horse… to think that the whole family can achieve such a shameless realm! This is truly an eye-opening experience for this old man! No wonder they can become the number one aristocratic family of the Misty Illusory Manor!”

“F*cking bullsh*t!” Bai Qi Feng also exploded with rage. “If those guards were really so rebellious, would they dare place two of their most important disciples in their care? The six of them are all Venerable level experts. All of them are disobedient? Who the f*ck can believe this kind of nonsense! Are they taking us for three year olds to be fooled?”

“But that was exactly how they spun it! They simply confessed to family laws being too lax, causing such a serious incident. In response, the Manor Lord simply berated Zhan Wu Yun, telling him to return and punish all the disobedient subordinates, strengthening the family's disciplinary procedures… Finally… the matter was settled like that…” Cao Guo Feng said with some confusion and unhappiness as he slapped his thigh ruthlessly.

Bai Qi Feng was even more furious, directly standing up. “I'll go and look for Manor Lord immediately to convince him! We can't simply let this matter end just like that! If he doesn't give us a satisfactory explanation, this dad… I… will just go and barge my way into the Zhan Family! If we're no match for them in schemes, can't we at least beat them up?”

“Calm down, if you behave so rashly, even if we're in the right, we will become the ones in the wrong… Actually, the Manor Lord has also made some compensations for us. Mo Jun Ye will be allowed to enter the library twice every month to study. Besides that, the Manor Lord directly granted Jun Ye's entry to the Spiritual Herbal Gardens without the Zhan Family needing to make the request. In addition, the seven of us are allowed to go in together with him… Also, the Zhan Family was commanded to take out a good weapon for Jun Ye, as compensation for the scare he received…”

Cao Guo Feng's smile grew wider and wider as he spoke.

“Those are already things that the disciple with the Free and Natural Physique is supposed to have! What kind of compensation is that? The only positive thing is that the seven of us old fellows are allowed into the Spiritual Herbal Gardens as well… But this daddy would rather not go! What's so good about going into that broken place? To actually treat it as some kind of grand treasure… What a joke, those Zhan Family b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are despicable, but the Manor Lord is not any better! How truly disheartening…” Bai Qi Feng spat with rage.

“Just be contented! It's not easy for the Manor Lord as well. Honestly, the most unfortunate ones in this incident are not us. At least, our Mo Jun Ye still received a few compensations. In contrast, the Manor Lord is much more depressed than us…”

Cao Guo Feng sighed. “We've all heard it from Mp Jun Ye too. Last night, Mo Jun Ye was not the only one who had almost died. That Old Miao's precious jewel of a daughter also received a scare no less than our Mo Jun Ye. However, she wasn't even mentioned at all…”

“Not easy my a.s.s, will he still treat his own granddaughter with ill?”

Bai Qi Feng's eyes grew wide as he slammed the table. “Big brother! Is there a problem with your brains? You simply believe whatever the Manor Lord tells you? Who knows, perhaps many of the benefits that originally belonged to Jun Ye had already been taken away for his own granddaughter. There is no knowing what is in a man's heart, you…”

“Nonsense! Hurry up and shut your mouth for me!” Cao Guo Feng roared with rage. “Do you even know what you're saying? How can the Manor Lord be this kind of person? Besides… wasn't it our rascal who seduced the other's daughter first… causing Manor Lord to be so helpless. Right now, the Miao Family's side is in utter chaos. Where would they have the strength to seek compensation from the Zhan Family?”

“Seduced their daughter? That Miao Xiao Miao? The number one beauty of the Misty Illusory Manor's younger generation?” Bai Qi Feng's eyes grew wider and wider. Seeing Cao Guo Feng nod with a black face, Bai Qi Feng was stunned for a long time before he suddenly roared with laughter, slapping a huge palm on Jun Mo Xie's shoulder.

“Good lad! Well done! You've only come here for how many days ah, to think that you actually managed to subdue the Manor Lord's granddaughter so swiftly! This kind of speed, as expected of the Free and Natural Physique ah…”

Jun Mo Xie's face was filled with black lines as he scowled. What does this kind of thing have to do with the Free and Natural Physique? Besides, what did I even do? I didn't even try to flirt with her at all! Besides, was it me who subdued her? It was clearly her who forced herself upon me! You think I'm willing? Who can I even confide my grievance in?!

“Enough, enough, the few of you, quickly go and get ready. The Manor Lord has also heard from the various Patriarchs about the miracle appearing here and insisted on coming personally to take a look. He should be here at any moment.” Cao Guo Feng instructed hurriedly.

Honestly, there wasn't much to get ready. Apart from the greenery that had been left behind on purpose, the other stuff had already been flattened by them long ago…

The only thing was that the effects of the Power of Wood had not dissipated completely yet. From time to time, a stalk of bamboo would burst out from the ground with a swoosh sound. If someone was unlucky enough to be sitting just above it at that time, things would become quite lively…

As expected, a short while later, a group of old fellows arrived with great clamor, their white robes fluttering in the wind.

The Miao Family, Zhan Family, Li Family, Gu Family, Meng Family, Qiu Family, Yun Family, Zhang Family—the Patriarchs of the Misty Illusory Manor's eight great families—along with Manor Lord Miao Jing Yun, arrived for a total of nine people. In addition to the seven Saint Emperors, the small yard was fully packed.

Although Miao Jing Yun was from the Miao Family, he held the status of the Manor Lord and could not a.s.sume the position of the Miao Family's Patriarch. He could not even stay with the Miao Family, and the Patriarch of the Miao Family was a.s.sumed by another person.

When they saw the Scarlet Jade Ginseng and other precious herbs that the Saint Emperors took out, all of them gasped with wonder and shock. All of them were well educated people. If there were any falsehoods, it naturally would be unable to escape their eyes. Moreover, this heavenly treasures that Saint Emperor Cao and the rest had taken out was all good stuff that couldn't be obtained easily. Upon closer study of the area, it was even easier to determine the truth!

When they saw the verdant and lively greenery, many of these old fellows revealed envious looks in their eyes. This kind of natural purity was definitely not something that could be emulated with man-made planting…

These nine old fellows were all old friends that frequented each other's place from time to time. They were not unfamiliar with this little yard of Cao Guo Feng's at all. Previously, some of them still thought that Cao Guo Feng was simply exaggerating, purposely conjuring some nonsense about a ‘miracle' to draw more attention to that disciple of his.

But when they saw it with their own eyes, they immediately believed his words.

There was no need for further explanation. No one in the world could turn a little bamboo grove into a flouris.h.i.+ng bamboo forest in the span of a single night. Just this point alone was enough to win the trust of the crowd! Not to mention, there were also those freshly harvested heavenly treasures!

The evidence was not limited to this. The vines that surrounded the wall had overlapped several layers overnight, while the innermost layers have already dried up. If one counted them carefully, there were at least over a hundred layers! A hundred years pa.s.sing in a single night… that was fearfully the most conservative view…

Cao Guo Feng's original courtyard walls were smooth, not allowing any of these things to exist. After all, they were too unsightly…

All the facts were clear to see. The night before, this place had indeed received some divine blessing!

After arriving at this conclusion, the faces of the three old fellows turned incredibly complicated.

A keen light shone in one of these old man's eyes. This old man was somewhat skinny looking, yet had a cold and detached aura. When he looked at Jun Mo Xie, there was a faint conflicting expression. This person was the Zhan Family's Patriarch, Zhan Wu Yun.

The other person that was looking at him with a complicated look was the Gu Family's Patriarch, Gu Yun Yang, and also the grandfather of Gu Fei Yu whom he'd crippled! He could be said to have had a fated meeting with Young Master Jun before, although that meeting could not be said to be cordial!

The last one was an old man with jet black hair flowing behind his head. His features were sharp and elegant, and his face was ruddy. Just by standing there, he emanated a fearsome aura, as if the Sun, Moon, Rivers, and Mountains were all beneath his feet, while all of creation laid in his hands!

This kind of aura was something that only peak experts who held great power for a long time, holding authority over the life and death of countless people, could possess!

This person was naturally the current Misty Illusory Manor's Manor Lord, and also Miao Xiao Miao's grandfather, Miao Jing Yun!

At this time, Miao Jing Yun's eyes were exceedingly complicated as he looked at this Free and Natural Physique kid. He actually couldn't figure out what kind of feelings he had in his heart…

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