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AST 2247 – Stormy Xuan Snake, Another Victory Against the Beast King Battle G.o.d

Stormy Xuan Snake!

The Stormy Xuan Snake’s attacks were feeble, but it was resilient and able to flee quickly. It was able to detect the energy of the wing in the air. It was in its name that it could manipulate the wind. When it was in the wind, it was like a dragon in the sea or a tiger in the forest.

Qing Shui clicked his tongue. No wonder the Beast King Battle G.o.d was so confident; he had the skills to back it up after all.


The Diamond White Tiger King stood rooted to its spot, allowing the Wind Sword to land on its body. However, the Diamond White Tiger Kind’s defense was truly terrifying, and the attack barely hurt it at all.


The Diamond White Tiger King began glowing in silver light all over its body. Its huge body lunged forward as its claws scratched towards the Moonwolf King’s skull. The claws left a trace in the air, and the piercing sound tore a hole in the clouds.

How many people would have suffered injury from it if they weren’t in the air…

The Moonwolf King was a wind-type demonic beast. Half the blood in its body was made up of the Moonwolf King’s. However, it only had six heads now, slightly inferior to the Diamond White Tiger King. But it didn’t operate alone as the other two Moonwolf Kings lunged forward seeking the Diamond White Tiger King’s demise.

Wu, wu!

Two snow-white spheres escaped from the two Moonwolf King’s lips. They began emitting bright halos, mimicking the radiance of a sun. Their speed was as quick as a meteor.

Cave Core Attack!

White light brightened the Diamond White Tiger King’s stature. It was obvious that it didn’t dare to let down its guard as well. At this moment, the Dragon Slaying Beast charged towards the spheres.


The sphere knocked the Dragon Slaying Beast aside and as a result, it was s.h.i.+fted out of focus. The Diamond White Tiger King used its body to knock away the other sphere.

Roar, roar!

It was then that the Eight-Headed Golden Lion joined the battlefield along with the Iguana King. There was a sticky feeling in the atmosphere. The Iguana King’s ferocious mouth widened towards the Dark Phoenix.

Ice Sealing Ten Thousand Miles, Phoenix Battle Intent!

The Dark Phoenix’s reverberating cry slowed down the entire field. At that moment, the Dragon Spider spat out thousands of webs across the area as it charged around. It never stopped twisting as it blocked the Golden Lion and the other demonic beasts from attacking the Dark Phoenix.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant stomped its feet all of a sudden and the atmosphere seemed as though it were covered in cobwebs as cracks filled the area.

The Beast King Battle G.o.d took out a flute at that moment and began playing a tune. The sound of the flute was strange; it was long and distant, sounding as though it could lead a person’s soul away. The powers of his tamed beasts seemed to grow at the sound of it while Qing Shui’s beasts seemed disturbed.

Qing Shui watched. Did they really have to force his hand?

Qing Shui brought out his own Phoenix Tail Zither. At the sound of the zither, battle drums sounded, the Heaven and Earth changed in color. A terrifying beast tide seemed to appear on the ground. Every single sound reverberated in their heads; pulses quickened in response and the power in their bodies seemed to grow.

The battle song shook their enemy’s heart. It was as though it was hammering on their chests; the pressure was akin to a stampede of thousands of beasts. It made them feel ill at ease.

The magnificent battle continued with the choir of beast howls.

The Dragon Spider’s power made its appearance once more. Four of their demonic beasts and a Moonwolf King had already been trapped like a coc.o.o.n, unable to move.

Like a s.h.i.+eld, Diamond White Tiger King blocked the Eight-Headed Golden Lion’s advance. The Dragon Slaying Beast was fighting as it moved. Its attacks dispelled its opponent’s every time. It would be able to sustain attacks, but if the enemy was injured by the Dragon Slaying Beast, then it would surely be fatal.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Emperor’s Qi. Art of Pursuing!

Qing Shui reduced the stats of the beasts in the middle of the arena before slamming down with the Nine Continents Mountain. With the power of the s.h.i.+eld, 140 billion Dao worth of a.s.sault was still terrifying. The weakened beasts were all knocked away.

Qing Shui didn’t use Stellar Transposition. That would have killed those demonic beasts. Qing Shui had no intention to kill them; the enemies would help make the Divine Palace stronger in the future.

“If you can land an attack on me, I’ll consider this your victory,” the Beast King Battle G.o.d told Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled. He had a Stormy Xuan Snake which allowed him to ride with the wind and clouds. If it had been Qing Shui in the past, he might really have not been able to touch it. However, Qing Shui was able to do so now.

The cave energy began to s.h.i.+ft.

A wave of power began to fill his body. With a s.h.i.+ft of his body, he appeared near the Stormy Xuan Snake, lifting a hand with Art of Pursuing.

In that instant, the Stormy Xuan Snake seemed to have detected the s.h.i.+ft in the air and deduced Qing Shui’s location from there.

The Art of Pursuing had reduced the Stormy Xuan Snake’s might by a significant amount, but with a glow of white light, it increased back by a little.

Qing Shui rushed forward once more.

Windwhisk Willow.

While his opponent could ride the wind, Qing Shui could chase it. With the combination of the Nine Palace Steps, he leaped continuously, closing their distance.

Emperor’s Qi!

It reduced 20% of every area which naturally included speed.

Area Dominance!

He must say that the Stormy Xuan Snake, which had compromised its attack, was more competent than it looked. Its speed was still as quick as ever, maintaining a safe distance. However, Qing Shui still had a trick up his sleeve.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

Qing Shui’s Dragon-capturing Hands could attack at a distance.

Yet, what happened next stunned Qing Shui. Dragon-capturing Hands had struck forth, yet his opponent’s speed was able to exceed the area to which Dragon-capturing Hands could tackle.

This was a first.

His opponent’s confidence seemed to be well deserved. Qing Shui maintained the distance as he pondered.

Nine Palace Laws, go!

Nine Palace Laws surrounded Qing Shui, as did the mighty Gravity Technique. Within this domain, he was the king and wouldn’t be affected by any control technique. This slowed the Stormy Xuan Snake down by a little. At this moment, Qing Shui appeared in a flash near the Stormy Xuan Snake again, lifting to strike it with the Dragon-capturing Hands again.


The moment he landed his. .h.i.t, Qing Shui relaxed. However, something else shocked Qing Shui. The Stormy Xuan Snake was giddy from the hit but following the wind in the air; the speed increased as it rode the wind.

Qing Shui was shocked. There was such a thing still…

Qing Shui was unwilling to resign to fate and gave chase again. After a while, the Beast King Battle G.o.d sighed and said, “I’ve lost.”

Qing Shui understood as well. The Stormy Xuan Snake had a mystical ability but there was a limit to the number of times it could be used in a day. Otherwise, it would have been defying nature. Only Qing Shui and his demonic beasts’ abilities could break several of the opponent’s abilities.

Qing Shui stopped as well. The abilities of the Beast King Battle G.o.d were truly decent.

“Shall we join them then, Big Brother?” The bald man asked.

“I’m a man of my word, but they would have to give their consent as well,” the Beast King Battle G.o.d replied.

Qing Shui could tell that the Beast King Battle G.o.d was a prideful man. It was impossible that he was spying for information. Qing Shui was confident in his judgment.

“Of course, we welcome you.” The Divine Palace needed a replenishment of Battle G.o.ds. There were a few of them and if the Beast King Battle G.o.d had progressed further in his abilities, he would surely have the power to contend against a few Battle G.o.ds at once in the future.

“Big brother, I’ll inform Second Brother and Youngest Brother,” The bald Buddha Battle G.o.d informed.

The Beast King Battle G.o.d nodded his head. It was a show of sincerity that he had stayed behind.

“You should have something that could increase the abilities of demonic beasts, right? If you place your faith in me, I can help you increase your powers by a lot. It’s fine if you don’t, we’ll still have many opportunities in the future once we get acquainted.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

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